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    • If anyone with Schizophrenia is on the Regenerative Detoxification path please let me know. I had been eating all raw for over ten years when I stopped taking my tablet for six months with the intention to heal. I ended up relapsing and ending up in the hospital. It is likely that, like a Type 1 Diabetic, I will always need medication to keep psychosis at bay. If there is anyone with Schizophrenia on the raw food path I would love connect. My Instagram is @regenerateonraw.

      • Only eating raw food will not heal you
        Go for extended juice fast with proper knowledge
        And learn irridiology or consult Dr moorse
        Add some therapy like accupuncture
        Surely God will help you
        And I believe you will be fine

  1. My father has been debilitated by three strokes over the course of the past ten years. The last one three years ago left him unable to move his right side and left side very weak, speech is almost completely unintelligible, we have to do everything for him. He is withering away. Is there hope for someone like him?

  2. please help me.. I have burning urine(I am filtering), burning bowel movements during fruit fasting. my body is aching on raw food and was in so much pain on cooked food prior. I know I am removing sulfur and have been working with a specialist that cannot get past this intense burning. I have used heal all tea, stomach tea and aloe. please help! I want to keep going but I can’t get through this pain and live day to day trying to take care of my family. is there any way to Sooth it?

    • Dr Morse has said in past videos that if the detox gets to be too extreme, you can take a break from it & just pick it back up when you feel better. The good news is that it sounds like you’ve got a lot of acids coming out of you. But break for a little while to give yourself a breather. Eat some veggies to slow it down. Good luck ❤️

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  3. Wow Dr Morse I really did need to hear this. I have been doing about 80% fruit and 20% vegetables for about 3 years now and cheating here and there but I am still not better completely. I need to come down hard on myself and get healed and put all this week sick body behind me. This was a perfect talk..just wished my husband would listen to it. Nobody really understands me in my family over the way I eat but I do not care..I just get to where I do not even talk to anyone about my diet anymore cause they give me grief over not eating protein and now my husband is wanting to go back to eating meat as well. I think he is in worse health then me after getting back our reading results from you. He is gaining weight and he said when he was eating meat he lost weight. He did the keto diet for like 1 year before we found you and changed our ways of eating and taking all the herbs you have ever put us on. His body is so full of inflammation and has had 3 knee surgery’s. But he blames his weight gain over the fruit that he has been eating for about 3 years along with the vegetables. I love you and thank you for all your beauty!

  4. Please I need referrals to detox coaches that are available now (Pacific Standard Time) for fasting at different levels (normal through dry). Needs someone with years of experience, as I am building up with fluid to a point of Lymphedma/Vasculitis. Send them through my email posted in contact info. TY!
    Doctors labels me as someone who sees a false body image, criminals!

  5. Wonderful, as always. You’ve mentioned the study where the brain is converting glucose to fructose. I was looking for an online herb database and ran across this study (linked below). How could this be anything but a decided effort to keep people away from fruit? It basically said that fructose in the brain was a survival mechanism to help hunter-gatherers ‘focus’ while foraging during times of scarcity, but that the “switch” has inadvertently gotten stuck to the on position. Now, fructose overload is causing Alzheimer’s Disease! Corruption is far and wide.

  6. Thank you Dr. Morse!! Healing is a Spiritual Journey, and we are being asked to evolve into Spuritual Warriors🍉🍏🍓🍇🍋

  7. Thank you Dr. Morse!! Healing is a Spiritual Journey, and we are being asked to evolve into Spiritual Warriors🍉🍏🍓🍇🍋

  8. I have been working with doctors that cannot explain my symptoms.
    They think im a crazy post menopausal wine drinking , bon bon eating, sedentary fruitcake.
    I would love to have Dr morse help me.
    Im a single mom with symptoms since 2019. I am not good at perfect fasting or complete grape fast, but do it occassionally and live in PA , so not year round ripe fruit availability.
    have been vegan for 10 years and exercised all my life. a runner for 45+ yrs.
    Do not drink.
    Please help me find what is at the root of my feelings.

  9. I’ve been on a detox journey for three months. 80 % Fruits, berries, melons and 20% veggies with herbal formulas. Since I’ve used GI renew my digestive system has made a huge turn. I constantly have diarrhea and crazy amount of bloating and huge amount of gas. I’ve had to stop pretty much everything as I feel I have malabsorption so I search and found a low FODMAP diet that seems to have stopped all my digestion symptom problems. I’m also doing GI BROOM as I’m suspecting my GI is extremely acidic. I’ll be doing this for a month and slowing introduce disaccharides again. High sugar fuits trigger my system. I’m suspecting acidosis is the corporate. Am I correct?

  10. I feel totally hopeless & alone. I do everything right-been to every dr/chiro I can think of. Back pain that turned into hip flexor/leg muscle/back muscle tightness spasms nueeropathy. I can barely walk or even bend .Ive been told I need a upper mid & lower back op. & 2 hip replacements- therefor I’m not doing anything but yoga /cycling when I can move. I literally don’t have a life anymore and I have no idea what else to do-I currently have about 50 protocols I do each day from 1 hr of meditation/MMS/vegan/juicing/minerals/vits./yoga/stretching……. 7 yrs of complete hell. Where can I start?

  11. How can I view videos by date (reverse chronological order)? How can I watch the next video after the one above?

  12. Thank you Dr. Morse,
    You are a brilliant godly man. Thank you for the term , ‘illusionary concept’
    You help us educate others,

  13. We love you too Robert Morse so much!
    You are such an incredibly wonderful healer!
    You are truly a real bona fide doctor!
    The best!
    Thank you so very much for your truly genuine warmth & all that you do to communicate knowledge that provides real efficacious solutions for the healing of humanity. The knowledge you provide is solid truth of man’s true dietary needs. I haven’t any doubt of this whatsoever based on my & my family’s experience of 5.5 years of fruitarian trial. By this experience there’s no doubt left in my mind that we are a frugivore species. & Yes of course partly herbivore too. It is so awesome that you are leading the way to remind us of who we are in regards to our true dietary sustenance needs.

    Since September 2017 myself & my family have followed this, ‘renegade’ according to the ‘intellectuals’, dietary advice & by faithfully doing so we have transformed our health and lives incredibly much! In one month on May 1 we anticipate that we will have completed our first year eating mostly all raw, currently about 95ish+% raw, as we still do eat some cooked sweet potatoes in cooler months.
    But it is mostly fruits, berries and melons.
    YOW! Baby!!!
    With some salads and a few vegetables here & there especially in the cooler months we have here in southern Missouri.

    It is so fantastically great to experience the many joys of an all raw living plants as food dietary lifestyle. It is the most enjoyable & way more, by leaps and bounds, rewarding healing wise diet that we’ve have ever tried. & We’ve tried out more than a few.

    Again, thank you Robert so very, very, very much! Big hugs & much love to you & all of your staff. And the same sentiment goes out for all those who find themselves on this journey.

    And finally to all those that are considering or are on this awesome healing path my advice is Keep it up! & Keep it going! despite the inevitable naysayers that sometimes gather around & poke at it. Just forget about their unscrupulous head games & keep on keeping ON!

    As you may know already or you will soon find out that you’ll be greatly rewarded by heeding & applying this so very solid healing up dietary advice that Robert provides!

    Always Peace & Love,

    Todd Buehlig

  14. I feel that one day the allopaths will have no where to go. Every time I have sought the attention of an allopath it has resulted in a zero for genuine help. Now my early conditioning and faulty thinking on diet, doctors and diseases has crumbled fully especially with Dr Morse’s help from his talks and explanations. It takes many years to find out but it must be done. Thanks so much.

    • We appreciate your sentiments and understand your frustrations with conventional medicine, Jennifer, it’s been a dead-end for many of us. It’s fantastic to hear that Dr. Morse’s teachings have guided you into a new perspective on diet and health.

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