Dr. Morse’s Q&A – Box of Treasures, Bladder Cancer and More #638


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00:00:00 - Intro - Box of Treasures!
00:41:19 - Bladder cancer
00:58.22 - Gas and bloating
01:09:24 - Cysts
01:20:34 - Insomnia
01:31:28 - Cancer


00:41:19 - Bladder cancer
I am mostly vegan and eat lots of melons and fruits especially mangoes.

00:58.22 - Gas and bloating
I've been taking the supplements for the deep tissue cleansing, eating the raw foods.

01:09:24 - Cysts
How can I rid myself of cysts? Liver, spleen and pancreas issues with sluggish bowels.

01:20:34 - Insomnia
Not able to fall asleep for 6 months now. I’m on a sleep medication.

01:31:28 - Cancer
4yrs ago I had cancer and it took part of my rectum.

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  1. what email address do I send pictures of my Iris to for Dr Morse to analyse them on one of his videos? I’ve taken some real good pictures and I think they would be good for discussion sometime when he does an iridology video.

    • Hi Tara 🙂

      You can send your best quality photos to [email protected]. Alternatively print out and mail your letter to ‘1032 Tamiami Trail, Unit 7, Port Charlotte, FL 33953, United States’.

      Be advised that we receive a high volume of requests so it can take a while before Dr. Morse responds to yours on video.

    • Dr M. Your herbal formulas as amazing. recently I was able to use your stomach tea to help heal a dog that was on its death bed. specialist sent him home to die. I gave herb to family that owned him. he came back to life and more energy than ever!

  2. Loved this video! Very interesting but also a good video for people thinking of taking this path….what they might get themselves into. Inspiring as well.

  3. Hi Doc! ~ I enjoyed getting a peek into your journey~ Appreciate your sharing that with us~ ❤️

  4. hello dr morse and beautyfull ppl in team!! thank you once again for all this beautyfull work you are doing. please share more info about this ryan whyte book it sounds verry usefull for i also am trying to create a space of healing for others. much respect and consideration you are doing work for the creator.

  5. Dr Morse,

    Please put those newspaper articles on your website. That’s encouraging that all these people have been helped by you. And, it’s encouraging that you’ve overcome such adversity from government authorities. It will give us budding practitioners hope.

    Thank you for all you do.

    Christina Lyn Taylor Mallos

  6. Oh I hope you’re digitizing and/or putting all these articles and such somewhere safe so they will never be lost or destroyed!!! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

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