Happy Thanksgiving from Dr. Morse


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  1. ♥️🙏🏽♥️ Get well Soon De Morse! Fruit yourself better 🍎🍐🍊🍓Lots of love!

  2. I am so thankful you are ok! Endless blessings and love to you!
    Maybe the bleeding formula too just in case.
    Please take special care of yourself!
    May each moment bring full healing potentials and regeneration to all the levels of your magnificence of being that you so helpfully and generously share with the world.

  3. Creation gives Consciousness something to do LOL🙂👍🏼
    you can’t have true spiritual awareness without God
    with God all things are possible
    love you Dr Morse. God bless you and Happy Thanksgiving

  4. You are SUCH a hoot! How gracious of you to think of all of us WHILE you’re struggling. Happy happy joy-filled thanks dear teacher. You feel our love.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you, thank you for keep doing these videos. I am thankful for you. Get better and don’t have any more accidents please💕

  6. Dr Morse, I AM praying for you. I AM thankful for you and all that you share with us. Heal fast. I love you❤️🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  7. Happy thanksgiving all!

    Another awesome healing tool that can greatly help a person heal up bunches is grounding which is sometimes referred to as earthing. Grounding is simply getting direct body contact with the earth. The more the better. My dear wife grounds as a daily practice. I do too but not as regularly. Study of it indicates that it shortens healing, recovery time. + other great benefits. + it just feels awesome! Before synthetic rubber soled shoes, introduced in the 60ies, we all were pretty much connected to big mama’s energy when outdoors. Using natural conductive materials as a choice for soles of footwear would be a wise consideration.
    There is footwear available that has soles of natural material that is conductive to allow for the earth’s energy to transfer to feet and body. Or one could just go bare footing, however of course l would suggest doing this with watchful vigilant discretion.

    Robert where you’re at in Pt. Charlotte you have the opportunity to do a complete sand with just head above ground level burial. An hour or two full body submersion in the sand would probably help a bit to fix up your ribs and noggin. Or simply just a good ole bare footed beach stroll would for sure be nice too.

    Lol what a funny image l have in my head of you Robert Morse buried with just your bright mug only above the sand! Really fun stuff. Not to worry though as if l am ever able to make it there for an office visit l’ll make sure to bring shovel with me for the occasion! Ha ha. Big lols!

    I am so grateful to have this opportunity to learn about healing and getting well with you Robert and everyone. What a super fantastic learning community this is for helping ourselves and each other to heal up and get well! It is no doubt the best ever healing community!

    My hope and prayers,
    Ya’ll seek & apply what it takes to be well always!

    & please for the love of the heavens ya’ll get this,
    Eat as much of or if you can possible swing it solely raw fruit,


    Todd B

  8. Robert,

    Hope you’re back to full wellness real soon!

    Tood B

    ps ice pack in 15 minute increments definitely is a good one for strains, springs and bangs. Or hot/cold, hot/cold as you know.

  9. Bone nitting herbs and connective tissues repair foods herbs ,,when you get grounded big mama says rest n meditate,, blessing and clearing of all negativity forces interferences… one love of divine unconditional ❤️ love,,

  10. Oh no! Heal Quickly Dr Morse! I’m so sorry you’re injured. Thank you for making this video for all of us. Hope you are enjoying this beautiful Thanksgiving weekend! What a pleasure seeing and hearing you. Sending you love and light for a speedy recovery. Looking forward to digging in this winter and working on my healing! Always a joy and pleasure! Grateful!

  11. I made a persimmon applesauce to bring to my sister and her son on Thanksgiving. Goodness those persimmons are a pain to get the seeds out. Next year I’ll probably just bring them to her raw. 😅
    Get well soon Dr Morse 💜

    • Thank you for love and support, Courtney. The persimmon applesauce does sound really delicious; hopefully worth the effort, hehe. ❤️

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