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Key points discussed:

  • Fruit is very powerful for neurological health and regeneration. Recent research showed the brain converts glucose to fructose, indicating fructose is specifically important for neurons.
  • The gut is interconnected with overall health. A blocked gut can indicate blocked emotions or trauma. Cleansing the gut and removing obstructions is key.
  • Fasting with fruits like grapes and watermelon is very detoxifying and can bring suppressed emotions and blockages to the surface.
  • Herbs are like foods for specific organs and tissues. They work synergistically with fruit and fasting to promote regeneration.
  • The medical concept of "diseases" is flawed. Instead, look at real-time body chemistry and what foods and herbs help which tissues. The body innately wants to heal if provided the right environment.
  • Getting the kidneys filtering properly is crucial to get acids and inflammation out of the body. This also helps the adrenals glands.
  • Overall the takeaway is the body has an immense capacity to heal itself when provided the right nutritional building blocks from fresh fruits, herbs, and fasting. Cleansing obstruction in the gut and tissues is key.

Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4QkRebhLEo

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  1. It’s good information but the hostess made the interview too personal. When you are interviewing someone don’t make it about yourself. Do that own your own time

  2. if it was not for You tube and my little Apple Tablet, for which I am so grateful for, I would never have discovered Dr M, never ever

    lots of love

  3. This is a brilliant interview, I have to say, Sara & Simba looked like they absorbed Dr Morse. In my view, they asked the sort of different questions I would love to put to Dr Morse had I the chance. I gained what I want to know through their questions and their lovely personality presence I could see in their faces.

    lots of love

    • Sally, it’s lovely to hear how much you took away from the meaningful discussion. When curious minds come together respectfully, wisdom and understanding can truly flow. Wishing you all the very best as you continue learning and growing.

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