Dr. Morse's Q&A - Scoliosis, Enlarged Heart, Moving Lymph and More #692


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00:00:00 - Intro - Spirituality - Health - Herbs
00:28:29 - Scoliosis
00:36:00 - Breast issue
00:46:26 - Enlarged heart
00:55:00 - Poor sleep, sadness and spine discomfort
01:08:38 - Moving lymph


00:28:29 - Scoliosis
Anything we could do to help our baby so that surgery is no longer in the conversation?

00:36:00 - Breast issue
I would like to know what can be done to reduce heavy breasts.

00:46:26 - Enlarged heart
I have an enlarged heart, what advice do you have for me to reverse it?

00:55:00 - Poor sleep, sadness and spine discomfort
Want to feel more energy, happiness and look better overall with strength.

01:08:38 - Moving lymph
Do workouts like pullups and lifting some weights help with moving the lymph system and detoxifying my body?

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  1. I had lymph nodes removed around my belly, and after a few years my right foot started to swell. I’m on raw food and herbs but nothing helps. What else can I do to get the lymph moving?
    Thank you Dr.Morse you are inspiration for many people trying to get into the truth.

    • Hey, I think that your right kidney is more damaged so it not filtering right side of body. Support kidneys with herbs, do the dry brushing and massage lymphnodes ( I recommend big6 technic from stop chacing pain). Take care:)

    • Hi Daisy,

      Sorry to hear the removal of your lymph nodes. The brutality of allopathy is…
      fill in the blanks. I personally feel like spouting off in some hefty sailor lingo in regards to this, but l’ll considerately refrain.
      Anyways l encourage you to do the best that you can with what you got and where you are at. First off number 1 of course is don’t let them have any further opportunities to take any more of your nodes. Keep on traveling to Wellville which is the place way, way away from Hellville.

      Secondly here are a few other ideas:
      Deep breathing & physical movement would be a consideration to assist lymphatic movement. The main lymphatic passage passes between the lungs. There is a study that suggests that when the lungs are fully expanded such as they are in deep breathing practice that it promotes response in this main passage that assists greater overall lymph flow. It may act as a lymphatic system pump more or less to fully expand & contract the lungs. & Excuse me as l do not have a reference for the study. Also consider dry fasting as it can greatly assist the kidneys to filter which will open up the eliminatory end of the system to allow more lymphatic wastes to release & follow. Finally astringent fruits such as grape, lemon, citrus + raw as much as possible and other fruits, berries & melons as much as possible could def help to loosen it up. I can’t really ultimately speak on Robert’s behalf, but l imagine l can hear him as possibly suggesting a 5, 10 day or more all grape. You could break this up a bit with some strong fresh squeezed lemonades & a fresh pressed grape juice would be a nice treat here and there if you did a super cleansing all grape for a duration.

      Thirdly, is this.
      You gotta know that you can heal. I suggest that you remind and regularly tell yourself this. l think that having this directive mindset of healing for one’s self is key for any person to get well. We set the direction of whether we promote further the potential of our bodies to heal up or go the other direction.

      Fourthly is this:
      Sauna. Heat up the body some. After all as Robert teaches the lymphatic fluid is a lipid, oil, based system. What happens to heated oil. It loosens up and moves freer. Personally l think this is the reason we get fevers is to heat up the oil of this system which allows for freer lymphatic flow when the body needs to greater purge. Idk maybe this possibly could be l guess?

      Lastly realize that you have found an amazing place for healing. This group is so much on top of the learning curve of human healing.
      Thank you Robert Morse.
      Thank you all in this amazing wellness community.

      Magdalena the lymphatic massage/dry brushing reference you provided l am going to check out 1st thing mañana.

      Keep at it y’ll!
      Be well & always in love,

      Todd B

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