Dr. Morse’s Q&A - Breast Cancer, Castor Oil and More #691


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00:00:00 - Intro
00:06:23 - Castor oil for GI tract
00:14:47 - Pain control for breast cancer
(including some Spirituality)


00:06:23 - Castor oil for GI tract
A lot of people use castor oil internally to cleanse the GI tract. Can you tell me if this is a good idea?

00:14:47 - Pain control for breast cancer
Do you have any suggestions for pain control that relieves pain, doesn't affect the healing process and doesn't affect the kidneys/liver?

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  1. Hi , enjoyed the video .. Jessica asks “ what kind of person could let someone suffer w pain in a hospital like that “ .. and it is sad indeed . My dad just got poisoned in hospital by nurse leaving glass of Chlorahexadine in his bedside table overnight and he thought it was water and drank it . It killed him .. so this video discussing malpractice and the allopathic mishaps really hits home right know especially . My Question is about Lyme disease .. I wonder if you can speak to your way of treating it . Do you feel one can heal it w herbs and fruits only ?? Please share your preferred way to treat Lyme disease from a tick bite . Detoxification and rejuvenation .. do you believe that antibiotics ever have a place initially ? I imagine no , yet you mention you take oxy/ acetaminophen for pain for certain pain .. so I wonder if you occasionally also allow certain pharma anti microbials ? What herbs do you prefer for Anti microbial anti parasitical anti viral ? Thank you !!! Aloha

  2. I have an appointment at the detox center and I can’t wait. I have Sjogrens Syndrome and it flares terribly if i consume anything that kills candida ( Dr morse cured me of candida with the wonderful formulas 10 yrs ago but its back). I would love to see vids on Sjogrens if there are any?
    Thanks for mentioning Findhorn, Dr Morse. I was obsessed with The Magic of Findhorn when I was a kid. Good stuff. Check out Perelandra garden stuff too (Behaving as if the God in all life Mattered) by Michele Small Wright if anyone is interested in devas and plant intelligence 🌱💛

  3. So glad you are feeling better..
    May your sweet dog be recovered by now as well.
    Balanced bodies are a lot to maintain at times.
    I enjoyed the video as always.
    Thank you to both of you.

  4. Thank you both for your gnosis and time🥰I would recommend cannabis before ANY pharmaceutical for pain! Just a suggestion! I’ve watched thousands of hours of Dr. Morse and I’m currently working on fixing my severely acidic, broken vessel! I was labeled with MS 25 years ago and I have experience with a broken neurological system! God bless you both! I LOVE seeing Jessica!

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