Dr. Morse’s Q&A – Gallstones, Bile, Baby Formula and More #607


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00:00:00 - Intro - Gallstones - Lymphatic System
00:01:53 - Burns - Bile Reflux - Eyes
00:39:27 - Baby Formula
00:55:05 - Hemangioma


00:01:53 - Burns - Bile Reflux - Eyes
I was healthy 2 years ago in a hospital stay they gave me an overdose of excess morphine opiates.

00:39:27 - Baby Formula
My question is I've ordered the superfood powder which I heard can be supplemented as a healthy food or powerful formula for growing baby.

00:55:05 - Hemangioma
11 year-old-twin girls

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  1. Hello everyone.. I am longtime follower of
    Dr. Morse who is searching for a natural mosquito repellant.
    Fruit diet makes me a huge magnet for mosquitos but they don’t touch others.

  2. Hey Team,

    Would love to come to Florida to come and help answer these 🙂 maybe we should get a zoom call going for QnA for the written in questions and have the artefacts like the Iridology reports sent so we can all follow and provide commentary about what we see and how one would go about providing a true solution to the persons disease.

    I personally would love to add value around the dynamic cell energy and the performance of the body for athletes and or active hobbyists additionally the emotional side of the physical body and the obstructions it can cause .

    Life is truly wondrous and how we receive and perceive what is happening within us and without is truly fascinating.

    I find with our clients at 36ATP.com the major transition hurdle is the emotional elements, trauma , past live reoccurring themes etc which help aid or hinder a clients ability to value themselves, love themselves and their body enough for change.

    Electricity is no joke, Fruits are the most electrical and nourishing foods on the planet – how we react to such beautiful power is what we must navigate .

    Love you all


  3. Thank you Dr Morse for all your wisdom and help. I enjoy every video and have learned so much. I am a 66 year old Chiropractor who has gone raw this last year thanks to my wife. (She has been raw for 5 years now). I have battled but now feel better than ever. When you know better you cant go back.

  4. I absolutely love all this info! I am trying to convince my daughter who is pregnant the importance of breastfeeding clean& not to supplement with formula, fresh juiced fruit or goat milk will be fine after weening, correct?

  5. I hv a polyp on my gallbladder and I have problems with my breathing and lungs thank you

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