Dr. Morse’s Q&A – Cognitive Decline, Gallstones, Gallbladder and More #606


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00:00:00 - Intro
00:12:42 - Cognitive Decline
00:31:06 - Gallstones - Gallbladder liver flush


00:12:42 - Cognitive Decline
My husband is having moderate cognitive decline, it's probably been happening for the last five years.

00:31:06 - Gallstones - Gallbladder liver flush
I know that your recommendation to this gallbladder problem will help thousands of people.

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  1. GLAUCOMA: I fully agree, re: “alkaline”, NOT “acid”. A fellow claimed that he healed both glaucoma and osteroarthritis on the “Carnivore” diet. I could barely believe it, but I felt as if I had to try it for 30 days. I’m at week 4 and I loathe the episodic lethargy, yet I love how long and strong my nails are now –and I’m 6 lb. lighter. I’ll be going to fruit only, soon , but, in the meantime, what’s really going on in my body?

    • …you may want to cleanse that colon of all that dead flesh before ever going all fruit. That person didn’t heal anything going on meat….they did what pills do…THEY SUPPRESSED THEIR ISSUES by BLOCKING and CLOGGING.

      We need to also remember this….when someone goes “extreme” to one thing….that means they are taking out all the other bad stuff they may have been consuming before as well (I am talking sweets, ANY processed foods, grains, pastas, breads, etc etc etc). Naturally…when ANYONE gives up all of them and just does “all meat”…they’ll get the initial feeling better feeling because they removed the crap. Now, since they’re still eating crap, but only one kind of crap…it will catch up eventually.

      All fads have initial results because all fads have people cutting bad food items out….has nothing to do with the healing power of dead flesh, lol.

  2. this video is amazing and knowledgeable, and i love the consciousness bits, we are all energy, everything is energy :), so happy to have come across you dr. morse ✨

  3. Pineal weakness….ironic, that guy will be diagnosed for Alzheimers.

    Our PINEAL is our BRAINS heavy metals FILTER! If the filter is destroyed….by FLUORIDE…it no longer works and them heavy metals are free to slowly pool up on the brain, leading to Alzheimers. Check cognitive function…see on the scan what part of the brain is “clouded”, see if that correlates to cognitive function for that same area of brain. This is how I found out my Grandfathers diagnosis almost TWO YEARS before the medical fools said it. I was kicked out of the room, by the way, because I called out the doctor….she didn’t like that. 😉

    Heal yourselves, folks. DETOX heavy metals and STOP INGESTING FLUORIDE!!!!!!!!!

    • …to elaborate a bit….my Grandfather LOVED crosswords. I noticed he was not able to do them anymore and showed no more interest. This was odd. I was taking Psychopharmacology at the time and was learning about the brain, etc. I noticed certain cognitive functions correlate to certain parts of the brain. Well, he had major clouding in the EXACT same area that correlated with the area where solving puzzles, etc was. I pointed out to the doc the grey area was hevay metal toxin build up and he has early Alzheimers. She did NOT like that…kicked me out….took almost 2 years before they diagnosed him. Big pharma cartel KNOW NOTHING AT ALL except to keep YOU inferior to them with their fake education and status. They’re NOBODIES.


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