Dr. Morse’s Q&A – Keratoconus, Urinary Tract Infections, Jawbone Osteonecrosis and More #674


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00:00:00 - Intro - Spirituality
00:05:30 - Keratoconus
00:20:02 - Low energy, hot, chills, swinging BP
00:36:02 - Urinary tract infections
00:44:10 - Jawbone osteonecrosis


00:05:30 - Keratoconus
I just don't know what to do, my brothers are 18 and 26 and I would Love to learn how I can help them help themselves.

00:20:02 - Low energy, hot, chills swinging BP
No quality of life, depressed and desperate to heal.

00:36:02 - Urinary tract infections
My urologist told me years ago that in order to avoid getting urinary tract infections I should stay away from green vegetables as they contain high amounts of oxalates.

00:44:10 - Jawbone osteonecrosis
What is Dr Morse's view on ozone therapy, not as a fix but as an aid?


Key Takeaways from this Video:

  • Dr. Morse emphasizes the importance of cleansing the lymphatic system through diet (fruit, berries, melons), hydration, kidney/liver detoxification and herbs. He says addressing the underlying causes through detoxification is key to healing, not just treating symptoms.
  • Conditions like necrosis occur in an acidic, agglomerated medium in the body. Cleaning out mucus and acids from the tissues through detoxification is needed for healing.
  • Surgeries and radiation can disturb lymph flow and cause problems long-term. It's better to address the whole body and cleanse fully through diet to allow the body to rebuild and regenerate tissue on its own.
  • Proper pH balance between 6.5-8 is important for cellular function, enzymatic reactions, mineral absorption and preventing conditions like UTIs, kidney stones, etc. Disease is viewed as caused by chemical imbalances rather than treated as isolated conditions.
  • Healing  should be done through a holistic detoxification and cleansing approach focused on cleaning the lymphatic system and rebalancing pH to allow the body to heal and regenerate tissues on its own, rather than treating symptoms separately. Surgery and medical interventions are seen as disruptive rather than curative.

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  1. I read a news article this week that said scientists have new evidence that time is subjective. They trained rats to signal different perceptions of time then warmed or cooled the striatum in their brain. Warming made them denote sluggish time and cooling made time go more quickly. I thought this group might find that interesting.

  2. Dr. Morse,
    thank you for your hard work and knowledge. You are helping so many people and we really appreciate it.
    What is your opinion on latest findings by many MDs, one of them – ( Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD) of self assembly hydrogel and nanotechnology in medical treatments ( vax- all of them , insulin…) Do you think we can detox it?
    Thank you

  3. when Eve gave Adam the Gnosis to be aware of “Time” and the Death associated with Time…Adam and Eve(One) became Supremely Conscious…This “Knowledge” pissed of the God, Creator of this world of Chaos

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