Dr. Morse’s Q&A – Teeth Issues, Chemical Sensitivities, Balding, Low Basal Temperature and More #666


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00:00:00 - Intro - Shout-out to Kars, Thad and Emilie for looking after our Telegram Community
00:05:33 - Teeth Issues
00:20:53 - Chemical sensitivities
00:51:00 - Possession during Initiation Program
01:12:28 - Balding, Low basal temperature, Bloating, Immune problems


00:05:33 -Teeth Issues
It was not the tooth hurting, so the dentist removed 2 more.

00:20:53 - Chemical sensitivities
For the last few years, she has been having seizures after eating

00:51:00 - Possession during Initiation Program
I attended Shambavi Mahamudra Kriya program by Sadhguru

01:12:28 - Balding, Low basal temperature, Bloating, Immune problems
Balding is really big one for me. I'm pretty young and losing hair is just nuts.

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  1. Hi, where can I find the top 5 worst foods for humans pdf download Dr. Morse shows at the start of the video?

  2. I, too, have severe Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Ironically, it didn’t show up in my life until after I did the in depth detox process, via help and guidance from a graduate of the Dr. Morse method of detoxification. It showed up after I cleaned up my consumption habits, overall, and has remained with me ever since, for approximately 8 years now. It feels like my body is having a very normal response to perfumed pollutants/chemical toxins, rather than having an issue that needs to be healed. Similar to the canaries in the coal mines back in the day. They didn’t seek out “disabled” canaries to sniff out the toxins, they used canaries because of their exceptional scent-sitivities. Unfortunately, the canaries in the coal mine of life are viewed as being faulty rather than being a legitimate warning that others need to heed.

    • to David, please go for it and don’t back down! you can do it!

      you can get it all back, your blue eyes and probably even your hair!
      good luck to you!

  3. At about 42 minutes it the person writing in said they watched an Earth Fare employ switching stickers on fruit. I called Earth Fare because (before the original founders repurchased it) I used to be part of the corporate merchandising team and let them know about this. The odd thing about this is – the organic produce comes in already pre-stickered and the stores don’t carry the stickers or have the manpower to sticker the fruit. So, stickers would have to be removed from the organic fruit and put onto the conventional fruit. The only way this would occur is if they were pulling sticker off of the spoiled organic fruit and putting it on unspoiled conventional. I wish I knew what store it was so I could let corporate know (I no longer work for them.) But, this would be a huge problem for their operational division if a store manager was doing this on their own as this, I am very positive, is not a corporate policy … as well as their advertising department.

  4. It’s nice to hear a doctor of your expertise on nutrition and health speak of eckankar and the eck masters.

  5. It’s nice to hear a doctor of your expertise speak on nutrition and health speak of eckankar and the eck masters.

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