Dr. Morse’s Q&A – Abduction, Male Organs, Leukemia, CT Scans, and More #603


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00:00:00 - Intro
00:02:32 - Healed eye in a week
00:05:09 - Rheumatoid Arthritis update
00:32:31 - Leukemia
00:44:08 - Abduction
00:50:12 - Male organs
01:04:39 - CT Scan


00:05:09 - Rheumatoid Arthritis update
Update and expansion on the original email from December 21

00:44:08 - Abduction
I was abducted back in 2020 by a pair of greys and I had an implant inserted up into my brain.

00:50:12 - Male organs
I have struggled with a porn addiction most of my life it has been affecting me sexually.

01:04:39 - CT Scan
Do you think one can have long term side effects from a CT Scan and/or Iodine contrast dye?

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      • Thank you. I forget stuff when it comes to helping myself.
        But others, noo problem.
        Like I have a hard time cleaning my own house, but can declutter and clean anyone else’s. Funny. Been feeling really tired lately, and busy with elders.
        I will no longer put lemon juice in my water. I mean I only did it yesterday, so for me to see this is Amazing.
        Back to my watermelon. I’m finally growing my own fruit.

  1. Today was the first time I went all day staying “out of my mind”. I listened to the silence in the background of everywhere I went and while I was doing things in my house. Feels great.

  2. Thank you Dr Morse,
    Every time I listen to your videos I understand a lot more about our cells and how our bodies function.
    I wish there was someone like you in Trinidad and Tobago, who knows how to read eyes and to dispense your healing herbal formulas.
    Long life with good health to you Dr Morse.

  3. What about consuming acidic water without even realizing it? The thought occurred to me that I should check to see how close to alkaline my water was – even after it had been filtered through a reverse osmosis system. Using a pH test trip I found that the pH of the municipal water before and after the purification was only 5.5!

    Some of us have been very aware and have been focusing on being mostly all raw and using only whole herbs and no chemical isolate food supplements made in a lab but like me may have been bathing and drinking highly acidic water. How bad is this for us?

    Since my discovery, I’ve been adding trace amounts of baking soda to my drinking water to bring the pH to 7.0. Is this enough? What should people like me do to address the problem of having to shower/bathe and drink highly acidic water (however purified it might be)??

    • I think you should try mountain valley spring water. Get the one in the glass bottle. It’s the only water I know that’s really good for us.

    • You need a 5 stage shower filter. Check on Amazon.

      As for the baking soda thing. You need to get spring water or distilled water. But, remember, FRUIT is NATURAL WATER that hydrates far better than any drinking water could. EAT your water 🙂

      The baking soda thing won’t really do much.

      • I don’t think you understand. I’m already doing that with the R.O. system for the drinking water that has a carbon filter and fluoride filter as well. Putting it through more filters isn’t going to change the pH. I need to alkalize the water – not filter it more. The baking soda DOES raise the pH. I can see the difference on the pH test strip.

        Of course I know that water from raw fruit and vegetables is perfectly balanced and alkaline but I still need water for hot beverages and broths etc.

        I’ve also tried and have switched to Bioplasma (cell salts) which does also raise the pH – but not as much as I want. But at least it adds minerals and electrolytes back to the water. Here’s an article by a Dr. Morse counterpart in the world of Homeopathy with a bit on Bioplasma. https://joettecalabrese.com/blog/ditch-the-gatorade-and-make-my-sons-homeopathic-electrolyte-drink/

  4. Much love brother thanks for caring and sharing 💜👈👍👍👍👏👏👏✌🍻🍁

  5. 👏👏👏💕💕💕💕💕🍎🍉🍌🍏🍊🍋🍓🍇🍐🍑🍒🥝🍍🫐🍇🍇💕💕💕

  6. Hello Dear Doc..I got so excited when I saw a new video today..You Doc Morse are a spiritual giant for me..I’d like to thank you for that

  7. I’ll tell you what MD uses Chemo on patients. The one I had here that practices at Rush Medical in Chicago. I asked him why did he insist on treating me with a chemo pill called Tasigna(Nalitnib)? “It’s a acid”…

  8. Urine therapy is harmful and really stupid. You are consuming your body’s waste which is highly acid forming. Let’s use some logic here.

  9. I do not know if there are shapeshifters or any other creatures from other places other than earth living here but I know if there are,they are in the white house now.

    • Just only now? lol. You realize ALL puppetdents have been related in their lineage except for Van Buren, right?!?!?

      All in the family.

      But, yeah, there are demonic entities not of our blood who run this realm of existence. The good thing is THIS IS AS HIGH AS THEY CAN GO. Whereas we natural humans…we can escape this realm and rise much higher. That is why THEY try their hardest to keep us misinformed, brainwashed, distracted and operating at the lowest possible level….to KEEP us here to harvest our energy so THEY can stay at this level. Pay no mind to their devices of control…break free from the psychological trauma bonded their 3 main tools of control have over us…that being Mainstream media, government, and the big pharma cartel. Break free from those and IGNORE THEM and you won’t feed into their satanic system that’s harvesting, quite literally, from all these fools who are enraptured by all 3. Cheers!!! 🙂

      • What I meant or should have said is these supposed creatures from another place other than earth (if they really do exist) wormed their way into the White House.

  10. I would like to see the Bigfoot video if you have a link or let me know where to look please.

  11. Yes! The eye wash is amazing. I could not believe it! Within hours, I didn’t go to the Drs. And it does help with vision. I haven’t been wearing my glasses much earlier. Heal all and one other.
    Thank you so much 💓

    • Excellent! Yeah, most do not realize the need for glasses is actually caused by DIABETIC RETINOPATHY….aka a poor lifestyle with a diet that contains BAD, refined and processed, coimplex sugars (breads, grains, pastas, actual bad sugar and HFCS products).

      Diabetic retinopathy can be permanently reversed by simply eating more fruit!

      We gotta remember that THEY say “sugar” is bad. They use general terms to confuse….they will NEVER say “bad, refined, processed sugars” are bad and natural fruit is good, lol.


      p.s. I have 10-20 vision or better, have never worn glasses in my life, not even sunglasses. I sun gaze daily and eat fruit as a main component of my lifestyle. I grew up sitting a foot from the TV, played video games, watched sports, movies, etc. and was told I would need glasses if I kept doing that. What else did I have growing up? FRUIT!!!! 🙂 Also, I have normal blood sugar, zero health issues whatsoever and I am 39, turning 40 in June. Feel better NOW than I did in my teens. Chalk that up to taking my health seriously once I hit 30, then did many detoxes, juice fasts, water fasts, etc. to clean out and rebuild!

      • C-you were right!!!!
        As I kept using the eye wash my vision got better. just amazing.
        Much love 💞 Dr. Morse and all your staff!

  12. Lemons are ALKALINE ASH FORMING ONCE INGESTED. Yes, they are slightly acidic externally, but FRUIT, as a NATURAL PRODUCT, change their composition once ingested.


    To give an example of the contrary….

    Dead flesh aka “meat” is acidic externally, and since it is DEAD FLESH….is REMAINS acidic after ingestion aka ACID ASH FORMING.

    Hope that helps. Lemons are not bad at all, but yes, some may not be able to handle its EXTERNAL acidity, naturally. But once ingested, they are ALKALINE ASH FORMING. 😉

  13. https://www.bitchute.com/video/4mmL0aQr0ruN/


    p.s. Dr. Vollmer is aligned with Morse, except she sells lots of supplements, but she is absolutely right on most things. She has referenced Dr. Stefan Lanka a lot, and I suggest all look into his work. There is no covid, folks. You are witnessing psychological warfare at its finest in order to PURPOSELY HARM US with jabs. ALL jabs reduce your CD4 lymphocyte count. If you get the 3rd jab, or first booster…you WILL develop AIDS as a result. Then you will NEED future boosters to suppress your AIDS, however, its a lose-lose because you will eventually die from either the AIDS or the poisonous harmful jabs anyways!

  14. Let them know, Morse! STOP TAKING ANYTHING IN ISOLATE FORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Our body DOES NOT recognize these things in ISOLATE FORM, thus, it does NOT process it, utilize it, absorb it, etc. at all. All you are doing is throwing your money away and adding to your clogged up lymphatic system as it attemps to rid itself of these FOREIGN ISOLATES. You will piss most of them out if your kidneys are filtering.

    Want “magnesium”? EAT FRUIT!!!!!!!!!!!! Nature bears what we need in its NATURAL FORM. If you simply eat organic, non-GMO fruit (aka our MOST OPTIMAL source of food on our planet) you will get ALL THAT YOU REQUIRE…IN ITS NATURAL FORM…thus, the body CAN absorb it, utilize it, etc.

    Keep telling them, Morse!! People need to realize this. FRUITS AND HERBS ONLY. Stop buying supplements!!! Lack Vitamin D? SUN GAZE for 15 minutes a day. Even in the dead of winter you can still do this.

    FRUIT. FRESH AIR. BREATHING. SUN. REST. LAUGHTER. WATER. 7 pillars of a healthy lifestyle in WELLVILLE!!! 🙂

    • An easy way to remember it is that all of Nature’s remedies are WHOLE living things with many constituents bound together to create it. This is where the idea of WHOLE FOOD comes from. Our GI tracts recognize the WHOLE FOOD or WHOLE PLANT/HERB with all its constituents and buffers and can not for example, recognize Resveratrol without the rest of the grape where it came from – being a constituent isolated from grapes in a lab. Without the other constituents they are bound to as Dr. Morse explains, the isolates only stimulate but later enervate, as every action has an equal and opposite reaction, because they are UNBOUND molecules also known as FREE RADICALS we’ve all heard about the dangers of – as opposed to being recognized, digested, assimilated with associated wastes eliminated from the body.

  15. so grateful you showed the eye picture. that was 6 hrs after the scratch.
    As I kept using the eye wash my vision got better. just amazing.
    Much love 💞 Dr. Morse and all your staff!

  16. I’m now dealing with stagnant inflammation. R/A. Thank you for showing the pictures that IF I stay hydrated, fruit and herbs, my hands will straighten out.

    my primary wanted to give me chemo drugs and I just couldn’t do it.

    Been feeling really exhausted this week.
    took my herbs. basic 4.
    my hands and feet are the worst affected. really hard to make, cut anything without hands. Losing hair. I’m moveable tho. and don’t look in pain cuz it’s not visible unless they see my hands, I wear gloves now.
    Big thanks for doing this video.

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