Healing from a Vaccine Injury | Fasting: The Healer Within


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In this video I interview Michelle George. After her first dose of AstraZeneca Michelle suffered neurological damage and was unable to walk. This is her story of healing using all natural remedies.

If you know someone who has been injured by a vaccine please share this video with them and have them reach out to me for a conversation. There is no fee for a discovery call. Just go to my website to book it in.

Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJrJAbI5U9s

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  1. Though eating fruit may be healthy, this would not be safe to recommend to diabetics or those that are obese.

    • Hi Peggy,

      Contrary to the generally held perception that fruit is problematic for diabetics, Dr. Morse’s lead of sharing knowledge & results of his practice is proving many times over that folks can heal up these very health challenges you stated here. Yes by incorporating high volumes of fruit as daily dietary habit. Going raw as possible & even better all raw is a huge key to healing as well.

      There are transitional methods to move a person into more fruit consumption to make it smooth as possible. But no doubt the body’s need for greater detox will come! & So therefore expect the detox healing process as it is of great necessity. Deep detoxification is the whole point!

      A greater ratio of veg & greens to fruit may be needed for a awhile for a person first introduced in order to successfully transition towards higher fruit amounts. And by simply consistently adding in more amount of fruit as the body prompts you for it before you know it you’ll possibly be singing some euphoric fruitarian praises!

      Hope this helps,
      Btw l am not a certified detox specialist, just a reflection of the knowledge l’ve acquired by the experiences of applying Robert’s advice within myself & family over the last 5 years.

      Fruitarian dietary practice has been incredibly life transforming for us!!!
      The herbal blends of Robert’s are super beautifully strengthening too! Love these blends as they’ve greatly loved us! Both the fruit & herbs together are providing for us so very much healing love in a myriad of ways!

      One last note, l’ve not been diagnosed ever with diabetes myself, but had some challenge with uneven energy level fluctuations back in the day. Not anymore since now consuming roughly 70 – 80 % fruit & 20 – 30 % salads/veg & 100% all raw. Energy is super even & steady throughout the day. Also by fruit/herbs/veg all raw l am seeing the restoration of my main mode of transport, my physical body. & Not just the body but also seeing healing benefits of mind and spirit. The excess weight l had comprised of backed up, congested lymphatic & digestive waste has largely if not mostly detoxed out & passed.

      Much gratitude and appreciation to Robert and all the herbal health club crew for assisting mankind in learning & applying this amazingly effectual healing knowledge!
      Much prayers of support for strength to you Robert & staff in rebuilding from Ian’s wake. After all the best office on this earth & you all’s abodes have got to & will return even better than ever!

      Much love & big hugs to you & all,

      ‘Power up babies!’
      – Robert Morse


  2. Wonderful video, so inspiring and gives me hope that we can guide so many people to health again after jab injury. 🙂 Thank you for sharing!!

  3. Please leave the practitioners contact info or contact me ONLY practitioners that know the different levels of fasting. I have am at a very serious level of either vasculitis/Lymphedma and it increases when I eat only fruit. Urgently need a practitionor in PST to help me with levels of fasting asap.
    After pursuing doctors/ER’s they labeled me as someone who sees a false body image so I cannot get help through conventional either. Not like they could help!

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