Dr. Morse’s Q&A – Lichen Planus, Poisoning and More #623


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00:00:00 - Intro - Calories, athletes and detox!
00:17:02 - Lichen Planus
00:23:46 - Poisoning

00:17:02 - Lichen Planus
I've been living with Lichen Planus for approx. 5 months now.

00:23:46 - Poisoning
It dissolved a fair amount of my body tissue.

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  1. Thank you, Dr. M!!
    You are a LIGHT in The Great Awakening!!!
    Where We Go One We Go All
    Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming!

  2. Thank You DR Morse for all that You Are and do.
    I have extreem pain in C.spine for the lasst 2 months, Have been taking Ibrupopane every day and night but it only help with 60% of the pain. I have been bed bound for 2 months and lost a lot of weight and am now about 70Pound. It all started with extreem pain in the ear back in January. Wa given 2 lots of antibiotics in Feb and April. Had Xrays. Scans and an MRI. Have white dots on lungs. They said something wrong with Thumus but they dont know what it is. I have a nurse coming tommorow to take about pain managment which will include Morpheen etc. I dont want to go on anything stronger even though Im in a LOT of pain, I know they will just surpress and kill me. I went on a 30 day grape diet back in early june and now eat mostly a few grapes and apples and pears. Have 12 of Roberts Tinctures. for last 2 months. The nurse and GP said on the phone that the white dots on the lungs are probaly a Lung tumer. I did not attend my consultation because I was in too much pain with my neck/C.Spine. I dont want anything to do with Allopathic anyway. Will be booking a consultation the end of the week. I dont know how much longer I can live with this pain in my neck. Have started to filter the last 3 weeks, not as much as I would like but at least there is some fileration most days. Also have COPD very bad. Have ordered some Anti spasim from Dr Morse in USA because here in thee UK it is out of stock and has been for a long time. Still waiting for it to arrive. Dr Morses Herbs and eating raw is my only hope of recovering from this asidosis. Watch Your videos every day Robert, You inspire whats left of me to go on. Love Diana UK.

  3. Thank you for this enlightenment!
    Question: “Are organic blueberries
    as potent as dark purple grapes 🍇
    for detoxing the body?”

  4. Son of Hippocrates Super Truth Healer Love U ♥️Thx precious Dr Morse ..Ur a blessing .. GOD protect U & Ur Team to spread Ur healing message globally.. so urgently needed ♥️💚♥️💪😇🧬🙏

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