Dr. Morse's Q&A - Open Heart Surgery, Tinnitus, Dialysis, Epidural Steroid Injections and More #710


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00:00:00 - Intro - Including the brand new 'Search Feature' on Morses.TV
00:05:09 - Open-heart surgery
00:35:39 - Low thyroid, Tinnitus, Uveitis, Eustachian tube dysfunction, Gluten intolerance
00:49:42 - Epidural steroid injections
00:56:11 - Dialysis


00:05:09 - Open-heart surgery
Does Dr. Morse think that he can avoid the heart surgery?

00:35:39 - Low thyroid, Tinnitus, Uveitis, Eustachian tube dysfunction, Gluten intolerance
My symptoms above are horrible and I would say my tinnitus is my hugest symptom along with the Eustachian tubes feeling plugged constantly.

00:49:42 - Epidural steroid injections
My friend Lisa is having epidural steroid injections for spinal pain from getting rear ended in a car crash when she was 19 years old (she's 55 now).

00:56:11 - Dialysis
They told him today that his potassium is very high and that he could have a heart attack today on the machine. What should I do?

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    • “she might be weird” I about died laughing. it’s true what he says about expression an chemistry etc. once you get sensitive an clean from the fruits, you can detect an feel the body more. so you just stop going towards foods that make you feel bad. I have found that influence is more powerful a tool then information. I’ve given so many the information. an they don’t accept it. but if I show them me, then they have questions. I can do some pretty extra awesome things thanks to fruits an fixing my DNA. I can sing now. I’m always the bottle of lightning itself. my energy towards things an experience is very heightened as if the other person I was, lived in a fog. with your senses gone you don’t know the power I explain. to be able to bang out 68 two finger pushups an not even workout daily. to be able to run an be anything I want to be, without extensive training an struggle. I can have my cooked vegetables sometimes an be okay. I can go meet things form my center, from a place of power an still be okay, not emotionally or physically manipulated etc an can see when they attempt to attempt it so.

      you become more aware. more more. you have given so many of us our lives back. even though we will never be able to repay you. or even let you know the good works you have done.

      but dr.morse. you have left the people saying, “look! we did it! all by ourselves!” an that… is the most beautiful, an highest of nobilities you could of ever blessed us with.

      this one, this part recognizes, this one, loves you.

      • Gosh, you are so right, you can feel your body more, if people don’t want to listen, just lead by example like you do. Fruit opens us up like flowers waving in the breeze doesn’t it

    • bad My problem is that I don’t understand English, and I’ve been whistling in my ears for almost 2 years , in the right ear, even the doctors don’t tell me anything someone write to me, I will translate it in my language. thank you

      • Hi Elton,

        My suggestion is what Robert suggests. His advice applied can provide miracles in healing. Take diligent consideration to transition your diet to a high amount of fruit if not completely all fruit. Some veg / salads ok but keep it raw, don’t cook anything, as much as possible. Cooking changes the food to an acidic condition. Alkalinity of our food is what we need. Raw provides this. The best results would be to go completely raw if you possibly can. Just simply doing this will definitely help out your health concerns! Watch more of Dr. Morse videos. Consider contacting his office for a consultation or find a Dr. Morse trained Detoxification Specialist to consult with you.

        Your body can heal itself up if you provide it what it needs. I assure you that as for sustenance, in other words, food, fruit is what it needs. I’ve experienced incredible transformative healing results myself as a 6.5 year follower in daily application of Robert’s healing wisdom & fruit eating. My wife’s life too has been saved & is restoring tremendously by following his advice!

        Good luck in working towards greater wellness for yourself,
        & remember that it is only you that can make it happen!
        & You can make it happen if you really want to restore your health & wellness. You just gotta go for it & work at it daily, consistently. Do this & l assure you that you’ll see great results!

        Wellness improvements l hope you soon find my friend,

        Much Peace & Love to You,

        Todd B

  1. Thank you Dr Morse for all your information, I appreciate all you do…
    I will be in your area April 11-13 in about a week
    I would love to stop by and say hi!
    Many Blessings

    • If you make a Pt. Charlotte visit would you please give Robert a hefty hug for me too.

      Come to think of it would you care to give not only Robert but the whole Dr. Morse office crew hefty hugs on behalf of all of humanity!


      Todd B

  2. Every video, for me, throws new light and better understanding of things I need to know.
    Had the pleasure of briefly meeting Dr Morse a couple of weeks ago, waited years to have a hug with him! What a wonderful sense of peace he has about him. Our first time in the US. Best Birthday treat ever! Still can’t quite believe it

    Lots of love

    • Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday experience, Sal. We’re also thrilled you finally got to meet Dr. Morse in person after so long! ❤️

  3. hello Dr robert should I be circumcised thank u I just had this problem of uti or not

    • Hi Billy,

      Kinda of a tough decision you got to make here needless to say. Imo it likely isn’t a UTI as defined by the medical perspective. I would suggest that it is acidic lymphatic wastes that are causing burning sensation while urinating if that is what you’re experiencing. Are you applying some of Robert’s suggestions & advice? Such as higher fruit amount in intake? I’ve found that sometimes on occasion the detox symptom felt as a burning sensation when urinating, occur when applying Robert’s detox/healing protocols.

      If there are other urinary concerns you have l assure you that they can be improved. Please read my response l wrote to Elton above ☝️ . The advise l gave to him is applicable to any human really to improve their health & wellness. In my estimation Robert’s teachings are universal, timeless and so will always be applicable to provide a person healing who applies them considerately & consistently.

      Also cleanliness, aka ‘lack of infection’ as basically defined by the medical perspective, of the male member, as well as the whole body, is based more so upon one’s dietary intake than whether circumcised or not is my call. Note that this is just my opinion.

      Hope you find improved wellness for yourself,

      Todd B

  4. I came across the latest shorts on Instagram and I got a bit worried about our lovely Dr.Morse wellbeing, because he was talking and moving slowlier than usual. So, I came over here to check his latest video, which was on 4th April (on my birthday lol) and for my relief he sounded and looked much better. Ahhh, feeling relief. Just wanted to wish our lovely Dr. Morse to look after himself and take his time to rest. With Love from caring follower student.

    • Hi Gundega! Your concern for Dr. Morse is heartwarming! Rest assured, he’s doing well. Sometimes he’s just doing so many different things he forgets to get enough rest. 😁

      Thanks for your loving support and happy belated birthday ❤️

  5. Thank you so much Dr Morse!!! My mother in law is in the hospital now they had her on a respirator for about 5-6 days and dialysis for a couple days but they took her off dialysis and now she’s on bipap to sleep but thank you so much I will encourage her to eat more not too watery fruits..
    this whole experience inspired me to just dive right into your book and eventually go to your school. I am so excited :)))

    • We’re sorry to hear about your mother-in-law’s health challenges, but it’s very positive that she’s got your support and encouragement.

      Wishing you all the best! ❤️

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