Are You Vaccinated? | Discussing Vaccines with Dr. Morse


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00:27.40 A question from ISHA student
Suppose a child is not vaccinated (not protected against Meningitis, Polio, etc). If this child is already on raw food but still got one of those "illnesses" is it dangerous and can it lead him/her to death or with the proper herbs it is completely manageable?

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    • AMAZING content as always. I absolutely love you Dr. You have inspired me to be the healthiest version of myself. I’ve been detoxing through fruits & herbs for 15months now. I cannot wait to enroll on your international healing school course.
      Much LOVE ❤️

  1. Thank you so much for this Dr. Morse. I am using this wisdom to heal myself, my family and assist my community.

    • Depopulation is not a factor. European countries no longer have enough children to sustain their elder generation. People are just not having children in Europe. Germany, Sweden and so on are all in the same boat. Depopulation agenda is a narrative to support the death urge agenda with self-hatred for all life as its hallmark. It is an assault on the generative function of humanity and Nature as a whole! Failure to seize back the life urge is not an option.

      • Depopulation is literally the zionist/jesuit elites goal, lol. Just look at 2 stats….DEATH RATE each day…and BIRTH RATE each day. All “depopulation” means is MORE people dying each day than are being born.

        If you look at the stats, we will reach that by 2060-2090 or so. The shitty part if these sick elites want it faster…like 2030.

        This is the whole reason for these nonsensical and unnecessary jabs.

  2. Thank you Dr. Morse for helping us who got the vaccines to (hopefully) heal through it. My husband and I have not felt right since receiving the vaccines. Unfortunately, I didn’t question the injection hard enough until after the fact. I’ve been all raw since June 18th, 2022 and it has improved my health immensely. But I feel there is still a lot of work to do to get through this.

    • Don’t forget the herbal supplements. Whether you make your own (from high quality herbs) or use Dr. Morse’s, the herbs play a huge role in healing. They will speed things up, too, immensely.

    • You must be new here. To begin with, lymphatic, kidneys and adrenals, stomach and bowels.
      Get your kidneys filtering. Diet of fruits, berries and melons. Start there.

      • I already do this and have been a lifelong vegan. Just when he mentioned the above ‘plus’ botanicals, I wasn’t sure if he was referring to any specific ones specifically for the jabs.

  3. Before I watch this….I need to say the following because I know the WHOLE TRUTH won’t be shared, not because its purposely being suppressed, but because Morse doesn’t actually know it all…YET.

    The jabs are NOT needed at all. Germ Theory is a lie. You NEVER “catch” anything, from anyone, ever.

    “sars-cov2” is found in EVERY LIVING THINGS DNA. In humans, it is found specifically on Human Chromosome 8. That’s because our bodies CALL on this FROM our DNA when we have specific respiratory issues. All they have done is taken your DNA…and, if it happens to have had “sars-cov2” from Human Chromosome 8 IN THAT SAMPLE, and it has been amplified and magnified enough TO see it (rt-PCR) then you will be positive. lol. More cycles ran on a rt-PCR, more positives show up. Cut down the levels ran, less positives.

    1st jab. This poisons you internally and reduces your CD4 lymphocyte count by up to 50%. CD4 lymphocyte count IS your white blood cell count..aka YOUR NATURAL IMMUNITY TO EVERYTHING.

    2nd jab. This further poisons you and reduces your count by 25% more. Also, this is when the internal cytokine storm begins. That is…YOUR OWN CELLS begin ATTACKING and KILLING…YOUR OWN CELLS. This creates MUCH more cellular toxicity and waste! What do we know about cell waste when it doesn’t get filtered because the kidneys don’t work? IT BUILDS UP INSIDE. What is “cancer”? An accumulation and agglomeration of DEAD CELL MATTER. You following along?

    3rd jab. This is the “kill shot”. This again poisons you even more and adds to the internal cytokine shitstorm. But, this will slowly erode THE REMAINDER OF YOUR CD4 LYMPHOCYTE COUNT.

    A CD4 lymphocyte count of 200 and below means you have AIDS. A count of 200, which is 200 cells per microliter, also equates to 14% of your count remaining. So if you ask a doctor to SPECIFICALLY tell you your CD4 lymphocyte count when you get bloodwork done…they will tell you the actual number, in this example I used 200 cells per microliter; or, they will tell you the percent but will leave out the “percent”. They will say “your count is 14”.

    To give you an idea of reference…a count between 200 and 500 is considered SEVERELY IMMUNOCOMPROMISED. They say a count between 500 and 1200 is “normal”…but I can tell you if you have a count of 505 or a count of 1155, normal is closer to the 1155. Big pharma LOVES to have wide ranges considered as “normal” so they program into you “you’re fine”. Problem with that is if you go from 1155 to 505 after 2 jabs…YOU ARE NOT FINE, yet you’re still in the “normal” range so nothing is said!!

    You waking up to the lies now?!?!?!

    Best jabs are NO JABS. They have never eradicated anything in history. And NO “virus” has EVER been ISOLATED FROM A PURE SAMPLE…key words here…so no “virus” you are fearmongered with has EVER been proven to exist HOW THEY TELL YOU IT DOES!! It’s a racket. A fraud. A moneymaking scam, plus, part of the depopulation agenda where their ultimate goal is simple…..MORE people DYING each day than are being born. They want this by 2030….that’s why it’s called Agenda 2030 (also because we are heading towards a Grand Solar Minimum come 2030, so they use weather modification to push the lie its too hot, when really it’s getting cooler…but that’s another story) and the reality is they are on pace to actually reach this by 2060-2090 if you simply look at the stats and projections. That is why they have covid. To SPEED THIS UP!!

    Love to Dr. Morse. HE IS THE TRUTH in what he knows! But, there is so much more to know about what is actually going on.

    If you got jabbed, you took an EXPERIMENTAL GENE THERAPEUTIC THAT PERMANENTLY ALTERED YOUR DNA. Your DNA is now owned by the vaccine company and you have had nanotech planted inside of you and YES, you will have a MAC address associated with your implanted nanotech. There is no coming back from this. However….if you ONLY got 1 jab…you’re better off than anyone who got more. If you ONLY got 2 jabs…you are severely immunocompromised and you better not take the 3rd and get your shit together and get healthy. If you took 3 jabs…or more…you are done. You now NEED jabs just to SUPPRESS YOUR AIDS. The double edge sword is you will eventually die from the jabs destroying your CD4 count…and, you will die if you stop getting the jabs that now suppress your AIDS.

    Wakey wakey…truth hurts, but truth can NEVER be suppressed forever. It will always express itself.

    1 Love.

      • I Am afraid that Dr Morse, bless his heart does not “know” more based on his rubbing elbows with many “elite” in the alternative Medical field…Every Soul born into a human body has a “Time Stamp” attached to it…The “Rulers” have seen to include the “expiration Date” for their purposes…The mortal body will decay and when expired the body will be eaten by the Elements to which it was made of…however the Immortal Soul will be eaten by the Immortal invisible Beings…That is, if the Immortal soul does not learn how to escape out this “Prison”(Body & Soul,) in this circuit of Life, to achieve his True Light essence…Jesus spoke of this at great lengths in his “banned” Teachings…Peace on Firm(not “flat”) earth -the apostle john

      • Maybe he does..and, if he does, be strong and speak up.

        I have been watching his videos for many years…and, I see he quotes Dr. Tom Cowan a lot. My information comes from WHOM Dr. Tom Cowan sought out for truth, lol.

        Go to the source…actually people who LEFT the “Virilogy” field becasue it is based on lies and GERM THEORY…which is NOT truth at all.

    • Yeah sounds about right. they fabricated these vaxes so that they damage you enough to reduce your life span but not kill you immediately so that it wouldn’t be too obvious. And so far they’ve succeeded but apparently they didn’t get as many deaths as they wanted. What I find interesting is even though some of my family memvers got fully jabbed they didn’t experience any symptoms whatsoever. some only had minor problems but none died…so far. But it doesn’t matter. We’re all gonna die one day. What matters is what we do while we’re here. We’re just playing in God’s playground. At the end of the day it always gets what it want’s and we can only surrender to it. I fully surrender to the Devine 🙏☝️

      • Conquering fear of death is key will on this realm, in this incarnation of your energy…yup!

        The shameful part is these elites blatantly want most of us dead…and, if given the chance, they would flip a switch and eliminate most of us overnight if they could. Thankfully, they cannot do this because, contrary to popular belief, more people ARE awake and aware then they lead on.

    • Hi-C…from being fooled time & time again I have since come to realize that this whole “Thing” is a staged event…just as in 1918…there is no “Thing” new under the Sun, nor the Moon…when i noticed Cowan & Bigtree & Tenpenny and Kaufman & Reiner F. at some point united themselves with slightly different “Variants”(“Storys”)and all these “clowns” were setup years in advance of Cov19, then I saw a “Problem”…Controlled Opposition was with “mankind” since the Garden of Eden…I Am “Gnostic” and just recently have discovered the Depths of Hell

      • Can you please explain what you mean tenpenny and the other Doctors were controlled opposition?

  4. Hello out there!

    I was sickened in 2007 just before college by a round of 3 shots- HPV, meningitis, and Hep A all in one visit. Since then all my adult life I have dealt with flare ups of meningitis/encephalopathy symptoms, weak sluggish liver, and herpes viruses.

    Anyway, for many years I learned about vaccines but what is really troubling I have too recently learned the contents of the stratospheric aerosol injections “chemtrails” and tainted air and rainfall (containing now verified aluminum, barium, strontium, and graphene surfactants and ice nucleation elements) as if the chronic issues weren’t enough- now during rainy seasons I find myself on certain Cooler days with burning throat and uptick in inflammatory symptoms.

    As if it werent bad enough the vitality of the humans is being destroyed, the ubiquitous nature of this garbage in the environment with electromagnetic radiation effecting the natural world is heartbreaking and that’s an understatement. I am so happy to hear your gardens are doing well Dr. Morse. The foliage in my state of Oregon is looking terrible because it is affected by the aerosol programs and changing climate and it’s so sad to see just last 2 years really looking terrible with a world this sick it’s no wonder so many are in health and spiritual trouble. BUT on a more positive note we have a golden plum tree which produced very well this year and my father, daughter and I all enjoyed the GI broom effects of our harvest and Concord grapes have just come into season- seeded 🙂

    • Hi Malia, I’m in Oregon, too, and have had the same thoughts about how heartbreaking it is to see the natural world slowly dying and disappearing here. Criminal really. About five years ago I thought, why am I always so tired? I eat well, exercise, live a balanced life. Then in 2020 our cat got severely anemic, the vet said it was a mystery, but my husband and I were convinced it was the WiFi as she slept near the router. We turned it off permanently and also turn off electricity and the phone at night. We all started to feel better. Then found Dr. M. about six months ago and shifted our diets to include more fruits and raw foods, and make herb teas for drinking all day. Finally feel like I’ve regained some of the vitality that had been missing for so long. So important to question everything and work to reestablish the connection to our god-given innate higher wisdom. We are truly in the fight for our lives.

      • Hi! Does Dr morse have any articles or videos on herbal abortion?

    • I would like to think the only thing dr morses herbs abort are the parasites 🙂 💜💚🤍 hes all about the preservation of life in its most natural heathy form 💕⛎

  5. Thank you so much Dr Morse. I am so glad you have a platform where you can speak without being censored. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and spreading the truth. XoXo

  6. Dear Dr. Robert Morse, I Love you so much! When your eyes get wet from the deep love in your heart and from the sadness so do mine. I am so grateful that you are here for us, I so love your passion!

  7. Thank you so much Dr. Morse. I am the one who asked this question and I am sure glad that you addressed it! I am so deeply grateful. I sent this question through the school but I didn’t know they send it over here so I asked the same question on this page too so my apologies if it came in twice! This is giving me the courage to send my lil one out in the world and not fear! I was under severe negative influence as my whole family is deeply involved in the medical field so it was hard to be the only one walking my own path while I am bombarded with such negative influences. Thank you so much for helping me to get out of this and to help my lil one socialize!
    I love you and from soul to soul thank you for being a leader to us all and to lead ourselves too others. Thank you God for bringing you forth in physicalness, you are much needed.xxxx

  8. …¶…O Son, this wisdom is to be understood in silence, and the seed is the true Good.

    5. Tat. Who soweth it, O Father? for I am utterly ignorant and doubtful.

    6. Herm. The Will of God, O Son.

    7. And what manner of Man is he that is thus born? for in this point, I am clean deprived of the Essence that understandeth in me.

    8. Herm. The Son of God will be another. God made the universe, that in everything consisteth of all powers.

    9. Tat. Thou tellest me a Riddle, Father, and dost not speak as a Father to a Son.

    10. Herm. Son, things of this kind are not taught, but are by God, when he pleaseth, brought to remembrance.

    11. Tat. Thou speakest of things strained, or far fetched, and impossible, Father; and therefore I will directly contradict them.

    12. Herm. Wilt thou prove a Stranger, Son, to thy Father’s kind?

    13. Tat. Do not envy me, Father, or pardon me, I am thy Natural Son; discourse unto me the manner of Regeneration.”…

  9. Germany seems to be cursed in that regard. The c vac is promoted relentlessly and every two weeks a new subspecies of the virus is detected and communicated.
    And many are brainwashed by now…

    • yea…as a born & bread West German, it is sadfor Me to witness t how the Mighty have fallen since Dwight D.Eisenhaure(jewish mama), and his co-conspiraracy Pirates, penned these famous words…”I hate all Germans”…Churchill was notorious for his Acts of inhumanity against the Germans…it is still be “played” out by the Evil-Doers

  10. We put a golden mesh glob of light around you no bullets of any kind can penetrate throu this diamonds light and don’t say that youu💫🙌🌎💎💎💎💎💎🍇🍇🍇🍇🔷

  11. And it’s not fun seeing those Grey’s sitting perched stocking us those that they know can read or hear the minds what a lesson is hard to turn off or tune into the spots of a 1000 thoughts to be in empty ness but whatch ing then pull out and stop is the good part of the show hahaha 😝 luv luv peace harmony and grace all throu eternity is a great place💫🙌🙏🌎💐🍇🥒🍉

  12. thanks for caring and sharing brother it’s always a pleasure watching you’re videos I am so much more than I ever was

  13. around @25:30
    I Don’t Understand why would It allow itself to get so much bad karma and punish itself so harshly and be so unconscious in the first place, for what reason? I don’t like these games it’s playing. But then again I don’t really know what’s going on…

    • We are at the time of the end before the return of Yahuwah, the Elite know this is happening. 2024 the second eclipse will cross the USA making an X over America this is a warning from the most high the Creator. 2017 the blood moons and the eclipse were a warning of something to come, no one new what but we can see now where we are. His return will be during the barley Harvest spring of 2024. Agenda 21 was in place because they know this. Take a look at Praise Yahuwah channel on YouTube or go to praise , the king is returning for those that love him.

  14. Hi Doc~ I saw a video on bitchute about the grays and reps..your correct..very scary and probably not info everyone wants to hear..I’m hoping it can’t be true, but my 3rd eye knows better..I’d still like to hear what you have to tell us, somehow lidtening to you has helped me to not walk with fear

  15. The best way to find out about vaccine injury is to study the Platform that Robert Kennedy Jr runs called: CHILDREN’S HEALTH DEFENSE. Here you will find everything you need to know about what books to read and how to navigate through this treacherous terrain. I myself had vaccines given to me in the 60’s but no where near as many as there are given today. I know of children being given these by unconscious mothers right now and it’s so sad. Educate yourself by spending $10 to join CHD and learn how to save your family from this disastrous annihilation of the Human Population of which you are a part. Dr Morse, THANK YOU!

  16. I begged my family not to get this thing. I’m the only pure blood so to speak.
    it saddens my what I may have to watch, yet I feel worse then some of the ones that got it. Very informative and not alone. ❤️🙏🏻🍉🍉🍍🍓🍒🥝🍇

  17. You mentioned spleen as a possible blood eliminating organ…..what would you say to someone who has lost their spleen? what to do / not to do?

  18. I am forever in your debt and will follow your footsteps till my last breath- my children will learn all you teach. This is the start of a New Empire. We already won… Just get some good rest so we can work even harder <3 like we planned.

  19. Dear Robert, you talk a lot about out of body travel but you don’t have a video where you get into this mechanics and techniques on actually how to do this…

    Some of us want to learn. Can you please make a video once and for all discussing the techniques involved in getting yourself to astral travel? – Levi

  20. Love your work, you are one of the few honest and in the know people out there today. You remind me of our italian macrobiotic doctor who used to tell us a lot of the things you say over forty years ago.
    I want to share clinical EFT Techniques, they help the lymphatic system very much and I suggest learning from as there are many charlatans and they teach them correctly so they continue working and they show the real science. I have used them succeffully for the past nine years and I am a trained Reiki Grand Master.
    Thanks to you and your videos on youtube my mother got rid of diabetes type 2 in her seventies, after bothering her for three years she finally went for it.
    You are a golden ray of sunshine well needed in this world, thank you~
    BTW, I did put out a free EFT course based on what I learned from EFT Universe, but I always send people there in case they want to see the science, as I always do. I focus on helping people get started as that is what I am here for~

  21. This world is terrifying. I had the mandatory number of vaccines and am mortified about it. My mother is a staunch supporter and has had 4 or 5 already. She gets angry if I try to ask her to stop. She only listens to leftist news sources and has been completely brainwashed. She is a recent surviver of cancer as well. Both my sister and I are following your protocol (with extreme difficulty I might add as I love cooked food) so it’s incredible that we can’t sway our own mother. Terrifying times.

  22. I am not in the best shape, but I have let go of meat for the most part. I did Dr. Sebi’s alkaline diet for 5 years and felt wonderful. I’ve taken your botanicals, too. My spouse has no interest in higher conscientiousness, about anything. He thinks it is sacrilegious to not eat whatever you want. What I am getting at is that sometimes when we are in bed together, it feels like he is burning me. When you started talking about acid, this came to mind. Can this be real? He is burning me because he is so toxic. I’m doing everything I can to get better. Any suggestions for me to get him to understand he needs to change his way of life. I’m also upset that some of my family members received the shot. One brother had already suffered a heart attack. He had to be rushed to the hospital, and they found blood clots all in his lungs and legs.

  23. Hi… Dr. Morse….Can an insulin diabetic (age 71) die of pancreatic cancer, if she took the JAB and Boosters.
    She got sick in September 2022 and now died December 28, 2022. I had a Big argument with my Brother, because he doesn’t see the connection. Maybe, it’s because he got the JAB, too.
    Please Reply
    Thank YOU….

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