Dr. Morse’s Q&A – Spirituality, Chickenpox and More #640


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00:00:00 - Intro - Spirituality
00:24:25 - Chickenpox and vaccines for children


00:24:25 - Chickenpox and vaccines for children
If Joshua (my son) is to fall sick with the chickenpox or any other illness can this be cured with herbs along with his diet?

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  1. Vaccinations are poison to cells and just look at all the people that these recent vaccinations are harming. If people really new all the poisonous garbage that is in these vaccinations and the side effects, they probably would refuse any and all vaccinations. That would be a wake up call for these corrupt ,greedy and murderous drug companies.

  2. U R Omni 💜❤️💙💫💐🪴⭐️🙏🙏🙏🙌😘🤗happy solstice ES ✌🏽🎶🫖💧🌿🍍🍋🍐🌼🍁💛🫑🌈📚🎄🥒🍉😁

  3. Dear Dr Morse.
    Thank you for all you do and for being you. I love to learn from your teaching experience watching these great videos.

    I have your previous book and I am very much looking forward to your new book. I hope it comes out soon. I am one who has not been able to convert to all or even mostly fruit although I have tried many times. I am a long time low carb regimen person who notices the short lasting time of a no protein diet.

    Shipping: Is there still a book rate with the post office USPS? That may be a better price, hmm. or not. LOL. Who knows these days? Wow. Or if they still do if it fits it ships boxes and rate.

    Question: Is there a way to detox to rid myself of diet Pepsi sweeteners and other excitotoxins? It is a hard habit to break and nothing that I know of to rid myself of its addiction. Thank you so much.

    Love you much Dr Morse.

  4. HI Jeannie – I’m a follower of Dr. Morse and I understand your situation. Decades ago I realized I was addicted to soda (Pepsi and later Coke). So, I stopped, then I started and stopped again and so forth. A friend of mine was in school for chemistry and biology and he asked me for a favor – would I please never drink “laboratory drinks” again! Well, he told me about the chemicals and/or sugar depending on the type and lots of caffeine. He said there were chemicals that he believed were intentionally addictive. He told me about the acid and the terrible effects it has on the nervous system, the brain and so forth. Well, I realized I had to handle it like an addiction – there is something, however, in the soda that isn’t present in other products containing sugar and caffeine but I can’t tell you what it is, I just know it’s different and that is a little scary because it’s chemicals and not food. So, I threw caution to the wind and stopped worrying about my weight and consumed high quality coffee and chocolate. I HAD to get off the soda. It was a little easier to break the caffeine and sugar addiction from coffee and chocolate than the soda … so I slowly lowered the caffeine in my coffee and raised my chocolate to a higher percentage of dark and away from the sugary milk chocolate. Eating a balanced diet, meat and veggies and reducing breads and pasta helped as well. I haven’t had soda in a few decades now and I don’t consume chocolate or coffee. For some reason when I tried to get off of coffee caffeine I had a difficult time, but protein helped and I don’t understand why. Once I was off the addictive ingredients I was on a regular diet (mostly organic and have been for decades) b,ut then it was a matter of being concerned with my health rather than my weight and addiction to bad ingredients. My taste buds became alive and so did my sense of smell – I can barely tolerate a conventional grocery store now – I can smell the chemicals and the sugar. You can do it. If you can’t find the anger about the degradation of our food, or that these ingredients are addictive by design then one day (I don’t know your age) you will have a health problem and then you’ll be forced into making a decision. You don’t have to wait. I’m off meat now as well, but I realized as much as I was a meat eater, it wasn’t the meat … it was the warm food in cool weather and mostly it was the seasoning. I’ve becoming an expert at seasonings and as long as I can have BBQ sweet potatoes, or Tai Curry Stir Fry or Cumin infused veggies with fresh avocados I’m a happy camper … when the warm weather rolls around I’ll go straight fruit. It may take me longer to detox, but fortunately my health issue is not acute and I have the time for now. You can do it if you’re smart about how you go about it and are patient with yourself. BTW, the only reason my health issue isn’t acute is that I followed Dr. Morse a few years ago – I can talk with a cane now. Now, I’m diving in full-tilt to handle mild neurological issues after I spent a few thousand dollars with a Chinese Medicine doctor (who was terrific, but expensive) and I get the same results with Dr. Morse and it doesn’t wreck my budget. Good luck and be kind and have patience with yourself.

    • LOL … I meant “walk” without a cane. But, you should have seen my doctor when he diagnosed med with Rheumatoid Arthritis and recommended medication when I said “Oh no, I know what to do about that!” … I had just found Dr. Morse and it didn’t take long to lose the cane and excess weight. I would have stayed on it, but I travelled a lot for a stressful job and just didn’t keep it up. I’m back now to stay.

  5. Wow! The spirituality portion of this video was just what the Doctor ordered! Thank you once again Dr. Morse for sharing truth with us. Much Love 🙂🎄🙏🏼⭐️❤️

  6. Just want to tell you that i’m really upset that you’ve chosen not to answer my question about alternative pain relief due to injury. I love Dr. Morse, he is my go to and I tell everyone about him but I see in the comments others asking questions and being answered and then my question goes unanswered. If there isn’t an alternative then that’s cool, but please clarify or advise. Love and cherish you always xxx

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