Dr. Morse’s Q&A – Tinnitus, Migraines, Misophonia and More #613


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00:00:00 - Intro - Hepatitis
00:08:21 - Misophonia, tinnitus, constant pain in face/neck
00:18:14 - Migraines - Absence epilepsy
00:33:44 - Neural 'Poisonous Flowers' Could Be The Source of Alzheimer's Plaque, Says Study


00:08:21 - Misophonia, tinnitus, constant pain in face/neck
I'm a 19 year old female and I have a condition called misophonia that causes me to have a strong reaction to certain specific noises.

00:18:14 - Migraines - Absence epilepsy
Oldest boy who is 9 years and twins, 1 years old.

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  1. Hello, I’ve recently extreme allergies in the spring at the ago of 25 I am now 28 and this year I everything has gotten worse eyes, runny nose, itchy ears, itchy chin, hard to breathe, coughing and now the doctors told me I have acute asthma. Is there anything I can do..

    • Hi Dennis!

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    • its possibly & probably parasites –
      morse does 2 parasite formulas (para1/2)

      i would take a week/10 days – with just water and rest – obv

      and do as much parasite killing things as you can

      i will do an article – and include as much info – whats your email and i will let you know when you can read about it

      • Im from Canada and buying the products costs so much to be shipped.. do you know of any places in Canada that sell products close to there’s?

    • also – toxic metals

      parasites collect these to help break-down your tissues through damage to cells

      so combine para cleanse – with metal binders

  2. Thank you Dr Morse!!! 🙏 for sharing your videos. Love the products you have as well they have helped me and my family, absolutely grateful! Please continue sharing truth about living a healthy lifestyle

  3. Yes, ‘THEY’ want children/adults dead, but to die slowly, ‘THEY’ make a lot of money that way.

  4. Thank you Doc for not leaving us stranded on YouTube without being able to find you 🙏🏾 I love you very much ❤️ Thank you Team 🙏🏾

  5. I need your videos very much!!!! Thank you so much for doing these!!! I love you all so much!! Need this info for family and friends so much!!

  6. Thank you as always Dr Morse and team. I’m a 2013 graduate and still listening after 10 + years and I’m still learning 🙂 miss you!

  7. Hey team

    Went to see the new Jurassic World movie yesterday – WOW the programming for big pharma in this is MASSIVE. So many things thrown in our faces, even a pass code was 1984, Just like a certain book.

    We all need to know that to get reconnected with nature and ourselves is to thrive on a living diet. Interstitial hydration and detoxification is a rough gig for all of us, we all feel it in different ways. That is ok – the path back into fluidity is to travel through the trauma and abuse that we have gone through in the past.

    I commend everyone who realises that this is more than just a natural frugivore diet but it is about realigning ourselves with all of our bodies.. Our emotional body has such a hugggeee impact on the physical. Travelling through this is a wonderfully confronting journey which brings so much peace and restfullness to your heart.

    We got this
    Your GOT THIS
    You totally deserve it


  8. Can you do a talk on how to help people that took the jab that are having unexplained issues in the body? Is there a way to clear it out of the body?

  9. Wow thank you so much! I ve been suffering from intense neck pain for years, decades! And now it all makes sense! I have many nerve rings in my eyes. I will schedule an iridology appointment with one of your staff soon and will order the herb formulas you recommended in this video today! Thank u again Dr. Morse God Bless you and your team!

  10. I thought hepatitis was a virus infection and can only exist in an acid environment. Once your cells are alkaline, the virus will pass out of your body like all viruses will.

  11. If YouTube did ban you it is because they are controlled by the corrupt,greedy and murderous drug companies. The drug companies could not care less about health . They only care about profits and cancelling truthful information from great healers like you Dr. Morse.

    • Nick, You’re absolutely right. Quite sad what it’s all become, isn’t it?

  12. I have bad headaches, left eye pain, flutter in my left ear, bloating, constipation, stomach pain I feel like I am falling apart and I’m just 30. I have a kid, I need to be healthy for him and for myself. I need some help please

  13. i’ve known that type of sound sensitivity too, which was due to a vit b6 intoxification. The toxicity lead to neurological problems and thus, as our great friend Dr Morse said, is the cause. So where those neurological issues come from are to be found out.

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