Dr. Morse's Q&A - Urine Therapy, Dementia, Breathing Technique, Parasite Infections and More #604


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00:00:00 - Intro - Clinic Update
00:13:58 - Urine Therapy
00:19:03 - Dementia
00:24:06 - Serious Health Concern from drugs
00:36:13 - Case Study from Level 1 Course
00:41:26 - Question from student taking Iridology class
00:44:45 - ATP Question
00:52:00 - Breathing Technique
00:53:33 - Parasite Infections
01:00:32 - Sickle Cell concerns
01:11:33 - C. diff help needed


00:13:58 - Urine Therapy
Dr. Morse I've been following you for several years.

00:19:03 - Dementia
Both my parents were diagnosed with early onset dementia, my Mum at 59 and Father at 70.

00:24:06 - Serious Health Concern from drugs
I started having seizures (l had like over 20 plus seizures total before and after everything)and was forced to take medications.

00:36:13 - Case Study Level 1 Course
I am studying and watching Case studies part 1 in Level 1 Course. Dr Morse mentioned that gastroparesis happens due to lymphatic issues.

00:41:26 - Question from student taking Iridology class
How do we know what a perfect eye would look like? Is there a representation of a perfect eye?

00:44:45 - ATP Question
Is there a non-intrusive method to accurately measure the ATP production of the body as a whole?

00:52:00 - Breathing Technique
Dr M's demonstration of diaphragmatic breathing in the brief video on additional healing modalities.

00:53:33 - Parasite Infections
My partner and I have had parasite infections on and off for almost 3 years.

01:00:32 - Sickle Cell concerns
I'm writing you today about my nephew.

01:11:33 - C. diff help needed
Diagnosed with C. diff

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  1. Would you please do a video about the pH of drinking and bathing water? My tap water, which I filter through a Reverse Osmosis system with an added carbon filter, has a pH of only 5.5 before and after filtration and I’m concerned as to the best way to alkalize the water other than adding a tiny bit of baking soda or adding homeopathic Bioplasma cell salts- which only slightly raises the pH, but at least seems like it would be much more healthful than baking soda. My shower water isn’t filtered but the particulates are minimal as the town water is fairly “clean” as municipal water goes. I suppose I could take more baths where I can control the pH but how dangerous is it? Can the body tolerate acidic water if it is counter balanced with diet?

  2. Hi Dr Morse, this is a great video!! I am proud of you for delegating the shipping of the herbs to the lab!! I love you and I AM so grateful for all that I’ve learned from you!! Keep shining and May the blessings abound!!

  3. Ok now, it took me 2 1/2 years to get my kidneys to filter , comin sense would be you’d think , when I finally filtered the stuff that came out was all the crap that clogged them now why would I want it back in there Hello .. get the lymph moving and drink it back WHAT not so are we still into these old traditions, like ok mutilate your self ??

  4. Dr Morse is so wise, he is proof that health and healing doesn’t have to be complicated, a raw alkaline fruit based diet, herbs and enough exercise, movement and rest, relaxation , prayer and meditation are powerful for health.

    Balance and inner guidance.
    Fruit is the food of God it’s even closer to sun.

  5. Hello! As someone who has recently come across Shivambu (or Urine Therapy), I would be interested in a deeper discussion. There are people I genuinely respect who are proponents. I know that Dr. Morse thinks it is absurd but from my perspective I have multiple people I trust who are proponents and others who don’t. I am honestly just trying to get to the truth. Dr. Morse’s explanation above let me know his position but I would be interested if Dr. Morse went more in depth. Curious if he reads (or at least skims being a busy man) books like “Your Own Perfect Medicine” by Martha Christy or “Water of Life” by John Armstrong from the 1940s what would be his opinion. There is a lineage going back as an ancient technique called Shivambu in India. It’s not like it’s just cropped up out of nowhere in the past few years. Supposedly even pharma has created drugs made from Urea. If it is truly entirely a waste product is there a small possibility that it could work on principles of homeopathy? Anyways, genuinely curious. I like to stay in the middle on a topic for a long while and am just gathering more information. Thanks! 🙂

    • Hey, I would also like a complete convo.
      In 2003 I met a guy who has an Eastern belief system. He told me that first urine drink is good, and how to do it. He also explained how to make a liquid healing topical product. I tried a few times and had a rash on my groin. So I tried the topical and it almost killed me. The strong chemicals soaking into my groin was too much to process.

      I never felt right and denounced his urine “”therapy. “” I have to be careful who I take advise from.

      Fast forward to 2018. A nee friend told me she was doing it. I said no.

      Here’s why:

      I was originally trained as a lab assistant and sometimes first urine is asked for for because it holds the highest toxic compounds to test. The reason blood and urine is tested is because the blood, stool and urine carry the detoxified waste OUT of the body. Would I eat feces? No. Ot’s the debris of toxins of the elimination process being moved OUT.

      Same applies to drinking urine.

      I heard of nomads who drimk blood, and traditions that eat blood pudding.
      The same principle applies based on the above mentioned toxins carried through blood, urine and feces.

      Would people eat mucus too?

      Some claim the toxins are dead, but that should be irrelavent becausebwhy would I want to eat dead toxins? Anyway, the jury is still out as to whether urine toxins aren’t alive in formnof parasites etc.
      Would people drink parasitic contaminated tap or river water?

      Urine has amounts of amonia as a waste by-product. Maybe Dr. Morse can explain how drinking ammonia on the regular can toxify and is hard on organ filtration.

      The reason blood, urine and feces are tested for disease is because its waste shows the health of the body.
      At a mountain hike I saw one deer sniffing the location of where another deer had slept. Then sniffed his butt. This was to smell if the feces or urine is healthy.

      And, here’s another little reason I believe that blood and urine drinking is on the rise…

      In 2016 I researched satanic occult ceremonies. Some of the ritual rights of passage are to eat feces, drink urine that is urinated on their body, and drink blood… especially adrenechrome. But, there are diseases that can arise from drinking blood due to the waste toxins that have accumulated in the blood elimination out of the body. One such disease is kuru (sp).
      Now many who engage in blood drinking ensure it’s sanitized first.

      The ritual of blood, feces and urine drinking is to sicken the body physically and emotionally/phsychologically. It’s a degrading process to degrade vibration and be a match to entettain disembodied beings who are degraded.

      So, if one feels a surge of power one may want to question if one has let down their vibration and is feeling power from an entity attachment… but be aware that will degrade into god knows what. The ritual ceremonies are very powerful if it’s power surges one is wanting.

      And, I see that’s why some of these eastern deities slip these beliefs in. The goal of consuming waste products is to lower ones vibe as a host. Then the host provides some empowering beliefs, and even truthful teachings to ensnare a person. When satanic hidden rituals consume these waste products then I know there’s a lot of layers as to why they bait and hook folks in with some lie/truth/lie sandwich stories. Also, religious rituals are very alluring and addictive so there are many layers of bait and before a person knows it their eating shit, drinking piss and drinking blood.

      Be vigilant.
      Stay vigilant.

      • Apologies for the spelling errors.

        I should have checked it before I hit send as there’s no way to edit content here.

      • Yessss, thank you!! Great comment. Multiple reasons not to engage in these “therapies” – on every level- physical, spiritual, etc. You summed it up well!

      • Hi Elaine. Thanks for the reply. I am staying vigilant. That is exactly why I’m trying to stay on the fence for a loooong while before even considering learning one way or the other. However, I think you might be clouded by religious ideology. I have gone down all the same rabbit holes (reading sra survivor testimony, and rituals as well) so I’m not negating that completely. Yet the way you are assuming (without knowing) that this stems from occult rituals is not thorough and is assuming. Be open that there could be some nuance here. Lumping in all things the body secretes together isn’t correct, they have different properties. What if there is a true difference between acid and alkaline urine? Maybe the former is bad but the latter isn’t? Have you heard that for allergies that through the urine the body supposedly gives you the remedy for said allergy immediately? Instead of painting broadly that it’s satanic this very fact would actually do the converse. This would point to another amazing feature that the body could do and thus point further towards creation. You may have taken a position so quickly that you aren’t open to the fact that it could prove the opposite of what you are saying. Who knows. Just gathering more information. That’s why I would love Dr. Morse to read some of the books and comment on their exact claims. Cheers to you 🙂

    • Hi Andy. The fetus drink’s its own urine in the womb and yet so many babies are born sick. If urine were a healing elixir, wouldn’t babies be healthier given that they drink the stuff for about 6 months? Also, if you don’t change the urine soaked diaper, the baby gets a rash. Why would skin respond in such a way to something that’s healing? No one’s ever gotten a rash from the healing balm. I did an in-depth webinar on urine therapy that’s available on YouTube:

      • Thanks Ivanna for the reply. I will try and listen to your presentation this week to get more input on it. I’m not saying you are wrong but I’m not not sure if the example of the baby is all that clear. It seems to be painting with a broad brush. Babies can be getting sick for all sorts of reasons (vaccines mother is taking, toxic foods mother is eating, emf waves, mother’s stress., etc). Hypothetically *if* urine were healing (which it might be more if it is alkaline) the urine could be protective vs. ingested toxins. Don’t know enough about babies, diapers and rashes not being a father yet. The examples you set forth are still not swaying me. I have people I know in person who practice this and nothing has happened to them negatively as far as I can see. At the current moment, the only way I would even give it a thought were if the urine were alkaline. However at the moment I am on the fence and exploring, definitely not practicing urine therapy. I’m very cautious of how ideologies work and how both camps can be stuck in their view. For now I stay in the middle. I will check out your presentation to get more input on the matter. Thanks! 🙂

    • Hey Andy,

      I will explain a little more…
      I’m only using SRA as one reasons of many, but not as the pivotal platform for all my decisions.
      My first career in 1989 -91 was a lab assistant, so I’m not quickly assuming. I didn’t like the environment and went into naturopathy.
      I learned about urine drinking in the early 2000’s.
      Decades later I still would never let my kydney and liver attempt to process that urine – weather it had a high content of ammonia that day or not.

      Ihave discovered alternatives that help me better.

      Best of luck to you.


      • Intersting! I would love to hear about your experience. I am a bit confused watching Dr. Morse talk so badly about it as I have used it a couple of times during chronic viral flare ups, also during Covid, and I saw a huge improvements every time. And I know it’s been used in Ayurvedic medicine, even drinking the partner’s urine is said to increase fertility. As for topical use…it is used in so many indigenous cultures as the first medicine whenever you have a wound and have nothing else around. It helps.
        I am wondering if maybe the toxicity that is talked about here is only due to the modern toxic way of eating. If I eat shit I will discharge shit as well.

    • I am age 73. On Urine Therapy for 25 years. Not even a flu. No cancer, diabetes, cancer and thousands of diseases. Just five minutes each day of rubbing fresh urine on my body and putting a bit into the mouth.

      Prior to UT, I would invariably have three episodes of flu with sore throat, fever, cough, etc. Sometimes needed two visits to the doctor as my flu dragged on. After UT….no more flu.

      I am the living, walking testimony of the power of Urine. I do not subscribe to any specific diet…just a normal diet of meat, fruits, vegetables, nuts, junk / healthy food, etc. And a normal life. Seldom take alcohol now. No smoking either. No vitamins either.

      I welcome any constructive discussion about urine therapy. My email is [email protected]

      I challenge Dr. Morse…has he read of miraculous healing of those dying from cancer who resorted to urine as a desperate last resort. I have dozens of cancer cures testimonies. People do not write tall tales…I have thousands of testimonies of healing by urine.

      Be open minded. Urine is part of nature. Medically it is called plasma ultrfiltrate.

      The embryo is floating in the mother’s urine during pregnancy. If urine is toxic, is rubbish, does does the baby survive all those months floating in urine?

      Be open-minded. Naturopathy has hundreds of pathways. Urine Therapy is just one pathway.

  6. I love you Dr. Morse!! You have given me the knowledge to get my health back! I will be working on my mom with Parkinson’s next. Keep shinning!

  7. Can you talk about coffee and how most coffee is fairly “hot” at 4 – 5 pH. I tested coffee drinking by moving from Matcha tea to drinking up to 10 coffees per day. I started getting inflammation and breakouts! My right eye developed a type of myopia (blurring at distance), so I’m now re-alkalizing myself again using Match a and fruits. My right eye vision is improving already, after a couple of days!

  8. Well I’m still not filtering. Much love prayers are accepted. Watermelon is my new hope.

    • Hi Heather, Did you try a dry fast yet? I wasn’t filtering either when I began my protocol for over a year, I had advice to dry fast , so I did 24 hour dry followed by 24 hour water fast and waa laa..I began filtering..

  9. Robert, you are a brilliant energy source. Please don’t spend time discounting what other individuals say about you. They don’t deserve your time. I remember seeing you on the news some 30 years ago getting a man out of a wheelchair thru your healing. The ones who need you will find you. Don’t worry about the all the noise. No thinking… remember

  10. Always a pleasure brother thanks for caring and sharing much love to all 💜👈👏👏👏👍👍👍🍻✌🍁

  11. Is “True healing” Dr Morse’s new book? Is this the book that refers to many cases of healing?
    Anyone know about that? Is it available to Europe?

    • I believe that is just his “podcast”. Its just audio versions of the video. Unless that is what he’s calling his new book. I don’t believe he completed it yet but I can’t wait

  12. Hey DRM Team

    Thank you so much for another amazing video, The complex details shared in this video resonate with your very first videos from way back even in 2010 – the Electrical chemistry and the Anatomy Physiology is always on point especially from a relationship perspective.

    Understanding a few things,

    Change your diet,
    Improve your lifestyle

    Learn through this process to love yourself and be present – let go of the monkey mind worries and watch as your bodies own consciousness starts to release , repair and regenerate your amazing body through detoxification.

    ATP creation , the highest metabolic process within the body, anything above this is talking about spirituality for if there is not ATP creation … there is no body.

    Really love where we are going as a team and watching how we are all developing together with our own unique spice in this life we have.

    Aloha Ke Akua Fam


  13. …representative government….how so? THEY CHOSE the ones YOU have to vote for, lol. Not true democracy at all….ILLUSION of demcoracy, more like it.

    Keep them vids coming, Morse!

    Lots of Love

  14. Dr. Morse is 100% correct about this urine therapy being bull crap. It is very harmful and just plain dumb. Your body gets rid of waste for a reason. That reason being, the waste does not belong in your body so do not put the waste back in. Just about anything your body gets rid of does not belong in your body. One of the problems is people are looking for quick fixes to get healthy and the ONLY way to truly get healthy is with raw ripe fruit and herbs (like it or not) and you will go into detoxification. You can try other things but you will cause more harm than good.

    • Nick, It might be a good idea to research more… instead of just agreeing with Dr Morse how it’s so emphatically STUPID……………. duh…. this is NOT a fad & just because Dr Morse doesn’t endorse it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. If you REALLY want the truth, do your own research about studies that PROVE it is being used and IS WORKING… Dr Morse always says how the proof is in the cures/healings… well, they exist with people who used urine therapy……. Can’t say personally, but I’m still researching and the articles and books state that this is a VIABLE option for health… There is more to this… it’s not over… Dr Morse has to learn some things that are OUT of his realm of control/experience… ie urine therapy…. DON’T knock it unless you’ve tried it………….

      • It is harmful to consume the body’s waste, whether it is urine, poop,sweat, mucus,ect. If you try consuming it, you will be very acid and get sick. I am knocking it, it is does not make any sense,duh,. I am not going to try stabbing myself in the neck (don’t knock it till you try it garbage) because I never tried it. The guy who tried it said it helped him but you do not hear from him anymore. He is probably very ill or dead now. The dumb things people do in the name of heath is just mind boggling!

  15. Hi, in what past videos did Dr Morse talk about sickle cell more in-depth? I would like to watch it but I’m having a hard time finding it

  16. Does anyone have some information about that “living group in freedom” in Croatia? (Timestamp 1:01:10)

  17. “Don’t take this therapy lightly. Multiple sclerosis, colitis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, hepatitis, hyperactivity, pancreatic insufficiency, psoriasis, eczema, diabetes, herpes, mononucleosis, adrenal failure, allergies and so many other ailments have been relieved through use of this therapy. After you overcome your initial gag response (I know I had one), you will realize that something big is going on, and if you are searching for health, this is an area to investigate. There are numerous reports and double blind studies which go back to the turn of the century supporting the efficacy of using urine for health.” Biomed

    Urine therapy can be a very effective healing modality. Sometimes when all else fails, urine therapy will turn a person around. Excerpt from Biomedx.com

    • Healthy Is As Healthy Does.

      It’s pretty simple.

      But getting there is another matter.

      The issues in “health care” today – besides politicians, lobbyists, agendas, and zero enforcement against medical racketeering and monopolistic practice – is that the many people running it neglect to think through basic science.

      Perhaps that is by design.

      But if you are one who wants to break out of that designer box, or you’re already out and want to refine your direction, you are in the right place.

      We believe a passion for health should be tempered with a principled perspective. We think the best way to arrive at this is through understanding some basic science – like chemistry, biology, colloid science, physics, electronics (yes, you are in part an electrical being) and more.

      The easy way to do this is to move in the right direction which happens when taking off from the right foundation.

      And this is what we do.

      We teach this to one, who then become two, and in time…

    • John… Thanks for posting… This is NOT a fad and I agree, Dr Morse, unfortunately is too quick to dismiss it as STUPID… There ARE numerous studies and COUNTRIES that DO urine therapy. I haven’t YET, but am closer to deciding. I have been in health my 74 years NOT doing doctors or drugs and do all I want/need. Soooo, the lesson? My mantras: My body INNATELY knows how to heal…….. and DOES…… AND If you keep doing all the RIGHT things, then your body will do all the right things & keep you healthy……………… and so it is. PEACE.

  18. I was unable to answer Paulines’ question and sadly do not know how to remedy that. I’m the one who has done urine therapy 20 years. Perhaps you wish to contact me at [email protected]?

  19. I have been rubbing and swallowing small quantities of urine for 25 years. No herbal diet, just a normal diet, no supplements. Have not had even a flu for about 25 years…no cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular and thousands of illnesses.

    I am age 73, have had a stressful life in construction with plenty of international travel. I used to be sick three times each year with a bad flu and was taking plenty of vitamins prior to Urine Therapy.

    I look younger than my age, has a full head of soft, lustrous hair, has supple skin. Never been sick. Never went to a doctor for treatment of any illness.

    The doctor may rubbish urine therapy. I am the living walking testimony of the power of urine.

    My email is [email protected]. I welcome any constructive discussion about urine therapy. I challenge Dr. Morse…how many times have you fallen ill in the past 25 years? Do you have the same excellent health record as me?

    Do not rubbish urine therapy.

    • Eddie…. Way to go… I agree with you re: Dr Morse saying it’s all STUPID is just a reflection of HIS limited thinking. I posted a LOOOONG reply documenting how Urine Therapy HAS been used for millenia and even CURRENTLY in OTHER countries…. I am 74 and although I have not done urine therapy YET, I’m prone to doing it… I, personally, recently read a book by T Armstrong The Water of Life… with mega testimonials re: the efficacy of urine therapy. Unfortunately modern man is convinced he knows more than NATURE…. and in reality we are SSOOOOOOO out of touch with nature & natural ways it’s sickening AND the “forces” that are out there are quick to discredit any “alternative” processes because there are TRILLIONS of dollars at stake with people STAYING sick & continuing to use drugs & eat toxic, processed food products… I don’t do doctors , or drugs, and have grown some of my own foods and do juicing,and green smoothies and ……. and do virtually all I want/need/ to do…. Somebody recently said MAYBE that’s why you ARE healthy RICK, you’re NOT doing doctors or drugs. I agree… PEACE, man….. Good to stand up & voice DIFFERENT opinions EVEN to those whom we admire & respect…. Dr Morse may refuse to acknowledge the efficacy of urine therapy but that says VOLUMES about HIS preconceived/LIMITED consciousness… NOT a positive quality to exhibit… Doesn’t make me admire him… it makes me QUESTION his willingness to REALLY acknowledge things/processes that HE DOESN’T DO.. Dr Morse is great AND other people are doing great things as well but is he not willing to admit that? hmmmmmm And the beat goes on …… ENJOY

  20. I love Dr Morse & his approach to health & at the same time I am in disagreement re: URINE THERAPY…. I recently came across a book by JW Armstrong written in the early 1900’s about MULTIPLE cases of serious illnesses that were HEALED (sometimes very quickly) using URINE THERAPY>> BESIDES…. this is NOT a FAD Naturopaths in the early 1900’s supported this and MANY years before ie ” Records from the Egyptians to Jews, Greeks, Romans and from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance testify to the practice of urine therapy–a practice that continues to be found in more recent times, from the 18th century to the present” ALSO “Ancient Indian yogic texts and ancient Chinese documents describe benefits of drinking one’s own urine” As Dr Morse always says you just have to look at all the cases where people have healed… THAT’S the proof. Unfortunately MUCH of what humans do is because they have thought they are WISER and SMARTER & BETTER than nature. ANIMALS DO drink their own urine and people who have been stranded in places and had no water available, drank their urine and when examined after being recovered were in good health… Sooooooo YES it may SEEM like a fad, but historically it HAS been used…. so this idea that urine therapy is really STUPID and wrong …. I have to say that statement HAS to be challenged… the RESULTS are the proof…… and so it is…………. If it WORKS, then it is a resource to be considered. OBVIOUSLY Dr Morse is NOT informed about this process, coming from his training & experience. but AGAIN NOT be so quick to deny it’s efficacy…. SIMILARLY people could and ARE doing the same thing with Dr Morse… saying he’s a quack and not even a real doctor and HIS EXPERIENCE WITH PATIENTS proves that what he practices works…. and the same goes for “The Water of Life” book by Armstrong detailing his experiences and SUCCESSES using Urine therapy… Let’s face it… it doesn’t cost ANYTHING… no need to buy HERBS OR TONICS OR TINCTURES AND THE RESULTS WORK…. Here’s a comment by a reader re his response to the book Martha M. Christy’s “Your Own Perfect Medicine,” and “Urine Therapy” by Flora Peschek- Bohmer and Gisela Schreiber. The Christy book also has a number of recent studies done by reputable clinics and doctors in the US and Europe, I HAVE to say that a VERY quick statement and judgment is WRONG… since EVEN Mahatma Gandhi subscribed to it, For anyone who’s REALLY interested in EVIDENCE from other parts of the world, check out this research study done in 2014: by the Asian Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Studies: https://ajpsonline.com/HTMLPaper.aspx?Journal=Asian%20Journal%20of%20Research%20in%20Pharmaceutical%20Sciences;PID=2014-4-2-7. This is NOT a fad and IS being used in other countries: the above mentioned article states that According to Xinhua news agency more than three million Chinese drink urine to stay healthy. From India, in the state of Gujarat, there are nearly 300,000 users of urine therapy and in the city of Bombay nearly 30,000 plus are active users. Germany, Korea and Japan have a sizeable number of citizens engaging in urine therapy. The jury is NOT out on the efficacy of this therapy… it obviously works in other countries… why not America? Go figure : ) YES it IS worth a try………


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