Dr. Morse's Q&A - Herpes Virus, Hair & Nails, Ruptured Implant Removed and More #592


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00:00:00 - Intro
00:02:50 - Herniated lumbar disk - Dorsal intramuscular hemangioma
00:21:30 - Ruptured implant removed, cannot heal
00:38:48 - Hair - Nails
00:46:00 - Herpes (HSV2) virus
00:56:47 - Calcium-Depression connection
01:01:27 - Male pattern baldness
01:16:52 - Celery juice
01:29:08 - Chihuahua dog - Leukaemia or Lymphoma
01:47:25 - Durian fruit
01:49:04 - Ovarian Masses both sides


00:02:50 - Herniated lumbar disk - Dorsal intramuscular hemangioma
Over the past years I have more and more anxiety, gained weight, and my skin became atopic.

00:21:30 - Ruptured implant removed, cannot heal
I have a rather long and painful journey that I had no clue was due to my 20 year old breast implants.

00:38:48 - Hair - Nails
I would love to hear an episode about healing alopecia.

00:46:00 - Herpes (HSV2) virus
After the detox the herpes (HSV2) virus is neutralized but persists in your system or eradicated out of the system entirely?

00:56:47 - Calcium-Depression connection
I keep circling back to Dr. Morse making the calcium-depression connection. Is there somewhere that he spells out the 'why'?

00:01:27 - Male pattern baldness
I am a 48 year old male and suffering from male pattern baldness. I started following your protocol back in July 2018 to also clear psoriasis which I was successful.

01:16:52 -Celery juice
I have been drinking celery juice. Should I skip it and just go straight to eating fruit or juicing fruit?

01:29:08 - Chihuahua dog - Leukaemia or Lymphoma
I have an 8 year old female Chihuahua dog and she has been diagnosed with either leukaemia or lymphoma.

01:47:25 - Durian fruit
I love to eat durian but it is high in sulphur, is this a problem?

01:49:04 - Ovarian Masses both sides
End of 2019 (Sept) I had severe abdominal pain on the right side.

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  1. Love you to the moon and back.. You are my hero DR Morse… You are an incredible vessel ~ full of Knowledge, Love ,Wisdom, Strength, Hope ,Passion, Playfulness and undying desire to teach each and everyone an easier softer way to heal and live.. Thank you for being you and sharing you with me and the world.. Courage & Strength,, Susan Farrahi

  2. The truth is what really matters. Everything else is window dressing and or BC (Bull Crap). Thank you for telling the truth Dr. Morse.

  3. Love this video. Dr. M, you’re on fire today.

    FYI who does your closed captioning? Everytime you say chlorella, it spells out morgellons…

    • Hi Dancing Daisy,

      Doing CCs manually requires substantial resources, so we’re using an automated process and notify at the beginning of each video that they may not always be 100% correct. We do try to make some basic edits like replacing “Morris” with “Morse” as well as “add” with “and”.

      Perhaps morgellons is another one to watch out for. 🙂

  4. Every day I wake up I pray I come across healing angels as you doctor Morse, this is my first time watching your video after I watched an old interview with Ryan Stern. Thank you for bringing me hope by addressing some of the conditions you addressed, I am blessed.

  5. I have non symptomatic heroes hsv2. How do I live a normal life and assure my loved ones that can’t get it ? Can this be cured?

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