Dr. Morse’s Q&A – PCR Test Damage #619


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00:00:00 - PCR Test

Does Dr Morse have information confirming that the PCR Test damages the brain through the nose.

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  1. Good morning Sweetest Dr. Morse. 🌻💚

    The first time I listened to you I knew I WAS HOME! Thank you! For five years now, my life has been changed in the most beautiful enlightening way. I’ve been watching and wanting to send you a message for so long, and more importantly longing for the day I can step into your presence and wrap my arms around you. The empathy you have is so familiar to me. I too feel others so easily. So much has happened. Hilde and Marcie were two of my brightest sunflowers next to you. I know my place is in helping others. You and your clinic is where my soul is pulled. Currently typing up my exam for your level one class. I live in Cape Girardeau, Missouri where true health is so void. Since before the birth of my now 33 & 28 year old daughters, I have been a self study regarding natural lifestyles and health outside corporately influenced medicine. Unfortunately, I’ve had a few curve balls thrown my way to distract me from making the moves I need to make. And btw, I have taken several of Patty’s classes. She’s wonderful! I purchased a business in 2018 right before CV hit and what a roller coaster! I’m trying diligently to figure out a way to at least get down there and see your clinic and talk to you. Selling my business is something I’m willing to do. But, I want to make sure I don’t wreck myself financially. I also have my mother, daughters, and grandchildren about an hour away which is hard to pull away from.

    See you soon Dearest Dr. Morse. Much love……Christina.

  2. Let ’em know! The swab test is the EXACT SAME THING as an ancient Egyptian torture method where they puncture that area in the head. An area that should NEVER have any trauma done to it whatsoever. Encephalitis can be caused from this “testing”…especially in babies who have underdeveloped skulls.

    The videos that came out almost immediately about these swabs was alarming, to say the least.

    Thanks for sharing ACTUAL TRUTH.

    Oh, and the rt-PCR is NOT even a “test” at all, lol. Dr. Kary Mullis, the inventor of it, even said so…but they took him out just prior to this whole scam starting. Gee, what a coincidence! *sarcasm*

    There is no covid. There are only dead cells in many people who cannot filter them out. The more dead cell matter you have, the more chance you get a positive because they are looking for exactly what they want to find to SAY you have a positive, lol. Dead cells are constantly morphing, going through 16 different stages. They are labelling exosomes as “the virus”, which is FRAUD. They are saying an 18 character chain of DNA found in Human Chromosome 8 is “the virus”. When DNA strains have 30,000 base pairs, thats absurd for them to say it’s the virus.

    Think of it like this….they got their “model” of what they say “the virus” is….they “find” that 18 character chain and say “Positive!”. Look at it like this…the model is a topaz blue Mercedes Benz paint sample, a sample that is taken from a microscope, right on the car itself, zoomed into the nano level. Then, the 18 character chain they find is the same….yet that sample is a topaz blue paint sample from a Chevy Cavalier, taken from a microscope, right on the car itself, zoomed into the nano level. They SAY it’s the same, but they are nowhere near the same thing.

    Check this video here for more on how this is all a fraud.


    You get sick when your internal terrain is polluted, combined with not being able to eliminate dead cell matter when your kidneys do not work properly. The tests are the trauma, the jabs poison, they erode your CD4 lymphocyte count. People will die from a test, from jab #1, from jab #2, from Jab #3, etc etc etc. Meaning, all won’t just drop dead from one thing, it is a multitude of ways for people to die, including being killed on a ventilator, being killed from the Remdesivir shutting down their organs after 5 days if the vent didn’t kill them, people being given the jabs wrong and having the Graphene Oxide circulate in their bloodstream, leading to clots being formed because GO’s structure is the same as nano razorblades…and on and on and on. VARIOUS ways of death…happening at VARIOUS times….able to be covered up, somewhat, and saying ANYTHING is “due to covid” LMAO.

    This is all a scam, folks.

    Break free from 3 major psychological trauma bonds….GOVERNMENT, MAINSTREAM MEDIA, and THE BIG PHARMA CARTEL.

    All these 3 ever do is lie to you. Over and over. They dangle the carrot. They manipulate you. They brainwash you. STOP PAYING ATTENTION TO EITHER OF THEM.

    • I could not have said it better myself. As soon as they (drug companies) came out with these ridiculous shots (vaccinations) for COVID, I said no freaking way am I getting a shot and putting all that poisonous garbage in my cells. Also, I knew the fake news mainstream media, the corrupt people in a position of power, and the drug companies would say the virus is mutating and new vaccinations are being made and must be taken. So people would have to keep taking vaccinations for the rest of their lives. These drug companies also have celebrities and professional athletes promoting and doing drug commercials, anything for money. It is repulsive.

  3. Hello Dear Dr Morse,
    Thank you for this new to me information. I had not heard before of the sodium azide you reported on and that it was on those test swabs. Maybe to kill those worms that were shown to be on them from the factory in their sealed packages.
    I am a no test no “vaccines” person but as you say such danger. So many people test often, many places require these assaultive tests and it keeps on going and down we go.
    Thank you for all of the information your provide to us.
    Much love to you Dr Morse.

  4. Thank you for answering my question, it was for my own curiousity and in case I have clients asking me about these tests and the impacts of them. I appreciate your knowledge and your time 🙂

  5. Sorry, but i’m german and could not understand which chemical has been found on that test sticks?

  6. I believe in you Doc..other than that I’m very careful..I did have to take the test in order to return to work because I had Covid last May..I stayed on herbs and fasted and Covid itself was easy for me..BUT..I kept telling everyone I thought I had issues from the test..it felt like I had a tight band around my head..I went into weird anxiety and depression..that subsided and then I started having fullness in my ears..I went thru winter with bad fruit so it was tuff to stick on a fruit detox..my ears got worse..esp my left..I lost all hearing and felt like I was in a bubble everytime I spoke..finally wayermelon hit the farmstands and I ordered my herbs and doing a watermelon fast..two days ago my ear finally started clearing..I sat down and cried I was so relieved..I’m going to finish the season on herbs and watermelon..I will forever have you in my heart Doc..I almost went the allpathy way it was getting so bad..but you saved me once again..❤️

  7. Dear truthers
    The truth is beautiful and we are alive at the most important time in History!
    Thank you Doc for bringing forward all this important messages. I am a health practitioner, warrior and freedom fighter AND Iridologist.
    I have gone shopping without any restrictions on my mouth (even when I was the only one in the hospital, store or mall refusing to wear it or take any tests. We had patients in isolate with post covid “lung embolism” and I watched over her day and night without m… or any stupid yellow coat on…The nurse came inside -all dressed up like monster and took her mouthpiece away and she said ” Lovely, finally I can breath” She did her thing and as she walk out, she put the mouthpiece back on and left.

    Here is a pathologist finding interesting post covid pathology on the skin….Sadly but truly
    Love you guys

  8. My poor husband has to get this PCR test every week so he can work! Became didn’t get the vaccine, they get him this way!! Any way to stop this!?!?!

  9. I’m sooo Happppy to be Back …Thank you for all of the Majical Love💖

    Help …I want to login and I only have 2 “ineffective email addresses “here….?
    I need to reset my password….Devine Support Porfa✨🐬✨
    With Much Gratitude N Joy✨🌈✨

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