Dr. Robert Morse and Ben Kowal on Diet and Bodybuilding, Focusing on Root Causes, and More


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Dr. Morse and Ben Kowal discuss the benefits of raw food and fruit-based diets for health, healing, mobility, flexibility, and bodybuilding.

Ben shares his personal healing journey of moving away from a bodybuilding diet high in protein to a high-fruit diet. He discusses how this dramatically improved his health, healed tumors in his bladder, and helped his body rid itself of toxins.

They also touch on the importance of cleansing and restoring the body's waste elimination systems, like the lymphatic and digestive systems, as healing steps. Given the proper environment, the body can heal itself.

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    • Lovvvved the interview!😃🫶🎯🎉 Please do more on men’s health etc. you guys are the best!!

      • Love this! Real info from real experience, medical terms thrown in after a realistic description of the symptoms . Life-story training.

  1. This information is so important for so many to know. Love and thanks to both of you! 🌻💚

  2. So needed to hear this. Close to 60 years old and been told by drs and fitness professionals that to keep my muscle, kept my health, lose weight etc. I have to eat lots and lots of animal protein and supplements … meanwhile feeling worse and worse. Thank you! I used to do raw and was breaking all kinds of strength records and looked like a 40 year old. Switching back right now. Blessings to you both 🙂

    • Love the video! This doesn’t have much to do with the video but there was an EF 3 tornadoe that missed my house by about a mile and ran right into the Pfizer Pharma plant (where I used to work until they forced the Vac) there were 0 reported deaths or injuries even people in the parking lot filming. The tornadoe hit directly and destroyed where they store most of the finished pharma product in the warehouse, destroyed $50k worth. Karma always wins 👁✨

    • We’re thrilled to hear the information has been helpful for you, Mary! Best of luck on your journey, we know you’ve got this!


    How can we get Ben to give a “new and improved” body builder workout regimen but fruitarian/raw style?? This would be HUGE!!

    Dr. Morse, you had just answered my emailed Q&A recently about my eyes and bodybuilding (Linda Paquin in Englewood’s nephew) and had also sent you my blue eyes which you kept for good constitution — and you guys even spoke on healing your VISION in this video too!!

    Just wanted you to know I’ve prepped and prepared, and am currently on 100% fruit day #5! (This time I’m not going to bomb on BBQ on day 14 haha) Love ya, and thanks guys! How can I stay updated on Ben’s work with you Dr. Morse? Thanks again, and you too Megan if you’re reading this!

  4. Oh and P.S. – I took your advice and have made the commitment to 100% fruit minus a salad or raw meal ONLY when going out and being social (which isn’t often), FOR A WHOLE YEAR AS SUGGESTED TO HEAL MY EYESIGHT (no cataracts, just poor vision). As you said, “how will you know if you don’t try?” and I said, “well lets freakin DO THIS THEN!” THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • That sounds amazing, Kody! Sticking to a fruit diet and making healthy changes can take some dedication and perseverance but it sounds like you have a great mindset going into it this time. We wish you all the best and encourage you to reach out if you have any other questions. Regarding Ben, we’ll pass along your suggestion and see if we can come up with something.

      Dr. Morse will likely follow up on video if there are any updates to share.

  5. I was just reading an article that says folks are lining up to have their eyes scanned in order to verify their humanity. Now that I hear you say that you can look at three generations of eyes and see their history I am wondering if these folks having their eyes scanned are giving away more than they may mean to.

  6. I’m so thrilled to see you both together in the flesh – FINALLY!!! The world and its healing just took on a whole other level with you both united in this way. I am the women that Ben references around 51 mins in with his discussion here with Dr Morse. My gratitude and belief for this way of life has in essence saved my life and uplevelled my world in ways that I simply have no words for. Thank YOU so much Ben for your heart and relentless seeker of knowledge in this space, and to you also Dr Morse for supporting my physical form with your incredible formula’s that have allowed my system its constant regeneration. Big love to you both – I can’t see what evolves as a result from here due to your union – Michele

    • Michele, what a beautiful message to share. It’s uplifting to hear how these lifestyle teachings and herbal formulas have helped transform your life and health in such profound ways. Your story will surely inspire others, and we’re deeply grateful for people like you who spread messages of hope and healing. Wishing you all the very best as you continue learning, growing and paying it forward to help uplift this world.

  7. hi Dr Morris thank you so much for interviewing Ben oh my gosh this was so fantastic! I have done a bodybuilding diet style for years. I went be in 6 years ago. I am just now getting into raw vegan diet lifestyle. I joined a group of Raw Vegan Heroes and today is my 40th-day juice fasting to clean out all the mucoid plaque. I have just ordered four of your products because I think I have parasites and I’m waiting for them to arrive in the mail soon. thank you so much I am truly inspired and can’t wait to start experiencing all that you talk about in the spirituality realm. I’m a born again Spirit-filled Christian and I love what you teach also. Thank you so much for your service. God bless you always! Much love!

    • Joanne, it’s wonderful to hear about your body transformation journey and commitment to cleansing your system through a raw food lifestyle (and an impressive juice fast, too!)

      We wish you all the best as you continue learning and growing in a spirit of health and love. Your positive message is much appreciated.

  8. I am TOTALLY aware that we are Spirit to begin HAVING a body.. One I agree that spiritually looking for “solutions” has it’s limits.. KNOWING & even PRACTICING good health processes and diet are fine AND you can be the richest person, with best doctors available and even doing all the RIGHT things AND if it’s your time to go HOME, nothing is going to stop that.. DOING the things that “supposedly” keep up healthy is great AND I’ve seen people who smoked 3 packs of cigarettes a day & were angry at everyone & everything and died at 89. I’ve also see a beautiful friend/lover doing ALot OF RIGHT THING and died at 53, so YES FAITH is paramount and LISTENING to our bodies IS our individual responsibility. Thank you for this presentation.


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