Dr. Morse’s Q&A – Bipolar Schizophrenia, Macular Degeneration, Groin Hernia, H. Pylori Gastritis and More #665


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00:00:00 - Intro
00:06:35 - Bipolar Schizophrenia
00:15:28 - Tumors
00:21:09 - H. pylori gastritis, Esophagitis, Prostate cyst, Bilateral epididymal cysts
00:45:16 - Cancer
01:02:00 - Macular Degeneration
01:12:00 - Groin hernia
01:19:20 - Broken bone


00:06:35 - Bipolar Schizophrenia
I've been diagnosed with this since 18 years old and been taking medication for it except for 3 years out of that time.

00:15:28 - Tumors
Is it possible to ask Dr. Morse why with tumors you cannot use Bone & Connective tincture?

00:21:09 - H. pylori gastritis, Esophagitis, Prostate cyst, Bilateral epididymal cysts
I am 24 years old with multiple health problems that have progressively gotten worse over the years.

00:45:16 - Cancer
She was diagnosed with gastric carcinoma over a year ago and underwent chemotherapy and surgery to remove her entire stomach and 14 lymph nodes.

01:02:00 - Macular Degeneration
8 years ago my eye doctors found a small WAMD spot on my right eye.

01:12:00 - Groin hernia
I've had it since elementary school and it goes up and down randomly.

01:19:20 - Broken bone
Broken tibia, my son is 5 years old. How do I heal it properly?

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  1. I am a raw foodist with Schizophrenia and stopping antipsychotics caused me insomnia because it is a pharmaceutical withdrawal side effect. Even on raw foods for over eleven years I ended up with psychosis when I stopped my antipsychotic.

      • I have been forced to receive an injection of antipsychotic under a CTO now. I lasted six months off of the antipsychotic which I had been on since 2009. During the six months off of my antipsychotic I barely slept and was very underweight with delusions and hallucinations despite eating all raw. I will likely always have to stay on my medication, which is terrible as I am like a zombie and it has caused me to gain weight. I have completed Dr Morse’s Level 1 and Lymphatic Iridology course and have eaten raw since 2011 but I think Schizophrenia has no natural hygienic cure at this point in time. I feel horrible on the medication and am just waiting for the psychiatrist to lower me to a maintenance dose so the side effects will be reduced.

      • I am a possible candidate for a colostomy reversal , I have been 90%Fruit , for 5 mths. I need to know what to do before and after surgery. do I do fruit after surgery ? the surgery has casued me 3 hernia which will be repaired during the refersal . please would you respond about my surgery

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    • Monica, I struggled to get off of opioids after 20+ years of being on them on fruit diet. I did end up taking herbs like Skull Cap, Gotu Kola, & other herbs found in Dr Morses Upper Circulation & Brain & Nerve formulas. They definitely helped a ton. I did not quit cold turkey but just needed less the healthier I ate (especially the longer I was on just fruit) then got off the rest of the way intentionally. The herbs were game changers with the withdrawal symptoms.
      I think the licorice root also helped because my blood pressure was so low. It’s difficult to go through that transition where your body gets rid of the old residues & starts making its own chemicals again. It’s definitely going to be a very gradual thing. And even if you never get completely off the medications, at least your body is a lots better than it could be because you eat well. Wishing you the best on your healing journey 🙏💚🙏

      • I am sorry. What I meant is did you try eating only raw ripe fruit and herbs and nothing else? That should make a difference and also, gradually get off of any drugs (pharmaceutical medications) too.

    • Did you try eating all raw ripe fruit and herbs only? Fruit and herbs are the best for all human cells for cleaning and rebuilding.

      • Yes I only eat raw and have taken some herbs. Found out I still need the medication to avoid psychosis.

    • if you also got low blood pressure as well like 110 or 100 systolic then it migth be auto immune

      that is mycoplasma infection if not you need to cleance the colon 5 bowel movements daily ,solid no diarreia and be able to remove the mucoid plague and kill parasites properly

      • My blood pressure is low from time to time due to weak adrenals. Just reading through past replies. Worth mentioning is that opioids are not the same as antipsychotics. I will never be able to come off of the medication I am on. Psychosis caused me to believe in circumstances about people that were not true and it disintegrated my life and the connections in it. At forty years of age I am on a disability pension and my life feels like it is over. I am still raw vegan and have been for over twelve years. I am eating the fruits and sometimes taking Dr Morse’s herbs but schizophrenia is still present. Probably for the rest of my life and medication keeps the psychosis at bay.

  2. Doc, you could sit under an orange tree. Wouldn’t that be something: find enlightenment by sitting beneath an orange tree. The Florida Buddha.

  3. Hi. is there a Height which does not indicate an issue with the Pituitary?

    lots of love

  4. does dr robert email companies to earn commissions by becoming an affiliate? sounds to me like a scam but would like confirmation. Thankyou.

    • Hi Randy,

      The email from the Herbal Health Club regarding their new affiliate program is legitimate.

      Please note that the Herbal Health Club has recently underwent operational changes. Dr. Morse now only oversees the herbal formulas and therefore has no involvement in the affiliate program or Herbal Health Club newsletter emails.

  5. Thyroid storms cam mimic mental diagnosis of schitz,or bi polor or ???not fun

  6. wow!!!!!!! this is the second time i have watched your yideos i cannot describe how happy and thrilled i am right now ——— i base my pratice as a holistic healer on fit for life by harvey diomond ——- i can t get enough of this its everything i have ever wanted no joke i really dont care if any body answers my email thats not way i am watching this but if they want to that is for them to deciced not me i am going right now to buy a new notebook just on these videos thamk you so much for this from your HUMBLE STUDENT

  7. I was wondering if Dr. Morse has talked about stomach cancer caused by gastritis?
    Much Love to Dr. Morse and his team.

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