Dr. Morse’s Q&A - Nerve Pain, Urine Therapy, Rheumatoid Arthritis and More #601


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00:00:00 - Intro - Spirituality
00:02:18 - Letter on detoxification
00:19:25 - Thoughts on Urine Therapy
00:26:30 - Rheumatoid Arthritis
00:40:42 - Iron Level
00:59:53 - Juice bar and health
01:03:10 - Nerve pain

00:26:30 - Rheumatoid Arthritis
I have Rheumatoid Arthritis quite advanced and am on a biologic drug.

00:40:42 - Iron Level
Recently, I had my blood test done and one of the new things that came up was my iron level is high.

01:03:10 - Nerve pain
I've got nerve from the bottom of my foot, leg, buttock, lower back and head.

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  1. Awesome info. How to learn more. Currently Vegan. Some junk food.
    No meds. Need help with weight loss. Experiencing hair loss. Do take supplements.

      • Blessings to you Dr.Morse

        Thank you for addressing Jons posts. I disagreed with him and he blocked me on fb.
        I love listening and learning from you. Your energy is so pure, bright and full of truth! ❤
        My dream is to move to Fl. And work with you to help others.
        I really hope to sooner than later.

      • Please find my email dated 9/14/2022. Will you be sending a reply by email?
        Thank you,
        Mary Edwards

  2. Thank you again for your explanation of “The Basics” in easy to understand language.
    Even the abbreviations are being clearified (RA, RO etc). A great teacher quality.

  3. Hello Dr. Morse:) xoxo I love all of your video’s and have learned so much! Thankfully, I watched enough when I was hearing to be convinced of the truth and experienced it in my own body. As you know, now I am deaf. Is there any way to closed caption all of your video’s. I find some are closed captioned and some are not. It’s just the luck of the draw. This particular video is not closed captioned and I would love to see it in the future:)


    • Hello Diana,

      We’ve responded to your support ticket, hope you received it. The CCs have been added to this video as well. 🙂

      • Thank you so much! I truly appreciate it!!! Will the videos be closed captioned (cc) from now on or do you have to pick and choose which ones are cc? I go back and watch all videos on you tube, raw figs.com and dr morse tv. Some are captioned and some are not. Does it cost extra money to do this?

      • They will be closed captioned from now and going forward, so preferably all new Dr. Morse videos will have the CC option (sometimes not immediately as we try to upload the videos as quickly as possible, which sometimes means the CC will be added some hours afterward).

        There’s a technical limit in terms of hours of footage we can caption, which resets each month. Additionally, there’s the manual time it takes to do it. So currently, we won’t be able to prioritize older videos as much as we’d like to.

  4. Dr Robert Morse is genius .im so grateful for my mother. Heal all bones system and osteoporosis and arthritis artrose and kidney amyloid AA . And now in all world iam explains too all souls get herbs from Dr Morse and make a detox .go go go .Love Dr Robert Morse .thankfully for your knowledge 💚

  5. Hi guys. I’m ra osteoporosis I think I’m down to just ra. I’m going to heal 100 % one day when my eyes get a good photo I’ll send them in. I wanted Robert Morse to read it but now they say someone else will read them. Much love to staff and the doctor.

  6. Peace Dr. Morse,

    My best friend has Rheumatoid arthritis. She gets Remicade infusions either once or twice a month. Is there any of your products that you can recommend or anything else natural that she can take to heal/cure her ailment?

    Very grateful for your knowledge

  7. Dr. Morse I’ve been following you for several years and you were a big part in helping me change my diet to mostly fruits berries and melons which has changed my life. I’m grateful. I need to say though, you’re totally wrong about urine therapy. Urine on a clean diet is far less acidic than pure water. I test it all the time and it only gets more alkaline with aging. Not acidic. It cannot be compared to stool. They are separate for a reason. Stool is waste with toxins. Urine is absolutely not a toxic waste, it is excess water from the blood which is eliminated to properly maintain the blood. It carries with it plasma, nutrients, hormones, stem cells, and more, all readily reabsorbed into the blood when we drink it. We are designed to take it in as needed. Before practicing UT I had the typical problem of not gaining weight after 3 years of 80-90% fruit and the rest whole plant foods. I started UT and within a month of looping 90% of my urine I saw obvious muscle/weight gain with no more working out than before. My gut never felt better. My skin improved and I even have new hairs coming in on my bald spot. It is an ancient and very well proven science but is shunned by allopathic medicine because it is truly the fountain of youth. I’m disappointed you are currently so closed minded to it like allopathic MD’s are. By the way, once you get past the psychological aversion and realize it is not waste, you find it actually tastes wonderful and becomes preferable over water, that is if you maintain a clean diet like that which you always recommend. Anyway much love brother. Just speaking the truth even if it’s not popular.

    • I don’t understand why u would drink your cellular waste. Your body works so hard to get that stuff out. Why would you put it back in? I take personal offense that you tell Dr. Morse that he is closed minded and don’t appreciate your rudeness. He is the opposite for sure!!! If you are helped by something other than what Dr. Morse recommends, keep it to yourself. Don’t share it on his platform or put him down in anyway. That is nothing but disrespectful.

      • why should he keep it to himself if it works? Dr. M is a chemist, he should know what enzymes/ nutrients etc. that this plasma from the blood consist of. Maybe its b/c he does so well selling his herbs that he doesnt want people to know that Urine (which is Free) works so well, THIS WOULD PUT HIM OUT OF BUSINESS. I applaud this man for speaking out on something that works that our bodies already make freely! The poor cant take DR M herbs due to the price of each bottle. $20/bottle or more. A small ailment would take over a 100 bottles to detox, which is if you do the math over $2000. Imagine with cancer what the same detox would cost?? One more thing, DID YOU KNOW, Eye drops such as Murine, Visine and others all contain something called UREA. Where does urea come from? URINE! YES! There are Bio companies that pay Port o Potties MILLIONS of dollars to collect the urine from the urinals due to the medicinal properties the urine has in it. NOW ask yourself this: WHY on Earth would these companies be doing this? ITs a fact, check it out. Dont be closed minded, I used to be a student of Dr. M and I discovered UT last year. So dont shoot the messenger. OPEN YOUR MIND.

      • I watched the entire video after writing some comments and it is insanity to think drinking urine or any kind of bodily waste is going to heal anyone. You can not get too much more acid forming than consuming bodily waste. It is ass backwards thinking.

      • I stated a fact that Dr. Morse is closed minded to urine therapy. Is he not?

        I’d love to hear directly from Dr. Morse but I suspect he won’t reply because he knows I’m right…

    • Urine is metabolic waste and the more sediment in your urine the more you are filtering.Clean urine(no sediment) is not good.I have notice I filter a lot more when I eat an acid diet and filter less on an alkaline diet. If you are filtering you will see lots of sediment if you eat canned tuna fish ( the urine will be completely foggy).Never consume waste from your or anybody’s body. If you consume urine and it is clean it may not harm you much but if the urine has a lot of sediment (foggy) it probably will harm you a lot.

      • An entire month of drinking 90% of my own urine and I feel wonderful, excellent gut health, consistent high energy level. There are lots of books on it. Don’t knock it till you educate yourself on the reality of it

  8. Dr Morse was talking about the man that got the jab and passed it down to his wife & children. How did he pass it to his children? And if his children has all this bad stuff, will his children pass it to their friends they play with?

  9. If Dr. Morse is looking for a new RO system, I highly recommend the Brondell Circle. It wastes WAY less water than traditional RO systems. It also requires no electricity to operate. I had one at my old house, and when I sold the house and bought a new one, I installed a new one in my new house. In addition to the RO water, I also have a distiller by a company called WaterLovers. It’s excellent quality as well. I basically never need to clean it because I put my RO water in it ;-P

  10. I think it is practically impossible to live only on fruit in today’s world because of the crappy quality of fruit. Unless you live on a tropical island with lots of raw ripe fruit it can not be done. The fruits in the stores are not picked ripe and are not even grown properly. You have grapes that are sour and oranges that do not taste as sweet as they should and it is had to swallow an orange that is not that juicy.Even the organic fruits suck (a lot of times worse than the conventional fruits). I just try to get the best fruit I can and am now eating a variety of foods that are close to natural as possible. Herbal formulas are too expensive like everything else. It is just a damn shame that you think you just picked out a very good quality watermelon that is ripe in the summer and it does not even taste that sweet at all. YUCK! Sorry for bitching but it is the truth.

    • It’s not at all impossible to live on all or at least 80-90% home grown organic fruit even in a temperate climate. Fresh for most of the year and dehydrated for part of the year.

      It’s not at all impossible to live on all or at least 80-90% home grown organic fruit even in a temperate climate. Fresh for most of the year and dehydrated for part of the year.

      Urine is absolutely not a waste product and to say otherwise is frankly foolish. It is by far the most important medicine we can consume. Why are people saying it’s acidic? It is more alkaline than pure distilled water. I test mine frequently and gets even more alkaline is it ages which is when I and millions around the world use it topically. I’ve started regrowing hair on my scalp within a month of using it topically as well as drinking 90% of my daily urine. It’s laughable that you guys call it waste. You should know better and I suspect you might.

      • That is because you are not filtering. Do you have sediment in your urine? Waste (including urine) smells bad for a reason.They are toxins from the body.If your urine smells sweet, then you are not absorbing your electrolytes. Drinking your urine is harming you and sooner or later you will feel it big time.I do not have the facilities to grow my own fruit (no property) and dehydration is not healthy unless you are healthy and just want to dry fast.

  11. but allopathic doctors are telling that urine appearance should be transparent, if it is cloudy it means something is wrong with your kidneys. you can google about it you will find hundreds of articles about urine appearance, i am totally confused.

  12. my niece Nicole bluh sent me this link a couple days ago and I did promise her that I would watch it not realizing how incredibly well number one proud of her that I am but I really connected with this guy Dr Morris you know your stuff and I just started listening to you not even 3 minutes into it and I know you know what you’re talking about I am by no means an expert but at a very young age of 19 I took of course at adult education in the evening with a professor named Marvin Bernstein who taught parapsychology for stress relief I was the youngest person in the class and yet I learned how to meditate and see away I’m looking at ourselves and how we attract our likeness. karma is absolutely a real thing and I have been putting out a lot of negative karma the last 4 days and it has bounced off the one person who is making me craziest and smacking me in the face obviously I need to let that go and I knew about this and yet had forgotten my niece is a farmer in Georgia and is attempting at her best to teach me about how plants are definitely the way to go and in 3 minutes of listening to this man I am realizing how important detoxing is I have no idea I am going to look for plant-based protein drinks but healthy ones and one set perhaps you will mention or recommend a type what to look for in the ingredients because I know for a fact if I had to kill an animal I wouldn’t be able to eat it I couldn’t kill an animal if that’s all there were to eat I’d be playing it like a bunny rabbit and eating the grass I love fruits and veggies and I thought they were both good for you obviously they’re going to be better than red meat especially with the process that animals are generated with harmful ingredients in their diets and it just goes on and on so I will continue to listen and learn I did subscribe and it’s 64 years old I know I’ve got some stuff going on my biggest frustration is this arthritis I know it’s from sediment in between my joints I had both hits replaced so now we’ve got the titanium in place but I have a lot more bones and cartilage and I am so grateful to be back in touch with my intelligent niece the farmer in our new family my grandfather was a farmer her great grandfather but my sister her mom will not talk to her about family but I will because sometimes it really helps to know where you come from in that way I am so proud of her and great to her to leading me to you the next message I send will be to her so grateful words are not enough but I will continue can meditate again after so many years of just setting it aside for now not just to heal my mind we learned astral projection we saw regressions it was so illuminating and something I need to continue so that I can continue to heal my body by what I’m putting in it I look so forward to learning more from this doctor I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am I want to thank you and ask you to please please don’t stop sharing your knowledge with us personally I need it but I know so many others do too.

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