Spirituality, UFOs, Divine, Staying in the Now, Detoxification, and Naturopathy | Dr. Robert Morse | talk2marco


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Enjoy this wide-ranging and insightful discussion about health, spirituality, ethics, and our potential as humans. Dr. Morse aims to awaken and empower people to become masters of their destiny.

  • Dr. Morse has dedicated much of his life to developing regenerative health programs and helping people reclaim their health. His work serves as a doorway to spiritual growth.
  • He emphasizes being true to oneself, living with integrity, and emanating love. Creating positive change requires unity and rising above separation.
  • Our experiences shape us. Dr. Morse values learning from challenges. He cautions against blindly trusting information without verifying it through experience.
  • Consciousness and awareness are themes he returns to frequently. Our focus determines our reality. We can uplift ourselves and others through our state of being.
  • He envisions bringing like-minded people together in seminars to share knowledge and creative expressions. Their collective energy could have a powerful impact.

Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oObmzAR0YMQ

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  1. who are these extreme beings that Dr Morse is mentioning? malarappa? I can’t make out the names

    • Milarepa,
      Said to have lived as a spiritual master in tibet in the 11th century.
      Started his life practicing black magic, destruction and played with the negative forces.but after having a change of heart,
      He started turning things around and becoming one with the light and truth! After years and years of extreme initiations and hard work he become one of the most powerful beings in the universe!

      That is all I know ! 🙂

  2. it is always such a pleasure to learn more about you! i am so thankful for the information that you share, so we can share it too.

    i look forward to meeting you someday and opening my own detox center.

    blessings <3

  3. Thank you so much Marco for allowing us to be in the energy of Dr. Morse. If I may, would it be possible for the spiritual seminars that Dr. Morse is organizing to be streamed online as well? I am sure I am not the only one living far away ( in Europe for example) and would like to participate at least in spirit.
    I am sure it takes a lot of effort on your side, but if it is possible, I would very much appreciate it, I would wake up at any hour just to be in the presence of so many beautiful souls and be in sync.
    Thank you again ,

  4. Dear Frugivores I need your help. I struggle with my lymphatic system drainage. Eating fruit and juices almost a year, taking herbs but my auxiliary lymph nodes still clogged.
    When on juice only fast I have terrible tinnitus and pain I both ears, kidneys filter from time to time – no consistency. Loosing hope as don’t know what else I can do to get rid of that breast cancer.
    Any suggestions or solutions are welcome and thanked for.

    • You could try dry fasting, portable sauna, lymphatic massage, acupuncture. Dry fasting can help the kidneys filter alot more.

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