Fruits, Herbs and Tissue Regeneration | The Power of True Naturopathy


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  1. Can you please provide the name of the professor in Canada, with 3 doctorates claiming that bananas are nature perfect food? Thank you

      • hi, I have multiple questions. My son is 14 and was born with Posterior urethral valves that caused kidney disease and bladder damage. He is very thin and small for his age and they want to put him on growth hormones but I told them no. What should I do for him? I also have a three year old that is very picky and seems he might be autistic but has never received all the vaccines. I was diagnosed with hashimotos and now I wonder if that’s what was causing the issues in my children. I have to take levothyroxine. I am also taking a natural iodine supplement and I have been giving it to my autistic son and it seems to help him because when I started giving it to him he has started talking a little bit. Should I continue that? I am also breastfeeding my little girl so I wonder if I should go all fruit while breastfeeding or wait because I will detox and she already seems to have a little bit of kidney problems because she was born with hydronephrosis. thank you

      • Hey Kim,

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    • Hey Carol, did you ever find out who that Canadian professor is? I can’t seem to find him after numerous searches.


  2. Fantastic video, Dr. Morse! Excellent for those who are unfamiliar with regeneration, as well as those who know it well. Thank you!

  3. Short, sweet and to the point.

    Regenerative Detoxification explained so simple even a caveman could understand. 😉

  4. Hello Dr Morse crew.

    I would love a Shirt like Robert has or something like it. I’d love to wear Dr Morse’s Herbal Health Club Shirt!


  5. Thank you for this excellent video. I was following along while reading your book. Outstanding work and case examples. Thank you again.

  6. Dear Doctor Morse, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your knowledge, your common sense and your TRUTH that you are sharing so freely with us. You are a GIFT to us humans who want to live healthy lives. I appreciate you greatly.

  7. Thanks Dr. Morse! I started in January 2022 mostly on fruits. The fruits have made me peaceful and the ability to discern things better. I’m attempting to restore bone density and cartilage associated with my right hip recommended by doctors for hip replacement. I will be 69 in June 2022 and stopped taking blood pressure medication in 2012. I’m not in other then when I put weight on the right which I had avoided since 2015. The fruits are helping to reduce inflammation that causes stiffness in the right hip. I’m working through the pain of getting back in balance with walking assisted with 1 or 2 walking sticks. I use symbols for the fruits I’m eating to mark on the calendar to know the fruits I’m allergic to or causes inflammation, I have removed oranges, bananas, tomatoes and red peppers, I could actually feel myself stiffening up. I’m eating small amounts of raw walnuts, almonds, pistachio, pecans, pumpkin seeds, and Brazil nuts, I’m using psyllium husk to bind with the nut’s fiber to be eliminated from the small intestine. I’m eating kiwi, dates and fig for increasing bone. I’m using liquid chlorophyll drops in my spring water as a substitute for vegetables. I’m open to any suggestions you may have for me. Btw I’m in a 16 week weight loss program and physical therapy but I keep quiet about what I’m doing because the chiropractic doctor doesn’t believe that you can rebuild bone density. I learned from you Dr Morse animal protein needs calcium when being digested when I also need calcium to rebuild the bone a cartilage. I’m excited Thanks I appreciate you Dr. Morse!

  8. Hello,

    I saw your post on Instagram about the detox center. I am definitely interested. What information is needed to get started? 😊

    • Hello Shaughn, I’ll forward your email and message to the clinic for someone to get in touch with you. 🙂

  9. I have jared my right knee getting off of a motorcycle. My knee gets stiff when not in movement. Hurts to move it when I first stand from a sitting position. What kind of herbs & fruit will help me mend it. Appreciate your help please. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you

  10. There is no one superior to Dr. Morse. We can only give thanks that he is here in our lifetime
    to help us see the light. Blessings to you, Dr. Morse for all you give of yourself. I appreciate you!

    Love for all time

    • could not have said it better, im so grateful to have crossed dr. morse’s path! and funny enough my body craves fruit all day and i never understood why that was, i also feel like a million bucks when i eat it so i’m sticking to it. dr. morse you really help everyone heal, and it’s so simple it’s crazy, thank you from the bottom of my and everyone else’s heart!

  11. Thank you again Dr. Morse for this most diffinitive of videos. Because of your videos, clinic and my DMHHC counselor Julia…and of course an all fruit diet for over two years now, I have been healed from lifelong severe stomach aches. I am 58. I tell everyone about this regeneration and although people generally agree so few, unless they are grievously ill, will even try it. Dr. Morse is a Saint for never tiring of telling the truth. We need to pray for our natural health community to keep it strong and to get the truth to everyone. Thank you so MUCH! 🙂⭐️🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️

  12. Dr. Morse, I haven’t gone to your client/classes but you truly saved my life. Had osteoporosis pretty bad, and still trying to get stronger bones but your videos have helped me to go on the track of fruits and mostly raw. It has made me feel better. I’m at a stand still but I never lose hope. Thank you for your love and compassion

  13. Hello Dr. Morse…Only recently have I found you and I have been avidly watching your videos and incorporating this new lifestyle. While there are challenges, mostly mentally and spiritually for me, I am already noticing an improvement with my swollen and sore knees. I am an RN, and understand that the whole medical field is a mess, and hopefully it will disappear soon! However, it needs to be replaced by something else or the masses will go wild! May it be replaced with your system! I have been searching truth within the medical field since 1998, and I can vouch that the Vancomycin and Cipro meds do cause great harm and death. I can also say that even doctors in the alternative field do not heal the human body like what you speak about in this video. I have seen so many quads and paraplegics in my 30 years of nursing, and my heart cries for them. Thank you for having the courage, the stamina, the truth, and love, to keep on keeping on and sharing your truth. You are a gift to this planet, a bright shining star for humanity and all life living on planet earth. If ever a human being were to be blessed with showers of blessings, it is you Dr. Morse! I am looking forward to enrolling in your school in the not so distant future and I thank you and everyone else for putting this together. Your work is your legacy and others will move it forward. May your legacy only grow and expand, and may miracles of healing, through your work, become more common than the number of hospitals, urgent and quick care clinics, dialysis centers, and other allopathic health centers around the world! Please speak more on emotional detoxes, spiritual matters, the energy of the fruit and how it affects one spiritually, and more. I love you Dr Morse….Thank you!

  14. Our physical form is made up of what we;

    Put on our skin
    Environment ( culture , location etc)

    All of these are forms of chemistry in form that your body has to play with.

    Full lifestyle transitions are an amazing journey to undertake for yourself, bringing the POWER back to your cells that full 36 ATP dynamic cell energy !!

    Wishing you all good vibes on whatever your journey is right now and what you are going through, come back to your heart be present and roll on through with the flow of life


    • Hi Dr Morse,
      I am interested in finding out more about having a detox centre?
      Many blessings 🙏

  15. Been following dr morse for 2yrs and named my dog morse
    I adopted a boy now 11 his teeth plaque up his breathe stinks .. severe glue ear at 2…im thinking his stomach and lymphatic system i encourage fruit melon etc but any ideas to stop the smelly breathe?…thanku

  16. BANANAS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Organic ONLY!! Buy them in stages so you never run out, I keep mine in 4 stages. I eat them when ACTUALLY RIPENED properly. I freeze them when ripened properly (for smoothie base). They have NEVER steered me wrong.

    The simpler you keep things, the simpler you nourish the body, the simpler you make it ON your body TO clean itself. I know, it’s hard to NOT eat what everyone else does, believe me. But, when YOU take full control of your health, which is the ONLY true wealth, then YOU regain power yourself and can truly show and prove how powerful these fruits are.

    Keep showing the people videos, Morse!

    Lots of Love from Canada!

    3 “life” doctorates here 😉 aka Learned the bullshit, removed the bullshit, found the truth. All happens in stages, folks. Go against the grain, don’t be like these fools you see. They are MAINLY FALL-LOWERS…and FOLLOWERS only ever FALL…LOWER! Remember that.


  17. Dr.Morse aka The Truth aka Living Legend. People, we should all feel very blessed and thankful to have crossed paths with such a kind soul. This guy is a tremendous gift to humanity.

  18. There are no words for this video. Incredible, and I’ve been watching Dr. Morse for about 5 years, healed from RH. Departed from program due to crazy travel job, cycled through TCM and I’m back and ready for school!!! Signing up as soon as my money transfer clears into my account. I’m not young, but I have enough time left to help others heal. Thank you Dr. Morse – Love, Hugs, and Much Gratitude.

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