Let's Discuss Excessive Thinness and Health


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  1. I fell of raw food this weekend. I had been going for 2 months. I didn’t eat meat or dairy cause I’ve been vegan for 10 years before raw. Having fallen off do I Start back from zero basically?

    also, what is the reason people sometimes feel better when they go to meat and dairy after being raw like that guy Jon Sterns? just curious. I’m constantly seeing these people.

  2. Thank you for this lecture, Dr Morse. Vegetarian, 85lbs & trying to gain. How about nuts, seeds, cocoa nibs? I crave them. Can they be eaten with fruit/vegetables? Also for vata constitution, Ayurveda recommends eating only cooked vegetables. Do you disagree?

    • Hello Dee!

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    • Careful of nuts and seeds. I’m starting to think they are all toxic. I study the metaphysics of food. I just stopped eating sunflower seeds, because I did not like some of the effects they were creating…yet, they were the last hold out giving me any kind of “normal’ looking weight. As I eat mostly non starchy fruit and lean fish (tuna), some seaweed. Overall, I really do think that the human perception of healthy weight will change, particularly as more people begin to embrace eating more fruits (light food). Cooked vegetables, in my experience, lower the vibrational energy a bit, but they may not be detrimental.

    • Hey Dee! Im also vata according to my ayurvedic doctor… its an interesting one yes he also said about eating cooked food and not really eating raw…. i definitely enjoy to eat the cooked meals especially when it is cold outside…. it helps with balance. But im not sure its going to help me heal internal chronic issues? Its something i am still seeking to answer. I feel more that Dr Morse advice will help me heal but ayurveda can help me find balance and integrate some wise advices.

  3. Please, keep up the pep talks about major weight loss. It’s a real issue when eating a predominance of fruit, particularly low starch (no bananas) like I do. Also, appreciate your comments about malabsorption, but do not feel that this is the reason for most fruitarian weight loss. What if one just does not eat fattening foods? I have/had no problem gaining weight when I (ate) starch or saturated fat. But, now that I eat mostly low starch watery fruit (again) and tuna, and some greens such as seaweed, my physical weight is tanking. (all is well) I just stopped eating the raw sunflower seeds that added some weight…Frankly, low calorie, light food like low starch fruit does not build weight. I just have to accept it. Maybe banana eating fruitarians can look to build more weight like John Rose or yourself, but low starch and low fat equals low weight as far as I have experienced even with the addition of some greens. Blessings.

    • Hey dude yeh i agree with you. Like surely the fruits alone are reason to lose weight? I have experienced this. But also i must say i have seen other fruitarians who have done serious work to correct malabsoprtion and eating the same foods and LESS than me, they are bigger and put on weight… so i think he is correct with the malabsorption.

  4. Thank you dearly for your life’s work and your generosity in extending so much Love and wisdom. Am I wrong or do you sound like you are plugged up in your sinus? It sounds like that to me. I’m curious.

    With love and thanks

  5. Love your vids and your health info!…. You lost me when suggesting the corruption of the FBI. “Raiding the trumpers”? How about instead, they maintaining law and order and prosecuting those who are corrupt and criminal as many of them are? Oh well, time will tell…

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