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Key Takeaways:

  • Patty Lager, a former medical student turned holistic health educator, describes her transformation from conventional to alternative medicine.
  • She highlights the disconnection she felt with patients and the negative outcomes she noticed with conventional medical practices. The turning point came when she and her family personally experienced negative impacts from these practices.
  • Patty values natural living and felt that the treatments offered during her medical training didn't align with the Hippocratic Oath's guidance to "first do no harm."
  • She now provides online courses through Dr. Morse's online school. Her teaching covers diverse areas, including human anatomy and physiology, electrical chemistry, cell biology, and histology.
  • Patty emphasizes the importance of understanding Nature's Law or God's Law in healing and well-being.
  • She believes that society's healing starts from realizing that the energy we ingest from our food impacts our overall health.
  • She's motivated by helping people heal using natural remedies and techniques.

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  1. As for the formidable challenge it is to encourage others to grasp hold of the truth that fruit is mankinds’ perfectly suited sustenance.
    Well l can honestly admit that l certainly haven’t any magic answers or specialized trade secrets to gain others’ trust enough so as they’d willfully follow suit.
    l am truly sorry to say.
    On occasion l share highlights of this awesome healing experience with family & friends &, when the time seems right, broadcast to others the suggestion to watch a few Dr. M vids. Often l’ll say something to the effect of “following Robert Morse’s dietary advice miraculously saved my wife & l’s lives.”

    In my experience of attempts of prompting others to get this l’ve found that generally speaking people seem attracted enough to the suggested benefits of a raw fruitarian diet but have found themselves in what l would refer to as sorta likened unto a difficult marriage, the ole’ ball & chain of addictive dietary habits.
    Of course in order to achieve optimal wellness the necessary dietary divorce that they so much desperately need likely isn’t going to happen for them until you know what hits the fan. Specifically that is their health or the health of somebody really close to them getting to the point of really rough shape, unfortunately. I certainly do not wish upon anyone ill health but improper dietary habit will inevitably turn one’s health into difficult problems at some point.
    Why don’t others see the experiences of the wayshowers, as Robert refers to the people who really get the fruitarian lifestyle as incorporating a daily practice of it, take heed and wisely follow? Idk why. Possibly due to food addictions, social expectations & brainwashing of improper dietary habit, gnarly detox experiences, other factors etc? It seems that various factors do come into play as to why we eat the way we do.
    As for my home the single most motivational factor that prompted us to give fruitarianism a fair trial & then into a continued fully committed daily practice came down to an imperative personal crossroads. A brutally sobering time that involved a significantly major health challenge with my wife. Raw fresh fruit, herbs & some veg we learned were the necessary perfect choice & as such became the sole sources of our sustenance. This was de facto the turning point for the way much better in my dear wife’s healing recovery process. Hope arrived. With 4 young children at the time it was crucial to figure out specifically what would effectively get the greatest potential of results for their mother’s health returning.
    Mostly fruit & herb consumption has provided incredibly miraculous results in this regard & so abundant hope now remains.

    About YT(YouTube) tossing out Robert’s incredibly profitable healing wisdom. Hmm…
    As like a marriage gone bad this most blatantly bane censoring platform seems to be about over in my book; however, our newly beloved is in! Only time will tell if the planned for reuploads of Dr. M’s archive vids to YT will stick around. Hope so as for the potential benefit of those who’ll prove to be wise enough to delve deeply into this incredibly amazing healing opportunity.

    Meanwhile is doing a great job to provide this awesome knowledge so as to increase the potential of much needed healing of mankind. Y’ll keep it up! Way to go! Thank you bunches!

    Much thanks to you Marco. Keep these awesome interviews rolling! And as a result there’s greater opportunity for folks to increase in understanding so they can better make sense of the beautiful but sometimes tough rocky detoxing process. Detoxing knowledge assists ourselves & others into greater & greater, fuller healing & wellness.

    And thank you Patty for your insights into the quote, unquote ’boxed’ orthodox version of A&P schooling. Really great that you encourage the young ones coming up to formulate & ask their own questions about it all. Good for you & your students that you had your aha Morse lymphatic schooling moment! I regard my aha Morse schooling of lymphatic awareness + the other ultra-cool healing knowledge he generously provides in a caliber likened unto precious gems.

    Looking forward to seeing the book subjected as man as truly frugivore that you collaborated on with Robert.

    For all of us, myself included, l suggest questioning literally everything and being confident enough in one’s self to trek on paths less traveled. With confidence boldly blaze new paths when the time calls for it.

    Marco in regards to the account of your comment about pasta being suspect at ltalian family dinner. Hefty lols Hilarious.
    I have as well had plenty of my share of cautionary food comments spoken about things not as ideal to chew on and swallow at social gatherings. They mostly have not been received, fell to the floor, and produced empty stares reflecting the trial of cognitive dissonance. However at times l think that l may see tiny glimpses of hope in indications of raw fruitarian seeds planted ready to sprout in the psyche of some of those who seem to be considerately contemplating all this but nevertheless they mostly remain still hesitant. Ball & chain diet issues they’ve got. Sometimes it seems that they kinda sorta realize it.

    It truly is an honor to share my thoughts on these healing with raw fruit, herbs, dry fasting, fresh pressed juicing etc talk vids. I hope to increase more in capacity of way showing of this most beautiful opportunity of healing of humanity!

    Keep informing others about it so that all may come to know their true dietary sustenance!

    Unto all of y’ll,

    P E A C E ✌️ L O V E 💛 H U G S

    F R U I T 🍇🍃 H E R B S

    4 H E A L I N G

    4 E V E R & A L W A Y S

    T o d d B.


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