Dr. Morse’s Q&A – Advanced Cases Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis and More #494


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  1. Hello Dr. Morse, thanks for all that you do. I keep running into people with MS since I was young. I never knew what to do or say to them. I’ve taken Reiki and other forms of healing and have seen and felt a lot of things from this. I am wondering about parasites and MS as I’ve seen that some pathologists have been finding parasites in both the brain and spine of MS patients who have died. They say they find them in all the people who they have examined. Should MS people be getting rid of the parasites as well as doing your other forms of treatments.

    • Hi Robert! A de-worming (anti-parasite) program is, with a few exceptions, always recommended. So the answer would be yes, just in case there is parasitic involvement.

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  2. Just a comment on the tetanus vaccine. I got my last vaccine when they gave me a tetanus shot at a hospital where the doctor told me it was only for tetanus. Afterwards they gave me a card showing that the tetanus shot was also for measles and diphtheria. I wouldn’t have taken the shot if I knew that. I ended up getting bels palsy about 18 months later. I’ve never taken a flu shot and after this I’ve refused all vaccines. I was recently in hospital because of a bite from a cat. They wanted to give me a tetanus shot, I was very vocal about what the last one had done to me. A lady doctor from India then told me that in India the tetanus shot was only for tetanus. Just some truth about the lies…..

  3. Thanks for your reply. I didn’t want to ask a question of Dr. Morse yet but, I will possibly at some time. I’ve already started informing MS people I know to check out Morses.tv for answers to their MS questions. It’s will be better coming from him, then me. I have my own issues but, they are very long and involved over many decades so I just listen to what Dr. Morse has already talked about. As I’m in my 70’s, and I don’t think I’m old, just well worn, I just do what I can for now. I live in Canada where are produce isn’t the greatest at the best of times but, I will consider eating more fruit now that it’s coming to a new season up here.
    Take care,


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