Dr. Morse’s Q&A – Colon Cancer, Tonsil Stones and More #627


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00:00:00 - Intro - Vaccines
00:16:23 - Tonsil stones
00:21:58 - Eczema, Bunionectomy, Swollen lymph nodes
00:50:06 - Grape diet
00:52:42 - Colon cancer


00:16:23 - Tonsil stones
I am 27 years old and have been suffering from almond stones for the last few months.

00:21:58 - Eczema, Bunionectomy, Swollen lymph nodes
I have swollen lymph nodes in the back of my head.

00:50:06 - Grape diet
I would very much like to try this however, I not clear one what type of grape I should eat for this diet.

00:52:42 - Colon cancer
Liver enzymes are all within range but the CT scan showed a possible metastasis in the left pelvic lymph area.

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  1. Two days ago it was determined after having a barium enema X-ray that I have “tortuosity (twisted) and redundancy (excess) colon.

    I’m in pain daily and some days I can barely stand up straight.

    I don’t want surgery but it seems to resection the colon is the only “medical” fix for this problem.

    Dr. Morse is there a herb(s) or fast I can do that can untwist my colon and cause it to “shrink” to a normal size? I remember a video where you shared a woman’s story where her spine was straightened up by doing the grape juice cure/fast. I recently fasted drinking grape juice only but I still need more direction on what to do naturally to heal.

    Y’all, help a sister out, please! 🫶🏽🤍

  2. Much love Dr Morse thanks for caring and sharing brother always a pleasure

  3. Where does one get the herbs to do kidney and adrenal cleanses that Dr. Morse talks about?

      • Thank you for responding to my question. So there’s no way I could view the ingredients of each tincture (0nline) before purchasing it?

    • Agreed, since the connection to and creation by God is so important in the spiritual/overall healing 🙏

      I was somewhat disappointed when I first heard Dr Morse talk about the spinning instead of the necessary stillness and silence on the level plane and he still does not seem to realise that particular lie for some reason.

      I have to be careful who I share these videos with, since most of my friends open to healing would not listen to someone who still believes that the corrupt system somehow did not lie to us about the fundamental basis of where/on what we are living 🙈

      I cannot fault Dr Morse for the healing knowledge and am very grateful for all that he is doing on that front, I just wish he would drop the belief of the whole space and spinning globe lie 🤞

      Maybe using the word ‘earth’ instead of ‘planet’ and not making other references in general would make it a bit more neutral for both sides, since there’s still so much divide on that topic alone.. We might then be able to reach more people that way..

      • I agree , “they” take our hard earned devil dollars and waste much if not all with false science. our plane is just that, its so easy to see. And yes I believe your correct however, this thread is about health and well being. I personally have done lots of Dr.M’s detox’s ,the grape was wonderful and put me in a place that I need to return. fell off the eat right wagon and screwed up. ill be returning soon. its so hard to get bk to clean living….but one must do what one must do. If you want to clean up your system grapes for me was the way. I lost lots of weight and all my friends thought my cancer was back , thank the Lord it wasent. Muscle will dwindle away you’ll see and getting it back is super hard, for me anyways. good luck to all you clean living lovers , embrace live and be thankful always. ✌ my friends.


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