Dr. Morse’s Q&A – Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Nut & Egg Allergies, Prostate Cancer and More #687


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00:00:00 - Intro - Spirituality - New botanical website coming soon!
00:14:22 - Breast Cancer- Endometriosis - Polycystic ovary syndrome
00:34:33 - Peanut, Almond and Egg allergy
00:43:10 - Prostate cancer
00:49:47 - Carnivore diet


00:14:22 - Breast Cancer- Endometriosis - Polycystic ovary syndrome
My Canadian surgical oncological team is still pushing to remove my tubes and ovaries.

00:34:33 - Peanut, Almond and Egg allergy
My son has been diagnosed with a peanut and almond and egg allergy. He is 11 months old.

00:43:10 - Prostate Cancer
Trying to reverse/cure prostate cancer, lower back pain, bones and extremities hurt.

00:49:47 - Carnivore diet
How can you explain that people are doing so good on a carnivore diet?

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    • I have the same question. I understand that fruits and vegetables should be our main source of hydration, but does distilled water not hydrate at all? Is spring water more hydrating?

  1. Wow Robert you are such a beautiful soul! Love you bunchs man! Your leadership in providing the sacred gifts of knowledge for healing, physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually unto humanity is just an absolutely perfectly sound solution to the sorted matters of our troubled selves.

    We have just over 6 years now of following your lead by applying a primarily fruitarian dietary practice. This has served myself & family very well indeed! During this 6 years we’ve practiced fruit consumption about 70-80% of the time & salads/veg the other 20-30% + all raw, bout 97ish% of the time for the past nearly 2 years. And just WOW! Mind has been way blown & re blown many times over! I have reasonably concluded as based on the first hand experience with family & myself that this dietary practice is no doubt very likely the key that would unlock humanities’ collective imprisonment & effectively eventually rectify all of human suffering. Definitely feeling an ever increasing abundance of love by this simple & really easy overall to implement dietary practice. It has been really fun to experience and revel in the healing miracles that our practice of the true food sustenance for mankind lifestyle has provided.
    It truly is a funny thing to consider of how all the answers are laid out right before us but we too often fail to see them due to the habit of looking elsewhere into other places! We blindly follow vain leaders, unfortunately.

    However Robert you sir are truly beautiful!

    I have, since following your suggested dietary advice, not one single doubt whatsoever that if there’s ever to be another really true renaissance it’ll only arrive by the practice of enough of humanity in a raw frugivore, primarily, & a herbivore, secondarily, dietary lifestyle. & Perhaps 100% frugivore. I humbly offer up & suggest to you all to envision & dream that this will eventually come to fruition!
    A true renaissance.

    Perhaps, eventually possibly l’ll achieve a 100% frugivore experience & so maybe graduate with top honors!
    You too? Why not?
    Let’s all graduate.
    With honors. Huh? You in?
    Get some class now & make straight A’s. OK?

    Mucho many Thank-yous to you Robert Morse!

    & Happy Halloween & life to you too brother and to each person who finds these words.
    My advice to the wise is simply, Study with, follow & apply this ultra bona fide doctor’s top lead advice as his healing direction is pinpoint spot on golden! Robert is the real deal folks. Solid as a horse is Dr. Morse!

    ps for next year’s Halloween l can imagine myself as a horn o’ plenty passing out to the seekers of sugary sweets, you got it,

    F R U I T ! ! !


    P E A C E✌️L O V E 💛 H U G S

  2. All of the kidney formulas have changed and now have mushrooms in them. No thanks! Please bring back the old formulas.

    • Yeah wonder why they’re doing this to morses formulas. Cordyceps is really more for the immune system anyway so shouldn’t be in a kidney formula no matter how you look at it..

      • Hi Toni, in case you have email notification on, see reply below RE cordyceps mushroom in kidney formulas.

    • Regarding the kidney formulas that contain cordyceps mushroom, Dr. Morse originally formulated them that way.

      At one point, he chose to remove the cordyceps ingredient but re-introduced it again in 2021 as he deemed it more beneficial as a result of having tried both ways.

      • Thanks for clearing that up!

        And that is interesting to hear, hmm maybe mushrooms should be used more therapeutically.

    • Unfortunately, formulas with mushrooms are not beneficial for patients dealing with candida, yeast, fungus issues and microbiome imbalances. I have watched every single one of Dr. Morse’s videos on YouTube over the years and he has never spoken highly of mushrooms other than occasionally saying they were “okay to eat”. In fact, he specifically said he did not use them and was not into them. They are part of the decaying side of life. I used the Kidney Formulas from 2015 through 2022 with great success.

  3. Regarding women and the pituitary gland, how tall should women be if there were no pituitary issues?

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