Dr. Morse's Q&A - Spirituality, Arthritis, Iridology and More #591


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00:00:00 - Intro - Gabrielle - Spirituality
00:14.30 - Follow up from KerStin Iridology
00:21:40 - 8-year-old Rheumatoid arthritis
00:44:42 - Low grade glioma (tumor)

00:14.30 - Follow up from KerStin Iridology
I am happy to hear from you about what you see in my eyes. Presently I experience wheelchair with little muscles function, shaking in hands left more than right, legs right more than left, confusing thought and eye sight. Thanks for the support.

00:21:40 - 8-year-old Rheumatoid arthritis
I'm reaching out to you on behalf of my daughter who is struggling big time. This has been an uphill battle since she was 1.5 years old. She had injuries that didn't heal right when she was very young.

00:44:42 - Low grade glioma (tumor)
My 8 year old son was diagnosed with a low grade glioma when he was 5, has undergone 4 different chemotherapy drugs over a 12 month period and two major brain operations to remove the tumour - only the second operation was successful.

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  1. Dr Morse, for those who write in to your clinic with questions mentioning dealing with Naturopaths suggestive of having your school’s background too, perhaps clients need to ask for the verification of their qualifications by displaying their I.S.H.A.S. certificate/s? In Australia the qualified Naturopaths always have a provider number, for instance, to verify their qualification/s that also allows them to access some health insurance rebates as well as practitioner ONLY prescribed herbs. I’ve observed A LOT of misuse of your herbs ranging from retail overpricing, incorrect storage by distributors, incorrect under snd overprescribing (though I’d just call it “sales”) as well as a failure of honesty with regards to followup or feedback between any efforts to grow as a community in learning how your healing tools have or have not worked for everyone. The worst in my opinion, has been the taking from the poor to give to the rich for vanity teadins because your protocols do restore youth, however it is sometimes like giving a juvenile a Ferrari they do not know how to drive. Thankyou for being here Dr Morse. I’m COMPLETELY over all this shit.

  2. Love your work Dr MORSE 👏 ❤ great expectations on future detox centers, and yes we need more releases of restoration testimonials 🏁💕🫂🥇👏👏👏👑🎯👍🍇🍏🍉

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