Dr. Morse’s Q&A – Lymph Nodes, Valley Fever, Cervical Cancer and More #656


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00:00:00 - Intro
00:00:44 - Lymph nodes
00:26:55 - Valley fever
00:38:38 - Stage 4 cervical cancer
00:54:32 - Acromegaly, tumor on pituitary gland
01:11:34 - Stroke, Numb Legs, Kidney Cancer, Left eye Blindness


00:00:44 - Lymph nodes
I have been living with lung cancer for 9 years.

00:26:55 - Valley fever
My son had valley fever this year and after 6 months of anti-fungal meds he still had nodules in his lungs.

00:38:38 - Stage 4 cervical cancer
I have previously had conventional treatment (radio and chemotherapy) for cervical cancer in 2020.

00:54:32 - Acromegaly, tumor on pituitary gland
I'm a 24-year-old female who was recently diagnosed with a rare condition.

01:11:34 - Stroke, Numb Legs, Kidney Cancer, Left eye Blindness
I am dealing with stage 3 kidney disease and a stage one kidney cancer. I had a stroke 2 years ago as a result of high blood pressure.

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  1. I ordered the new hard back book before it was sold out. is the new book Dr Morse is talking about in this video have the same information or even more things? If more are we going to be able to get the protective sheets to add in the hard back book?

  2. Dr Morse is an amazing human being….LOVE him so much, helped me more then I can say. thank you

  3. I love that you stress a grape diet for some of the worst cases. I read Joanna Brandt’s Grape Cure in the 1970s. I had asthma and hypothyroidism (my doc called it Graves disease). The grape diet and raw fruit has helped me so many times to restore my health and stay off pharmaceuticals. Thank you for being such a strong advocate for fruit as the natural food for humans Thank you for your guidance… your inspiration is a lifeline of encouragement. I do truly thank you.

  4. I need to order Dr Morse’s new book and do not know how please send me the information.

  5. Dr Morse talked to my boyfriend in 2014 and he was on your herbs. He did turn around from a downturn but then neglected himself and died. I studied Dr Morse like crazy. I am now on a downturn and made the decision to stay away from conventional medicine and go grapes, berries and melons. Today, since starting yesterday, I am feeling better. I know that is because of the decision I made. I said to myself, knowing what I know, am I going to be stupid?

  6. This was such a great video. They all are, really. Just so very grateful for this man and how I can now rest in a different understanding that my health is truly in my hands. There is no better feeling.

  7. Valley Fever. ( Fungal spores in lungs)
    What would you suggest for this disease? It is now diagnosed as sarcoidosis of the lungs. My son struggles with breathing and continues on anti fungal meds. He is willing to try something new! He has noduals in his lungs now and not sure about scar tissue.
    Thank you, Dawn

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