Dr. Morse's Q&A - Low Sex Drive, Baldness and More #697


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00:00:00 - Intro - Books - Fasting
00:12:20 - Low sex drive - Baldness, Warts, Poor absorption
00:51:16 - Level 2 Class Question (International School of the Healing Arts)


00:12:20 - Low sex drive - Baldness, Warts, Poor absorption
Another problem I have is some warts that I have on my body (fingers and toes), they appeared about 7 years ago and things haven't changed much since then.

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    • Looove ypu Dr. Morse. It’s not just Cipro. Levaquin destroyed me. I nearly had a heart attack from it and many people have been really injured for life from Levaquin. It destroyed my iron levels and I was really really sick from Levaquin. Wish I had never taken it. That was 2 years ago. Had to work very hard to get my gut health back from that. Took 2 years. That was only time in 8 years I took an antibiotic after going fruitarian 8 years ago. Please research Levaquin and tell people not to take it. I will never take an antibiotic again as long as I live unless I am dying. Maybe not even then.

      • Hi Blue,

        There definitely are some tough lessons we all are learning these days in the school of med hard knocks.
        But it is no doubt really good that you have wisened up though.
        Keep on keeping on with focus on healing and doing what you know is right.
        Stay strong for yourself and others watching you to see your better to potentially best version of yourself shine through!

        Keep the faith!

        Todd B

      • Like you and so many others, Levaquin hurt me as well. It damaged my leg and knee tissues to the point that I was walking on a walker. That was years ago. But still today, I cannot kneel due to excruciating pain in my lower legs and knees. There’s no telling what other internal damage it caused that I am living with, but my health has completely changed for the worse since I took Levaquin.

    • Hi Cindy,

      Pease read my reply to Kurt
      a few comments below.
      It may seem as a generality but you may find some of the info helpful. There can be specific protocols of dietary advice & herbal formulas recommended that his clinic or a Morse trained certified detoxification specialist could assist you greater than what l’ve provided here.

      Best to ya,

      Todd B

    • Hello Cindy,

      Here’s some information on how you can get help:


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  1. I was diagnosed with Cervical Dystonia 18 years ago at the age of 21. Have you worked with anyone who has CD and had success with treating CD? I currently get 200 units of Botox shots in my neck and shoulder muscles, which helps me get through work. I work for USPS as a rural carrier.

    • Hi Kurt,

      I’m confident that following Robert’s advice would help you out with your health concerns.
      I am speaking from my own experience applying his advice / suggestions and hearing of others accounts of their results in the last 6 years.

      Increasing intake of raw fruit while lessening intake of other foods l am certain would help. Fruit is the most hydrating, the most alkalizing and as such undoubtedly the best source of dietary intake to help draw down acidity which causes inflammation. Salads other veg OK too but not as cleansing so not as able to provide the degree of healing that fruit can. No harm in eating these of course but fruit has more in its ability of detoxing the body so as to increase greater healing.

      Kidney filtration you’ll hear Robert speak about is also a big important key to assist the turning around of health challenges for the better. Dry fasting helps achieve this + there are other kidney strengthening techniques to promote filtration. Intermittent dry fasting can be practiced on a short term, as in a one day basis, so as to be able to still keep up with work responsibilities. It isn’t necessary to do a longer term dry fast to see results. Key is to keep doing them consistently until kidneys filter. I would continue with ongoing intermittent dry fasts fairly often so as to maintain kidney wellness. Urine collected after dry fast frig stored in a sealed glass jar will show if kidneys are filtering by sediment appearing at bottom of collection jar. It can take a day or so to see the sediment on bottom of jar. If wife or other people sharing refrigerator balks at the urine jar in their food storage space, you could either place jar within a second container or wrap up with a couple plastic bags or both. Or if still they say no an old secondhand picnic/camping portable cooler with some ice would work. The whole point of keeping it cool is to not propagate bacterial growth so as to see truly what lymphatic wastes are there and also to not get funky in odor. Only needs to be kept a day or so. Pics may be taken for reference if you choose to then urine may be discarded in toilet as usual. I know that urine collection may sound kinda odd; however, it really makes sense when the lymphatic system, which includes the kidneys, is considered in the regard as the system responsible for metabolic waste removal which is as Dr. Morse teaches. It is important to see verification that proper elimination of metabolic wastes + backed up old lymphatic wastes is occurring. A fair amount of sediment thick enough that prevents the ability to see easily through the wastes settled to the bottom of jar verifies this.

      Dr. Morse’s lymphatic teaching really makes a lot more sense than the typically limited info spoken rarely about the lymphatic system. I think he is leading the way with these lymphatic lessons & wisened up people are discovering how important it is to know about their bodies cellular waste system’s very important eliminating role, this too often overlooked interstitial system referred by Robert as ‘The Great Lymphatic System’.

      Grounding/earthing, directly connecting physically to Mama earth, can help a ton with pain and soreness. My wife and l have found that getting ‘grounded’ regularly as much as possible can also be very helpful to promote better overall health and wellness.

      There’s answers here with Dr. Morse’s knowledge. Takes time a bit to learn and apply so as to heal up but not a huge amount. Time, money and resources are very well invested wisely with Robert’s approach imo.
      I am certain that following Robert’s advice would def help you out.

      If you think assistance with the process of detoxification would be helpful for you his clinic may have availability to work with you or you may find a Morse trained certified detoxification specialist @grapegate.com

      I encourage you to keep studying with Robert and apply what he suggests as l’ve no doubt doing so will help you!

      I hope for the
      Best Regards
      Best Wellness
      to you,

      Todd B

  2. keep sucking down those naval oranges. and do some detox for 6 months. Practice your own teachings. Great respect to you Mr Morse.

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