Dr. Morse’s Q&A – Snake Bites, Spike Proteins, Undereating and More #650


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00:00:00 - Intro - Snake bites
00:04:30 - Undereating
00:29:06 - Spike proteins
00:50:51 - Supraventricular tachycardia
00:55:54 - Multiple health issues with eye pictures


00:04:30 - Undereating
I am trying to understand why undereating even while eating fruit creates thyroid swelling and weight gain and how healing might need to take into consideration calorie intake too.

00:29:06 - Spike proteins
I was wondering if Dr. Morse has a combination of herbs he would suggest, in particular to neutralize spike proteins?

00:50:51 - Supraventricular tachycardia
My son was diagnosed with SVT (Supraventricular Tachycardia) when he was 18. He is now 26 and has had 2 very unsuccessful cardiac ablations.

00:55:54 - Serious health issues with eye pictures
Always had health issues, anxiety from as long as I can remember, always put it down to childhood trauma but starting to realise now it isn't all from that.

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  1. yes, Plantain… i can’t take it, it makes my skin and itchiness explode!!! We all know why… but then it’s not practical!

  2. Keep up the great work! Always learn something new when I listen. Starting grape juice for two weeks to help clean out my body. I will try. I hope to make it two weeks 🙂. Love to you all. God bless you all. 😇

    • Why not eat the grapes instead of juicing them? Also, you should come join my Dr Morse detox support group on Facebook! Everyone welcome! “Watermelon Island”

  3. Reg: Spike Proteins & nucleus!
    I completely understand why and how to detox the body. I am just wondering… these vacs have „instructions“ , which reprogram the immune response. It is an instruction nowbuilt in the nucleus of a cell. Which then produce certain spike proteins as an immune response to this particular C- Virus. At least that is my understanding. Doesn‘t this mean, that those who are vaxed now have a complete different forever genetic building block?
    Would the detox have an effect on the this building block in the nucleus?
    Or are we just eliminating the released proteins, that are being generated through this immune response?
    And… since it is said, that nano chip technology has been implanted as well, are people able to eliminate these?
    Scary shit !
    But urgent matter.

    • The jabs are experimental gene therapeutics. All they do is rewrite your DNA. There is no such thing as spike proteins…THOSE ARE DEAD CELLS FROM CYTOKINE STORMS WITHIN. It’s CELLULAR DIE OFF WASTE. That’s it. Also, they are laced with graphene oxide…whose structure is similar to nano razor blades. This is why myocarditis, clots, etc are in abundance. They were given the jab wrong, it went into the vein and circulated this graphene oxide…SLOWLY cutting up the endothelial wall, leading to clots. Dr. Andreas Noack was the European expert in Graphene Oxide…he showed exactly what is happening on many videos. He was murdered for this.

    • 1st jab poisons and REDUCES CD4 lymphocyte count by 15-35%.
      2nd jab poisons AND this is when the cytokine storm begins aka your OWN CELLS, destroying and killing off YOUR OWN CELLS. This produces cellular waste, which they label as “spike proteins”, which is fraud, and this cellular waste will amass rapidly if someone is not filtering…hence why rapid onsets of “cancer” is going on. Also, CD4 lymphocyte counts are reduced even more at this point and most will be severely immunocompromised at this point.
      3rd jab is the killer…this poisons again, adds to the cytokine storm and further reduces CD4 lymphocyte counts to the point where someone will develop AIDS…a count of “14” or lower, aka 14% of cells left or 200 cells per microliter. 25-35 is severely immunocompromised, fyi.

      End of the story…THEY want us dead. They want the DAILY DEATH RATE to be HIGHER than the DAILY BIRTH RATE…to put it simply. We are on pace to have this happen by 2060 or so, but they want it SOONER…by, no coincidence here, 2030. This is one of the reasons its called Agenda 2030.

      • …and that should say “14% of CD4 lymphocyte count left”…which is our NATURAL IMMUNITY to everything. And to think…killing people was a by-product of getting the nanotech, self assembling tech inside of us (their main goal) because they knew we wouldn’t openly just accept it. They have to deceive us with a “virus” fraud in order to inject the tech. Also, in Wuhan, it was the worlds FIRST ALL 5G city. Remember seeing vids of people randomly falling face first and dying? Yeah, that’s from the 5G everywhere. The “virus” scam was the COVER UP to this so they could implement the nanotech…and…well…kill off lots. They knew rolling out 5G everywhere, as they did in Wuhan (not just a few towers here and there; I am talking towers, smaller cells in neighbourhoods, etc. An onslaught of it) woud lead to mass die off WAY too fast that we would obviously atttribute to 5G. Enter the virus lie and here we are.

        5G operates at 60 Ghz…the EXACT same frequency as the oxygen molecule absorption rate in humans. People died because their cells suffocated, basically. 5G ABSORBS oxygen. Not good when O2 levels are already only about 22% or so. p.s. wearing a mask lowers O2 to around 18% under the mask, which OSHA deems extremely dangerous levels.

  4. Boy is it good 😊 to see you since utube has put down some of your best videos nonetheless God is on our side
    Love your brother 👋

  5. Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis IS fantastic. That along with Kinesiology’s muscle testing and Lymphatic Iridology are my favourite tools for Traditional Naturopathy. The HTMA reference ranges for “normal,” may be different for Raw Foodists perhaps, though? Like blood tests? Or would the result’s interpretations be consistent with supposed “healthy,” cooked food eaters?


  6. Is it me, or does our good Doctor just keep getting better and better? This man is on fire! Thank you sir! 🙂🙏🏼🌹🍇🫐🍉

  7. I was watching a video on Bitchute and a man who claimed he was a Scientist said there was no spike proteins or MRNA, he said what’s killing people is the Graphine Ox. He said the Alaskan King Crab has disappeared from the Bering Sea, he said between 2017-2019 these fisheries were wiping out the Alaskan King Crab and this is where they aquired the Graphine Ox. From something about creating Chitin. I’m no Scientist but he posted lots of PDF files on it.

  8. to the 34 year girl talking about addiction to valium…I can definitely help you!! I am certified by Dr Morse and NOBODY can help you better than me because I was in same situation and addicted to that drug plus many more harder drugs like methadone!! So yes you need botanical help CANNABIS!! I make a cannabis oil that got me off all the harmaceuticals!! and I can help you detox everything out and even the depression!! I was a worst case scenario!! I am living proof that no matter how sick and depressed you are, you can go raw and turn it around! Dr Morse spoke of your case as if it was a hard case but I was excited and yelling at the TV “Send her to me!!”I am hearing my own case and would like to show you the way out of hellville and I can have you feeling better in a short time. Cannabis will work if done properly. Dispensary edibles will not work! I would love to help you out for free! My website http://www.higherleveldetox.com Also Dr Morse Facebook support group “Watermelon Island” EVERYONE WELCOME!!

    • That was me… I feel hopeless. My body has had enough now. What a horrid world we live in but thank goodness for kind souls like Dr Morse and Patty. I wish I didn’t have a daughter and was a single mum, I just can’t bare to leave my child but the suffering is to much

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