Dr. Morse’s Q&A – Mastectomy, Herpes in Pregnancy and More #605


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00:00:00 - Intro - Baby formulas
00:05:02 - Mastectomy
00:18:26 - Herpes and Pregnancy
00:28:32 - Frequency of foods
00:31:50 - New Naturopathic class

00:05:02 - Mastectomy
Lymph nodes removed

00:18:26 - Herpes and Pregnancy
Do you think with a raw diet I can remove this herpes of my system to be able to have my baby natural?

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    • I want to suggest that you take a bath in Dr Morse HEAL ALL TEA ITS A MIRACLE HELPER IT WAS FOR ME

  1. Goldenseal is an endangered plant around here but someone suggested substituting it for oregon grape? Or something else. I guess they don’t know how to get Goldenseal to grow under “man made” conditions so they are worried about it dying out. Just wondering if something else would work as well or instead of. Thanks.

  2. If you can’t get the salve, why not make a decoction or a strong strong simmered tea and saturate a cloth in it and place it on the area for 30 minutes, replacing it with a fresh one as often as possible during the day. Try to do it for a minimum of 3x per day. Try to make one using a thick terry cloth towel to cover the area at night. Cover it with plastic to avoid stainging night clothes and bedding. Make the decoction from Comfrey leaf and root, Mullein, Plantain, Slippery Elm Bark powder and maybe Blood Root simmered in filtered water for at least a half hour and then steeped to draw out the acids?

    • Thank you so much Emily for writing down all these names. I am Italian and I really struggled to understand all the plant and herb names. I will try to find them here in Italy and follow your suggestion. With gratitude, Paola

    • interesting. i might try this concept as an experiment. comfrey is good n should work typical

  3. Yes Doc, It’s very cool what your doing for this planet..I tell everyone about your healing and I’m working hard on myself..My friends call you Dr Juicy because I’m always carting grapes or watermelon around 😁..I absolutely adore and ❤️you..Thank you ..

  4. i know Robert doesn’t like this idea. but the first individual discussed. i would do a coffee retention enema every other hour while awake until skin starts clearing up. but… grapes, grapes, grapes. 60 days only grapes n a kidney cleanse tea with nettle

  5. i deleted my Youtube account, after seeing them censor guys like you DR. M , i appreciate everything you offer us

  6. Yes..Speak on the germ theory vs. terrain theory. Many aren’t ready! I would love to take that course. Gotta know our history and how it all came to be. Fraud, lies , and greed!

  7. Well I’m back on fruit juices. I never did filter and I felt defeated for a week or so. I had salads and some potatoes. I’ll keep trying. One day I’ll get an eye Pic. Apparently it’s hard for me. Lol

  8. I would love for Dr Morse give out the best ingredients to use to make our own baby formula.

  9. Those pictures show the results of severe acidosis and the ignorant and corrupt medical profession contributed to this woman’s degenerative health.

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