Dr. Morse's Q&A - Spike Protein, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Dr. Wahl's Protocol and More #595


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00:00:00 - Intro
00:09:17 - Spike protein
00:26:57 - Rheumatoid arthritis
00:28:52 Wahl's Protocol MS Diet
00:34:48 Pregnancy protocol & home birth


00:09:17 - Spike protein
I have been compelling research that i just ran across from the January 2022 issue of the Journal of Natural Products.

00:26:57 - Rheumatoid arthritis
I am trying to find an old book from the 1960's about a doctor from the Blue Ridge Mountains who used a cleanse of raw onions and fresh squeezed le n juice to treat rheumatoid arthritis.

00:28:52 Wahl's Protocol MS Diet
I came across Dr. Terry Wahl diet. Called the Wahl's Protocol MS Diet. It's a Paleo/Ketogenic diet

00:34:48 Pregnancy protocol & home birth
I have a constant brain tremor/tick that I have been working on cleaning out & strengthening.

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  1. THERE IS NO COVID “VIRUS”. NOTHING was made in a lab. Stop already, please.

    “Spike proteins” are the results of the CYTOKINE STORM…your OWN cells….ATTACKING and KILLING OFF…YOUR OWN CELLS after you get Jab #2. It’s merely an increase in cell toxicity after you get Jab #2.

    There LITERALLY is NO “virus” PERIOD. “Covid” was the backup plan to be told to the masses IF the ALL 5G Wuhan plan KILLED PEOPLE. Well, did you NOT see people falling flat on their faces, dying in Wuhan?!?!?! YES. That’s due to Wuhan being the worlds FIRST all 5G city. If people died from the implementation of the massive 5G project…they would use “covid” as the fallout reason as to why people died, lol.

    It is as simple as that, folks. 5G operates at 60 Ghz…the EXACT SAME frequency as the OXYGEN MOLECULE ABSORPTION RATE FREQUENCY. Get it? Those people in Wuhan were passing out and dying because THEIR CELLS WERE SUFFOCATING as the 5G inhibited SOME people’s cells from ABSORBING OXYGEN.

    They say “covid” is the reason…lol. Anyone who thinks this has ZERO CLUE about what is going on.

    There is NO covid. “Covid” does NOT exist. EVERY living thing…humans, plants, animals….ALL have “sars-cov2” in their DNA, lol. Humans have it located in Human Chromosome 8. Of COURSE if people have mass amounts of dead cells within, there is FAR more potential for sarscov2 to be present AS IT IS IN ALL OF OUR DNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The MORE dead cell matter you have, the MORE chance you have…after MAGNIFYING IT BEYOND THE NANO LEVEL (rt-PCR) to have it present…BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR, lol. They DECIDE “what” to look for…then tell you its an EXTERNAL “virus”…LOL. This is FRAUD.

    • If thats true why are you saying “LOL” so much? Nothing about whats going on is funny. Dr morse is right about those who’s intellect is superior to their spirituality. Without balance and control over the ego, you can get lost real quick. If you know things that the majority of us dont, try and educate people with respect instead of using such negative undertones and hostility. However, I think everyone here is interested in your sources. If you can’t provide any, then your words mean nothing to us and im not even sure why you created an account here.

    • Your simple minded conspiracy thinking is a disgrace to more intelligent people here going against the narrative.

    • I almost died during the 4G roll-out and eventually did die from a large growth that developed just under the area where I kept my phone clipped to my belt on my jeans. As a newsperson I stupidly kept my phone on my body. Our hidden in plain sight history is full of puzzle pieces we fail to see and connect. Ida Honoroff was a front line nurse and witness to another “demic”. She wrote about the coverup and real story of the so called Spanish flu epi-dem-ic. She saw only a few get ill and most were after the required mas-king began. She saw no one die until the vac-seens were given. She later became an activist and wrote extensively about her experience. She noted later as she researched more, several scientists correlated the extensive upgrade in the telegraph, radio/wireless industry and it’s use during the war, to the illnesses associated with what was named Spanish Flu. Amazon will not sell her book.

    • I had to get the vaccine…tried to avoid for as long as possible..
      BUT I got both shots pfizer 3 weeks apart. And after exactly another 3 weeks I got covid! Coincidence? maybe, maybe not…

    • Yes you are correct and they have never isolated a virus and certainly haven’t this one as it does not exist. I saw an excellent debate on this between Dr. Andrew Kaufman and Judy Mikovitz. They supposedly made their shots from some computer model sent via email from China and it took them one weekend as they just plugged that info into a program already written. Plug and Play according to them. I ran across a very interesting explanation on this and have tried to find this man’s other articles but cannot. I’ve tried ever reiteration of his name that I can think of. It’s fraud but it’s also treason, mass murder, and lots more I’m sure. I can highly recommend Robert F Kennedy Jrs interview on Bitchute called Perspectives on a Pandemic and his interview by James Corbett. He explains how the CDC is a pimp for the shot companies and he tells you about Fauci’s past and what he really does. Swine Flu wasn’t real either and that’s easily seen in the clip from 60 Minutes from back in the 70’s. Please let me know if you have any ideas on how to find more of this guy’s articles. Here it is, I hope.

      8 months ago
      5G at 60Ghz resonates with the oxygen molecule and gives oxygen a reverse polarity that makes it much less usable to the human body. At high concentrations of 5G usage you get suffocation of humans at street level. And at lower doses you get flu like symptoms which are the exact same symptoms as the flu with this lowered oxygen uptake by the body. But the way 5G kills is much more interesting. Our bodies have trillions of parasitic organisms inside which feed on us and some say help us live by doing many useful functions. But when these bacteria, fungi, and parasites are subjected to any WIFI microwave radiations they are harmed and begin reproducing toxins in self defense. These organisms begin reproducing rapidly to ensure their survival. And so we get flu like symptoms from these internal parasite organisms under attack from WIFI microwave radiations reproducing rapidly and excreting toxins. This is the real illness people are getting not a bio-weapon coronavirus. 2G has ten microwave frequencies assigned to it, 3G has ten also, 4G has five frequencies with some overlaps, but 5G has 3000 microwave frequencies assigned to it by the FCC. Why so many? So 5G should really be called 297G not 5G. So with this 5G rollout in China, Korea, Italy, Iran, and cruise ships we have the greatest concentrations of 5G usage and the greatest concentrations of illness and death in the world. Our internal parasites are like canaries in a mine and are being killed off rapidly from this 5G usage. When this happens too quickly the body can not get rid of the increased toxins and the host (you) die from toxemia. Our human cells are all tied together and form a much stronger union but our many parasitic hosts inside us are much more isolated within us and much more vulnerable to this WIFI microwave radiations. They try to survive by multiplying rapidly and making toxins to protect them from harm but it is no use and they die with 5G. And with their rapid death our bodies (at least of old er and less healthy human) are overwhelmed by toxins very quickly and die from the combined effects of lowered oxygen uptake from 5G, and also from the massive overpopulation, and then die off of our internal biomass of germs and parasites, which creates overwhelming toxemia. When the Chinese locked down the people in Wuhan they turned to their new 5G phones and internet connections and so the city was flooded with much more 5G WIFI radiations and made many more people fall sick and die. Many people even fell sick instantly at street level from oxygen deficiency which previously had no sickness. A massive cloud of 5G 60Ghz microwave radiations caused oxygen in the air R to fall below critical levels for survival. Asia has turned off their 5G and left on only their 3G and 4G systems to communicate so they know 5G is the real cause of the illnesses. So turn off your smartphones or put them in an aluminum pouch until you need to use them to lessen radiation exposure to yourself and everyone else. That is the real thing you must do instead of washing your hands to protect others. And if you would heal your elderly and grand parents put them in a Faraday cage where they will not be irradiated constantly by WIFI signals that are all around us especially in hospitals. Then their sick bodies may heal themselves in time as the toxemia clears from their bodies. All of my 150 plus articles can be reprinted and translated anywhere without permission. J.E. Joe Ante
      Show less

    • Forgot to add that this explains why Ivermectin works so well and incidentally confirms that there is no virus. Amazing no one is asking why this would work when the narrative is that it’s a respiratory illness yet Ivermectin kills parasites. I am talking about the shots giving people all kinds of things.

    • This is what I have been telling people for going on 3years now… minus the scientific details. lol Hopefully by now they see IAm not the crazy one, the selfish rebel who doesn’t care about the health of others BECAUSE I will not get jab’d. It is 2late for so many… cause they just stepped up and took it with no push back. Too many are proud of it, a badge of what???

      I could go on forever but I won’t. I will screen shot Your comment and share it. Thankhz so Much for sharing Charles. Wholeness n Essence of Love ((-;

  2. THIS! Thank u for touching on pregnancy health and birth as I am 8 months pregnant and going to birth at home as well so I was trying to glean as much from u as I could! I suffered severe hyperemisis in the first 5 months and am still struggling with nausea etc. so I was searching for answers and came across u…..i am just amazed with the amount of wisdom u have!! U r an amazing soul and all u say makes so much sense! Can’t wait to learn more. Thank u for all u do, blessings!

  3. I Laughed so hard when Dr.Morse said don’t make me laugh as he grabbed his mouth HAHAHAH I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

  4. Oh my, a life time of all the problems I have had in my life . I’m 62 , female , 5’5, blue eyes. Eyes at age 50 starting to dark light brown by the pupil.
    Have sense clear that up been working on now for 3+ years. But let me go back. when I was young I had skin rashes that only appeared in the summer so no one knew exactly what it was. About the age of 17, 19 I developed IBS. At the age of 28 have my gallbladder removed developed a hiatal hernia.
    At the age of 20 I had a breast tumor the size of a golf ball. Had that removed.
    Years go buy had 3 boys breastfed for 3 to 4 months breast milk didn’t really produced.
    So over the years I’ve had 20 surgery. In my mid to late 40th I lived in Ohio in the middle of the industrial cornfields. Developed neuro problems dizziness arm twitching which was diagnosed as motor tourettes. So now that’s for the most part has gone away. Might get a twitch couple times a month now. or if I’m in a very stressed out situation like driving in downtown Pittsburgh. Lol
    I am doing herbs etc. My weight loss is at a standstill . And my joints and bones take all the time I got arthritis so I guess I’m asking how do I hop along with these I take astaxanthin and that helps a lot. Or what more should I be going.

  5. Dr M keeps referring to the lady Prime Minister of Australia – she’s actually the PM of New Zealand. Our Aussie PM is a man and he’s just as creepy

  6. Dr Wahls did not heal MS. If I remember correctly she did chemo and only does ok when she has a strict diet consisting mostly of fruits and veggies. I tried it when I was first diagnosed and I got worse. I am glad I found Dr Morse and the detox speicallists he has trained.

    • No this isn’t accurate. She eats mostly veggies, meats, and fats. Very little fruits. I’m not sure she’s technically cured of MS but I’ve never seen a patient on a high fruit diet be cured of MS either.

  7. Anita taylor healed on mostly fruits following drm protocol. She teaches yoga in Bali. She was bedridden and couldn’t even feed herself.

    • YES!! I too want to thank Dr. Morse and his team. Dr. Morse TV is so awesome. Thank you for all you are doing through all these years!

  8. Dr. Morse I listen to you and learn a lot from your knowledge.
    I am very lucky to have you.
    The only thing that I do not like that expression (holy crop) in my humble opinion the word holy is holy and the other word is what it is; can you find another word for Holy? Because in my mind Holy is used in reference to GOD
    I will continue listening to your videos because they are great learning tools for us and I believe, the body can heal itself when it is fed with the right food. And I thank you and GOD BLESS YOU AND ALL THE PEOPLE THAT WORK WITH YOU. AND I BELIEVE THAT DRS. JUST DO MAINTENANCE AND DO NOT HEAL

  9. Medical community = the biggest CRIMINAL organisation in the World.
    Wearing white coats, as Wolves in sheep’s clothings. But having the poisonous snake as their logo.

    If some people are mad at you for saying the truth they are or braindead or of Bad faith and having interests/relatives in that community. End of story.

    Actually you’re still kind to them. You can’t beat them up enough for all the Evil they’re perpetrating every day.

  10. To the lady asking about Rhogam, there is a way to do it.

    FYI, a whole team of my Drs and midwives didnt even understand this so do not be discouraged if you are met with bewildered looks, this is in the field of perientology so unless you are seeing one or have a team of nurses trained in this, they have no idea about these things.

    First get husband tested for his “RH status” whether he is heterozygous or homozygous for the RH allele. Its a simple blood draw. If he is positive/positive(homozygous), then he can only give positive and every future baby will always be positive. Then you can decide what risk you want to take. However, if he is positive/negative(heterozygous) then each babys has a 50/50 chance of being positive or negative because he can give either his positive or negative. With that knowledge, you can decide if you want to do the “cfDNA test” to find out babys RH status while you are pregnant. Its a simple blood draw from you, there are free floating dna from the baby in your blood and they can actually type the babys blood from that. If baby is RH+ then you can decide if you want to do rhogam while pregnant and if not then you may have to be monitored by blood draws to make sure your titers arent getting too high if you become sensitized. The important thing is, if that cfDNA test shows that the baby is negative, automatically, you do not need rhogam, you do not need the bi-weekly blood draws to monitor the titer, and you do not need a perintologist, you are not considered high-risk for refusing Rhogam. If money isnt an issue, you can just jump straight to the cfDNA test and find out babys RH status right away.

  11. It has been a tremendous thing to find out since this fraud began in 2020, that viruses aren’t what we are taught. However this position that Covid doesn’t exist is also not the whole truth. The patents go back to 2000 or so with the Sars virus and so lab made viruses do indeed exist, however they, as with naturally occurring viruses, are NOT contagions. This distinction between naturally occurring and lab made viruses has yet to be spoken by anyone involved in this position that Covid doesn’t exist. And the issue with this is that nobody will take you seriously when you say it doesn’t exist. You are not informing people of the bait and switch that vaccines really are. They give people the diseases and illnesses they pretend to prevent – as well as others they don’t pretend to prevent, such as cancer, as just one of many examples.

    So the question is why those of you pushing the ‘no virus has ever been isolated’ narrative – are not making the distinction between naturally occurring and lab made viruses – and calling out vaccines for what they really are ? No virus ever having been isolated only pertains to naturally occurring viruses, not to lab made viruses.

    Many people have found out that Covid exists as a lab made virus, just as HIV was – the problem is that they still believe it’s a contagion. So we have two problems here – as long as people still fear that viruses are contagions, the fear will persist and control people every time THEY decide to unleash another virus in new vaccines as a bioweapon, which they all are – and the other problem is people will keep getting the new vaccines as long as they believe viruses are contagions, not seeing the bait and switch of vaccines for what they have always been. They cause death, disease and sterility. They are for population control, simple as that.

    Then add to new vaccines the release of new radio wave technologies, which have coincided, not coincidentally, with the release of new vaccines at several points in time, the effects of the vaccines are highly amplified. The people in Wuhan were not only subjected to 5G being turned on, it came out early on also that they had just had new vaccines – which easily would have contained the Sars virus. Likewise the old folks homes and cruise ships that reported high death rates from the start of this fraud, were already using 5G, as well as those environments were full of people who had had all the flu shots.

    • Apparently editing of comments isn’t a feature. So I am adding this reply to my original comment to clarify a major point. They should not be calling SARS (Covid) a virus obviously, since it’s not a contagion. And for that matter, even naturally occurring viruses ( as opposed to lab made viruses) should also not be called viruses, since by definition viruses are contagions.

      The position being pushed by many who claim to be informed, that Covid doesn’t exist, is again, misdirecting people from the truth. It simply doesn’t exist as a virus, hence why it nor any other ‘virus’ has ever been isolated according to Koch’s Postulates, (assuming that at least is indeed a fact). But those claiming Sars (Covid) doesn’t exist do bear the burden of proving it doesn’t exist at all, rather than simply proving it doesn’t exist as a virus.

      Hopefully these amendments clarify my initial comment, as intended.

  12. Hi, I’m new here…can someone please tell me a regime that I can follow to help get rid of my PSA please 🙏🏻 Thank You 😊

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