Dr. Morse’s Q&A – Narcolepsy, Depression and More #626


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00:00:00 - Intro - Well done to Ziyah - Website Logo game!
00:03:04 - Morton's neuroma
00:07:21 - Narcolepsy - Covid vaccine
00:19:24 - Level 1 certification- The Path of the Healer
00:46:32 - Depression
00:59:46 - Filtration
01:00:47 - Pulmonary aspiration


00:03:04 - Morton's neuroma
Is it possible to detox out Morton's neuroma?

00:07:21 - Narcolepsy
She will even fall asleep while standing in front of her stove cooking for her family.

00:19:24 - Level 1 certification- The Path of the Healer
What would be the connection between short episodes of tachycardia in combination with acid reflux, indigestion and a sliding hiatal hernia?

00:46:32 - Depression
I struggle terribly with depression, and I have most of my life. Can you help me?

00:59:46 - Filtration
When I eat 100% fruit for 15 days, I have a little cloud in the morning in my urine. When I eat meat again, my urine is overloaded!

01:00:47 - Pulmonary aspiration
My grandmother is 90 years old.

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  1. It’s a great Saturday morning when we get a NEW Dr. Morse episode release! Thank you!!

  2. i took parathyroid glandular, the professional formulas NZ brand, maybe 1 or 2 a day, for 2 months or so… i got depressed, i understood that only after i stopped, i did not understand why i got depressed… so be careful… 🙂

  3. Please turn on translate as it is on youtube you can read trasnlate in any language THANK YOU!

    • Hey Rodica,

      We can only wish we had the same level of features and functionality that a behemoth like YouTube can afford to develop. But we have to start somewhere, and automatic translations are not currently possible, sadly.

  4. Muchisimo Gracias 🍃Doc Amour y Luz, 💖✨💖✨

    Aien’t Life Grand✨ Always Love seeing you ,Hearing these Healing messages and Definito the Spiritually Uplifting
    Re-Rememberances and Feeling the Empowerment within..AHO💖

    May your Days be Sparkling with a Perfect Balance of Joy 🌈, Love💞, n Grace 🌿n Abundant Health n Happiness✨ in All Ways…. Jerri Le Fairy😻🫐✨

  5. Hi, I have hashimotos. Will thyroid glandular keep my thyroid stable while I detox? I don’t want to take meds. Thanks

  6. Dear Dr. Morse
    Fantastic news,So excited to hear about this little girl overcoming leukemia.
    So many people are suffering it’s depressing.
    I graduated level 2 in 2014 , learned Iridology with Dr Ellen jensen and eager to learn more from you.
    What would you recommend for me and how can I bring in your products to Israel?
    Now living in Israel.
    Much love to you.

  7. How amazing to see a 12 year old balance her body, as well as pass your level one course! What a great teacher she will be.
    What a wonderful opportunity to work at your clinic. I just passed level one as well, and took three of Patty’s courses this past year. I’d be there in a heartbeat if I weren’t in Missouri, and needed by family. My mother has been maimed like most elderly by conventional medicine, and I have to check on her every two weeks. Would love to have an interview with you to discuss these events. If only people were told the truth about modalities that promise to improve their lives. What a misleading system.
    I can’t wait to come down there and be in your presence. I haven’t made my yearly trip to Seaside, Florida this year and might head your way instead.
    Much love to you, greatest Dear One!

  8. Thank you!! I’m loving Dr Morse TV!
    But Vax! Ugh!! My father (86) my aunt (94) and lots of other elderly people I know passed away within 6 months to a year of the Vax. I hated to see it happen and I gave my best to plead with them to not get the Vax and educate them, but the fear factor sometimes takes over for people, especially if they are hooked on left wing news outlets.
    Thank you again Dr Morse!

  9. Great info with a wealth of knowledge. As a nurse of almost 30 years of practice, I can officially say that the medical community as duped us. Sigh.
    In my opinion, Emergency and Surgery are the only 2 needed disciplines in health care.

  10. Oh how I wish I could come work for you! It’s been my dream since I found you 5 years ago and even more so since I moved to Cape Coral 2 years ago. But first…I MUST take advantage of your services and products and get to a better state of wellness. Been waiting for finances to turn around so I can dive in! In regard to the narcolepsy letter. I suffered with a severe case about six years ago; out of the blue. It was baffling. then I learned the real truth about vaccines and discovered it was the flu shot my employer required a few months previous and was 100% convinced that was the cause.

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