Dr. Morse’s Q&A – B-Cell Lymphoma, COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects, and More #651


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00:00:00 - Intro
00:00:38 - B-cell lymphoma cancer
00:30:17 - COVID-19 vaccine side effects
00:40:22 - Not detoxing on raw diet


00:00:38 - B-cell lymphoma cancer
Needing help without chemo.

00:30:17 - COVID-19 vaccine side effects
What is your recommendation for diet and herbs to heal myself?

00:40:22 - Not detoxing on raw diet
Where should my TSH be after detoxing in order to start trying for a baby?

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  1. There are free online talks out there about “powering up spiritually” – How to become conscious, as Dr. M says. The talks are free every Wednesday eve and Sunday morning and they are given by Guy Finley at his Life of Learning Foundation. They are also recorded so once you register, you can go back and watch tons of others. Super helpful. You can register for those talks at: https://www.guyfinley.org/light

  2. Love you Dr Morse you’re the best. Your nutrition advice helped me after a horrific divorce and my adrenals were shot. I followed your detox program and went all fruit. Full recovery thank you 🙏

  3. Star Wars bars are here, now! Those in their higher levels of consciousness, can see them.

    There is a young woman that works in the grocery where I live. She was my cashier. New to the job I could tell she was very frustrated and having a difficult time. The staff did not come to help her. It was so strange.

    She was not like the rest of us. All she was missing was pointed ears. Large ears, a big mole on her nose and large forehead. She looked like a troll. I’m not kicking. Saw her again the next time I went for confirmation. A few weeks later and now she looks like a very sweet young girl 👽

    Confirmation that they are here guys! ❤️ Fruit is amazing! I wouldn’t have noticed this without fruit raising my conscious!

    Much love & light 🥰 Vanessa

    • It is not only smelling what one eats, but also taking the form of what one eats.
      it’s almost like a fairytale

  4. l love you Dr Morse ..been following you for about 5 Yr now …and its been a educational inspiration watching your videos …u are totally blessed with all mh heart ….keep teaching your information is paramount leading us into 2023 ….God Bless You Sir Xx

  5. I was forced vaxxed and am panicking about getting the spike proteins out or if they’re going to keep being created forever. I don’t know what to do, but I don’t want to die from this 😔 I’m so scared. I hope I don’t have to detox for the rest of my life…

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