Dr. Morse's Q&A - Spirituality, Urethral Stricture, Herbal Formulas and More #716


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00:00:00 - Intro - Spirituality - Herbal formulas coming your way!
00:15:54 - Urethral stricture


00:15:54 - Urethral stricture
How can a urethral stricture, caused by traumatic catheterization, be reversed?

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  1. dear sir,
    please somebody help me
    I am naturopathy student at govt medical college, rajasthan india
    i want to learn sir Dr Robert moorse but cannot afford it sir
    since its money is in dollar which is very expensive
    my college fees is100 dollar per year
    sir please
    if some has anatomy and physiology part 1 and part 2 can somebody help me

    • keep on writing brother no one is going to listen even if they have they will not give not even for 1 day
      they are not going to help you
      soo don’t ….
      they are ….
      you can mail be I may help you

  2. Hi. In what order are the questions that are sent in answered by Dr Robert Morse? Does it go by what date you sent in the question? I sent mine in a couple months ago and hope I will not miss it in one of the videos. Thanks.

    • Hey Alex!

      Because we receive a large volume of questions, there is no fixed order in which they are answered.

      For example, if someone submits a question on a topic (let’s say, “vitamin B12”) that has been addressed recently or many times previously, we will rather priotize unique questions or urgent cases.

      If it won’t inconvenience you much, you can try sending your question again via https://morses.tv/ask or by email to [email protected].

      On the off chance that Dr. Morse did address your question in a video and you’ve missed it, you can try searching for words/phrases/health conditions from your question here: https://search.morses.tv/

  3. “Dazzling and grandiose !”
    A new Ferrari ?…
    No ! It is Dr Morse !! 🥰

  4. hi dr morse and his team.
    I recently bought herbs from dr morse’s herbal health club spanish fork utah.
    Is that a legit website?
    If anyone can answer, i would appreciate it.

  5. Very good episode! Because i had urethral stricture for very long time. Since when i was 18 years old i had a trauma. I got vaccine and in come after that. When human is in come after 48 hours all ligaments get dry. And when i wake up from coma, doctors pull up the catheter and damage my urethra. 12 cm long damage they made. I have couple of surgeries, non of them with success. All time urethra is very hard and difficult to heal itself. They even made me plastic surgery with change the urethra with skin from my mouth. Also not success.
    BUT before two months from now, i saw in facebook a clip with dr. Morse and he answer my questions without even i ask him. I mean he talks about how human body works and what is the cause of all problems. Then i start with all fruits on next day. I lost 15 kilos for now. I was 100 kilos, and I`m 180 cm high. Urethra now is more flexible at all. And flow is better. Also no bacteria in urine and no high temperatures as before. Also low blood pressure gone, left knee pain gone, back pain on place gone.
    So changing diet now is the best thing i made in all my life!

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