Dr. Morse's Q&A - Eyes, Sexuality, Hashimoto's and More #594


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00:00:00 - Intro
00:07:54 - Eye picture
00:11:18 - Sexuality
00:48:02 - Hashimoto's thyroiditis
01:23:30 - Juvenile idiopathic arthritis


00:48:02 - Hashimoto's thyroiditis
My thyroid went off when I was 40yrs Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and since then I have gone round in circles with my health trying to find relief.

01:23:30 - Juvenile idiopathic arthritis
I am contacting you because my daughter Bianca has recently been diagnosed with JIA. Her father and I are very concerned because she experiences pain so extreme sometimes that it prevents her from walking.

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  1. THANK YOU, DR MORSE. You are amazing. You are 100% true about the chemistry. We are all TOO ACIDIC. That’s why people get sick and suffer. We are like a swimming pool. When it gets acidic the water becomes dirty, etc. That’s exactly the same happening to us and that’s how we develop diseases 🙁 Thank your for helping us to wake up and escape this MATRIX.

  2. Dear Dr.Morse, thank you for your work! I’m on a raw vegan diet for over 3 years now and since 10 days on fruit and a little bit of plain salad. I’m a tea drinker (mostly japanese green tea and sometimes puerh/black/oolong) and wonder what you think about drinking tea (camelia sinensis). Does it have effects on detoxification?
    Kind Regards, Rafi

    • Dr. Morse sells herbal teas, they are great for detox! Black tea, I believe is bad though because it causes kidney stones. Use all herbal teas and you will do amazing! I buy loose bulk herbs and make tea almost every day. I also buy Dr. Morse’s herbal Tinctures. The herbs make a huge difference!

  3. I love you, you’re amazing and thank you for sharing all your wisdom and knowledge, what a blessing to have people like you on our planet. Words are not enough, I am just so glad I came across you and I thank you for all the good stuff you are putting out there. You’re funny and beautiful. Watching and listening to you, is like being in a room with a very close friend. Thank you <3 <3 <3

  4. Hey Dr. Morse
    It’s always great watching your videos. Thank you for the teachings and wisdoms you share with the world
    With much Love -Matthew 💚

  5. I’m great full for your existence! Thank you for all the wisdom you are teaching us.
    Much Love !💕

  6. Hello Dr Morse,
    I am in my 5th year of detoxing and I must say I am still not done with it because I have a very chronic terrain, it has been and still is very difficult especially because I cannot sleep and have difficulties breathing because of swealing and hard mucus circulating back and forth my esophagus , exteriorly…
    The other day I got a flue from my daughter and during the night I started to have a runny nose , and the liquid that was coming out like tap water was burning me so baddly , I thought it was acid but when I took a sample on a ph paper to measure its ph it was 10ph alkaline! what do you think that could have been?

  7. Another video!! Damnnnnnn, you spoiling us!! Shout out to you, Morse!!

    Lots of love from Canada.

  8. Dearest Robert, my name is Mariana, I want to say GRACIAS for your work here on earth, thank you for fulfill your mission with so much compassion . I appreciate you and your information so very much. I work as an energy healer and Ive been sharing your information with every person who wants to heal , and of course all you share resonates at a deep level in me. I live in Argentina, Buenos Aires, and when this madness allows for me to travel free of genetic therapy I would love to say Hi and thank you in person if you have 10 minutes. I salute you with love, Mariana

  9. Get Dr Morse to see ‘LEVEL 2021’ on youtube on Oddtv channel or Hibbeler Production or Eric Dubay. This place we living in is not a rock ball spinning in space. We also might be a genetic experiment. See Divergent channel on yt.

  10. Hello, so glad to finally be here on Dr. Morse’s OWN platform :-))
    Can anyone tell me how to remove the subtitles ?
    Blessings and thank you !

    • Hello Deborah! We’re still determining the best way to approach captions. There are currently two ways to add the captions:

      1) “Burn” them into the video footage
      2) Add them as a toggleable overlay

      The first option works across all devices, but you can’t turn them off.

      The second option we did initially and you could turn them on/off. But the captions wouldn’t show on certain mobile devices.

      We’re awaiting improvements and better compatibility for the second option, then we’ve got the best of both worlds.

      Until then, you can also watch the videos on Rumble: https://jo.my/rumble-dmhhc

  11. No words to describe U Dr. Morse… We are sooooo grateful for all that U are and for being such a pillar of TRUTH and pure light.

    God bless U and the team 🌹💕🌈🌞

  12. Since we are in a group that understands things…..and since the whole world has been shocked and permanently influenced by the many initial deaths in Bergamo/Lombardy in Italy in 2020…I need to add this:
    1. The region Lombardy had the most successful FLU VACCINE CAMPAIGN of all Italy in that year, since sooooo many people got the flu vax, while in other Italian regions people did NOT take that flu vax.
    2. Exactly in Bergamo people had a MENINGITIS case and so people there and through all of Lombardy as well lined up through the nights at some point to get the Meningitis vaccine in January 2020. There were public TV videos on this on Youtube.
    In came Corona and the OLD people were dying like flies there, while the rest of Italy NEVER experienced anything like that!
    (I do NOT believe in casualties of anything anymore in this world since 2020……while I was deeply asleep on all things politics for the initial 50 years of my life.)
    The whole of Italy and to my understanding THE WHOLE of the world has been strongly conditioned by what happened in Bergamo/Northern Italy and this in part also led to what we see now.
    It of course was all planned and so the VACCINATION for some other BS did lend them a helping hand to orchestrate the whole thing.

    Thank you Dr. Morse for explaining the whole polio thing!!! One of the best friends of my parents had polio damage and was walking with a cane his whole life. So when I was quite young I asked my Dad why his friend had a cane. And he said: “Well…..you know….that was the vaccine”. And I said ???????? And he went on: “Well…..first he got that vaccine…..and THEN he got the illness…..and then it all went very wrong”. And I remember that I did NOT understand how that was possible. They are all in their 80s now and I finally understand.
    BTW now my dad can not walk anymore…..because he got TRIPLE-JABBED (against my will) and after the 2. jab he has several bouts of 3 weeks with paralized legs in the hospital…..where they just can not find anything wrong with him. Still….nobody wants to hear the truth.

    Dr. Morse since 2011 you have been a blessing to my life and with your teachings I have helped others as well.
    I was not expecting that these dark times were upon us and that once again Dr. Morse was within the very very very few that would be of solace for me. Speaking the truth to us!! So thankful for any guidance and support on this.
    It is still very very tough here in Italy. One of the worst places in the world in these times. While all countries are starting to loosen the grip (for a while!) Italy is not. Next Tuesday I will be out of work for 6 weeks since over 50s can not get to work without the JAB.
    As a consequence to this the society is deeeeeeply divided into good and bad citizens….since people are sooooo sheeeeple……they bought into it hook-line-sinker. I have been talking and showing videos and articles to friends nonstop for 12 months now. Now I am exhausted…..and they are TRIPLE-Jabbed. It is impossible to get through the narrative…..not even with the best articles of the best scientists on the planet. Dr. Mike Yeadon and Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Peter McCollough for example.
    The last 12 months…..since they started jabbing people….have been very very very taxing on the psychological level. We indeed are at war. The future is not going to be pretty when they finally understand and see with their own eyes…..or see with their own VAX-INJURY within a few months or years.

    Dr. Morse you have been talking about the visitors on this planet for 10 years now….that’s how long I have been following you. I could never relate at all. Now my husband (the most grounded guy on the planet) is showing me Youtube videos from Italian scientists who say many many of the things that you say. It frightens me a lot. So that’s why I really appreciate you talking about these things more sometimes in the future.
    Thank you for all you are doing for all of us!

  13. Hi, Dr. Morse, Anna Parra here. We met on my consultation with Julia in January of this year. I have been on your detox program for about a month now and I can see and feel a huge difference. My goal is to not only complete my detox, but to continue eating raw foods that will keep my body in that alkaline state for the rest of my life.

    I so agree with you about the medical community and Big Pharma. That is exactly the reason why I do not have a “Doctor”, I don’t and have not believed in them for many years. I worked for a doctor for about 4 years and watched the pharmaceutical reps come into the office with their drugs and I watched the doctor enthusiastically take them. It made me sick to my stomach.

    I did my own research and made sure I was eating healty, but something was still missing. Then last year, I found out about you and the wonderful work you were doing. Now, I know that I am on the right track with my health. Thank you, Dr. Morse for all you do. I love you.

    Namaste, Anna’ Parra

  14. When I was a teenager I use to exercise till muscle failure (till I could not do any more). Then I would eat meat and cheese thinking it was building good muscle and strong bones. But the next day I had so much pain and was very tired. That is because I should have had raw ripe fruit after exercising ,not acid forming foods. Now after exercising I have RRF and the next day no pain and I have lots of energy. I wish I knew then what I know now. The truth is what matters, everything else is either window dressing (distractions)or crap (lies). Thank you DR. Morse.

  15. I love you Dr. Morse 🙏🏼🙏🏼 I hope to one day meet you in person. I’m in Chicago and would love a trip to Florida any day 🤣🤣 Thank you for alllllll you and your team do, truly!! May the blessing be and have fun today, tomorrow and always to you as well!

    Yours truly,
    Miranda Arapakis

  16. Hi Dr. Robert? My name is Martin Eric from Nigeria, Africa. Your videos on YouTube has changed my life completely. Am glad I found the course of disease. I love the regenerative power in fruits, really cleanse the body and consciousness. I feel like am young again. thanks for the good work.

  17. Thank you Brother..One Love Loved One. Great Show with Gail a friend of mine…Aloha

  18. Brother you have my email address feel free to ask me about the Big Big One\ The 1.. don’t worry about the question being far-fetched my imagination is unlimited… I’ll answer what I can and allowed to.. Your Brother of THE FAMILY David… Our family is so big it cannot be seen as a whole. Our family is so big that words cannot describe our number be placed upon it.. The only way to truly understand the family that you I we are part of is to feel it..Period..

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