Dr. Morse's Q&A - Parkinson's, Mouth Cancer, Nocturnal Seizures and More #705


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00:00:00 - Intro
00:03:00 - Mouth cancer
00:20:35 - Parkinson's - Tremor
00:30:05 - Cancer of the lower gastrointestinal tract. Suffered chronic pain for 30 years.
00:44:17 - Pancreatitis - Gallbladder - Kidneys - Lymph nodes
00:52:08 - Nocturnal seizures
00:58:55 - Regarding the order of detoxing


00:03:00 - Mouth cancer
My friend has recently completed 8 weeks of radiation and chemo treatment for mouth cancer. The doctors have said this was caused by a virus.

00:20:35 - Parkinson's - Tremor
I took off my sling and my arm started to shake, neurologist said my MRI was normal but DaTscan wasn't, since then they said I have Parkinson's.

00:30:05 - Cancer of the lower gastrointestinal track. Suffered chronic pain for 30 years.
I would really like some advice on how to help my body to heal and come off all my medication and at least have a fighting chance of survival.

00:44:17 - Pancreatitis - Gallbladder - Kidneys - Lymph nodes
In 2022, skin cancer, surgically removed. No chemo, no radiation. Had to remove 3 lymph nodes in neck.

00:52:08 - Nocturnal seizures
I started having seizures in 2020. Before that I worked out regularly, didn't drink or smoke and felt that I lived a healthy lifestyle.

00:58:55 - Regarding the order of detoxing
I have chronic bowels (brown around the iris) and would like to know if it's better to focus on the bowels before attempting to heal anything else — or is it ok to focus on several parts simultaneously like the bowels and the lymph, in my case?

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    • Hi Rawkstar,

      We appreciate your kind words! So glad Dr. Morse’s teachings resonate with you.

    • Hi Dr Morse,
      I have to thank you for taking the time to answer my questions regarding my health concerns. Your description has certainly opened my eyes and I will be following your recommendations with 100% determination. I have been totally blinded by doctors and the pharmaceutical industry for so long. I totally believed that they had my best interest at heart, which is a total no no.
      I will of course keep you updated on my journey and again, many thanks for showing me the light.
      Many thanks

      p.s I have watched your answers quite a few times to drum home to my subconscious the gravity of my situation. Q&A 705

  1. Buenas tardes, Dr. Robert
    puede incorporar la traducción en español, por favor.
    Gracias por sus aportes y conocimientos, son de mucha ayuda.

  2. My Mother passed away from familia CJD in 2015. Two months from first symptom to death. I am a RN, in 2021 I started losing my words, STM loss, frequent falls, dyskinesia, including night seizures. Amazingly I learned about your fruit detox diet, from my friends 16 year old daughter. She was following the detox diet and improving. I did not know what wa wrong with me yet. I was 3-4 months into my strict fruit detox. Mostly grapes and watermelon juice . I eventually went into full blown drmebts . I had moments of clarity , while in my room for 4-5 months. My ex husband moved in to help, along with my three kids 23, 15 and 11 yr old daughter. I took me a year to come back. I also have RBD. My daughter also has it . I can’t get anyone to diagnose me . I have a life flex insurance plan That is no good without a diagnosis. It’s been hard going back to work, I hve worked at three nitemare facilities. I have been trying to get a blood test for a few years now . I’m at a loss , I need help, CDC nor CJD clinic to help me . Nobody believes me, I’m still alive. I have my MRI ” it has a positive pulvner sign. My mothers hospital records with her diagnosis . Still nobody seems to be wanting to help me. Please advise if you have any resources for me . I’m so tired , I am trying c to continue workin. Help pleasss
    Warm regards

    • Hello Melissa,

      Here’s some information on how you can get help:


      For the best chance of getting a response directly from Dr. Morse in a future video uploaded to his DrMorse.tv website, please fill out the health inquiry form here: https://morses.tv/ask/

      Alternatively, you can email your question to: [email protected]

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