Dr. Morse’s Q&A – Allergies, Detoxing Children and More #612


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00:00:00 - Intro
00:00:36 - Allergic to everything
00:15:17 - Help with detoxing children


00:00:36 - Allergic to everything
This happened to me from mold poisoning.

00:15:17 - Help with detoxing children
Will we be able to heal these issues and be able to eat raw foods and salads and avocados without major side effects?

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  1. https://youtu.be/gRTpThZrDAY

    please watch before they take it down. This documentary talks about the origins of aids coming from the polio vaccines.

    all vaccines are dangerous except for snake bites. you will need anti venom if you get bit by a poisonous snake. but that’s the only exception i can think of…

    but just a bold informative doc

    • If you get a snake bite you are NOT given a vaccine, you are given the antidote. Nowhere near the same as vaccines and the new experimental gene therapeutics which are WORSE than pre-scamdemic vaccines.

      Also, AIDS DEVELOPS because ones CD4 lymphocyte count is eroded. You aren’t “given” AIDS, you develop it. Also, these new experimental gene therapeutics will erode the CD4 count fast. 1st jab erodes 50%. 2nd jab erodes 25% more and creates an internal cytokine storm, where your own cells ATTACK and KILL your OWN cells, creating more cell toxicity and waste, etc. 3rd jab is the killer…this erodes the remainder of the CD4 lymphocyte count.

      A CD4 count of “14” which is a PERCENT, is equal to a count of 200 cells/microliter. LESS than this amount means FULL BLOWN AIDS.

      A CD4 count between 14-35%, or an actual count of 200-500 cells/microliter, is SEVERELY immunocompromised.

      A normal CD4 count would be anywhere between 900-1200, depending on age.

      The ONLY WAY anything can EVER get inside of us, and be very hard to get out, is by INJECTION ONLY! So, yes, do not get ANY jabs whatsoever. No flu shots, no experimental gene therapeutics aka the NEW form of vaccines, etc etc.


      • i unfortunately got vaccines as a kid, and my kids got a few younger. Now no more, you wrote its hard to get out. how do we get it out? thanks

  2. What are those liver meds ect you mentioned for kids? You mentioned one with 3 herbs in it. My kiddo has congestion when dairy comes into diet (man pizza is hard to give up)… it’s all so overwhelming.

  3. Thanks Dr Morse .you are always in my heart . Now i have tinnitus and hernia .. how to read it off them. ?

    Thanks Dr Morse .you are always in my heart . Now i have tinnitus and hernia .. how to read it off them. ?

    How to read it off the tinnitus and degenerative disc disease -hernia at l4-l5. Thank you .

  4. Dr. Morse, I discover you Instagram today and I subscribe to your website right away.. I am really thankful for your channel it is amazing all the knowledge you share so generously. Thank You so much!

  5. i appreciate this video . im suffering with allergies left right and centre, the symptoms also alter in severity over time and changing for the worse. some symptoms dont show up anymore while others got worse. the adrenals, low blood pressue, neural pathway issues. all makes sense.

  6. Alk/Acid – Me/You – Ano/Cath – duality and opposition are one part of the story. Agreements, production and resolution are another. First looks give short answers. What is ‘Actually’ happening inside?

    Our bodies are under attack and they are in ‘Defense/Survive’ mode. Our own submission to suggestions and copying others has lead to the environments and sustenance choices we make. Our environments and food choices are literally destroying our bodies.

    This leads to chronic depression in the body and mind and more ‘submission’ to a depressed lifestyle. Can this cycle be broken?

    About 1 minute after you read this – you can break the cycle and reclaim your birthright and your Life. Go for it!
    Since 2009 and earlier – thank you Dr. Morse (-:

  7. FIRED UP INDEED! LOVE YOU SO MUCH Dr. Morse and the whole crew! Hello to Julia my counselor. Hubby is now on raw fruit 3 weeks…me 2 .5 years…age 59 tomorrow! Never felt better. Bless you god man and praise the Lord for His gracious bounty!

  8. Thank you, Dr. Morse for this platform. For presenting this information in such an authentic manner. Truth must be shared.

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