Dr. Morse's Q&A - Spirituality, HRT, Iridology Before and After Pictures and More #696


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  1. Can you please post more testimonials on your website. Personally, pictures of eyes isn’t good enough to show what you are doing is working. Perhaps show us people losing their tumours, or skin conditions disappearing. Like a before & after transformation of being on a fruit diet. That would be way for reassuring that a fruit diet works than showing us the state of the eye changing over time. I am sure you would have plenty of testimonials considering that you have done this line of work for decades. Kind Regards.

    • Hello Amir,

      Adding more video testimonials is something we’re working on.

      When trying to gather testimonials that are not 100% text (i.e. testimonials without photos/video), it’s unfortunately not as straightforward as many may think.

      When we ask the community to submit their testimonials, those who see our request and have a success story to share—often don’t. And this can be for a variety of reasons (privacy, not the right time, forgetting about it, technical difficulty, etc.).

      In our experience, the best chance of getting testimonials with before-after pictures or progress video recordings tends to be from unsolicited testimonials where someone—without being asked:

      a.) decided to document their journey early on, and
      b.) felt in the right place and time to put together their story.

      But unsolicited unfortunately also means the person is unlikely to send their testimonial directly to us so we can actually compile them. Instead, they share it on their own website or on social media (private Dr. Morse Facebook groups, public or unlisted YouTube videos, etc.) without us being informed about it or being able to access it.

      This means most testimonials are scattered all over the place and we would have to repeatedly perform manual searches in an attempt to collect them.

      It also means many testimonials are lost when websites are abandoned, Facebook groups are deleted or admins become inactive (i.e. no new group member approvals), YouTube videos are removed, Google and other search engines tighten their censorship, etc.

      In the earlier years, before social media platforms took the world by storm, testimonials were mostly handwritten and brought or mailed to Dr. Morse’s office.

      Those weren’t easy to share in a practical sense, but at least we had them physically.

      So, it’s an ongoing process, and we haven’t always had the technical resources to do what we can do now.

      In the meantime, you can find testimonials on GrapeGate: https://grapegate.com/testimonials/

      The creator of GrapeGate volunteered his time to gather those and it’s a time-consuming initiative. If we could somehow effectively encourage the community to submit their successes directly to us (such as described below), we would easily have many, many more in one place.

      GrapeGate is currently being redesigned and there will be more testimonials on the new website when it goes live.

      Submitting Testimonials:

      You have two ways to submit a testimonial about your healing journey. You can either do it yourself or be interviewed.

      To do it yourself follow these two steps:

      1) If your Dr. Morse testimonial is in written or video form, it would be ideal if you can share it with us here: https://love.morses.tv/te/dr-morse-testimonials/31eb1c10-ecc0-49d2-9c0d-a48ea246f6a7

      2) If you need to share photos or documents with us, you can upload them here: https://u.pcloud.com/#page=puplink&code=uyUkZvS2XYn7OynhsxLcRhyu3VRFtFLky

      Be Interviewed

      Some people find it easier to be interviewed and also it’s good to watch a video testimonial. If you’d like to share your story, email Marco ([email protected]). Marco will take care of the video recording, editing and everything.

  2. Happiest of holidays and a big Santa hug!
    Thank you for these year round Christmas present videos and light up information.
    Peace, joy and goodwill.

  3. thanks for sharing this and thank you for all the knowledge you have shared, I appreciate your work. you have been my best mentor by far. And you have changed my life in so many ways.

  4. does Dr morse talk about menopause and detoxing? there doesn’t seem to be an alternative to hrt to ease symptoms and there is only one vid I found where Dr morse just kinda touches on the topic.

  5. Spare me with the politics. Please, just focus on nutrition. You’re going to alienate a whole lot of people.

    • Dr Morse can talk about whatever he want. We are not here to police his views or what he shares. We are here to gain whatever knowledge and wisdom we can from someone who is clearly compassionate and extremely knowledgeable person. Take what you like and leave what you don’t. Simple.

    • Spare us with your assumptions! No one is going to be “alieanated”. And if you are, you’re free to leave. Apparently, you have yet to realize that Dr. Morse is a Spiritual Giant and an incredible Teacher. So no need to lecture him on what to do.

  6. I see your wisdom with the body, nutrition and how it all works. I buy your herbs and use them daily. In my opinion, you have a blind side with politics. To make a broad stroke about “democrats” and political figures being “bad” is juvenile and short sighted. Unconscious humans exist in all realms of society and political persuasions- waking up is part of our journey.
    Stick to nutrition and the body please.

    • There was nothing “juvenile and short sighted” in his opinion. Maybe it’s you who has “a blind side with politics”. Democrats are far more “bad” than Republicans for anyone listening to what they say and how they vote. It is actually juvenile and short sighted to unconsciously believing that this powerful group of people is all the same.
      Don’t you think it’s pretty arrogant to tell him what to do while “enjoying the fruits of his labor”?

    • Agreed! Couldn’t have said it better myself. Of course Dr. Morse can say what he wants on politics. But I find it divisive, not inclusive. Nevertheless, I appreciate his videos on healing and spirituality and continue to look forward to them.

    • You may not want to hear this but most of the politicians, many democrats in the US are controlled by aliens. Aliens can control you if you have a low vibration. The reptilians dislike humans and want to control us. Also, I really don’t think Dr. Morse meant it in the way you are taking it. He means everyone should be free which is what God intended. Peace and love.

  7. Feeling grateful to find my way to Dr.Morse. That was my first video today, and I really enjoyed it. A doctor who speaks openly about politics is a big surprise for me after 25 years of living in this country. Not everybody liked it , but I say Bravo, DrMorse! Merry Christmas to you and lots of hugs! I love hugs, charge you with positive energy.

  8. I say talk about whatever you like Dr. Morse. It’s your podcast! If some don’t like it, while entitled to their opinion , they don’t have to watch. Love you dearly!

  9. Merry Christmas, glad to be a part of at least one thing good in this world. You know they say never talk about politics and religion but I have learned you never talk about politics, religion OR health lol…nobody seems to like to discuss all 3 in real time.
    I say health and spiriruality will always go hand in hand they work in unison because they aplly to ones well-being, you cannot really get around that.
    That’s what I love about all this…to get to this stage of wellness and understanding you must acknowledge a bit of the Divine, and you have always stayed true to that, love ya!

  10. To the statement of “if you take it you stop making it”, I say: but it already stops making estrgen and progesterone post menopause (lab results). Even if your adrenals are optimum (seems like you’re implying to take adrenal herbs) they only makes a small amount. With Bioidentical HRT you see immediate results and the main benefit I read about it is stop (continued) bone loss and to protect brain. Please address if the risks you mentioned don’t outway the benefit for postmenopausal women.

    • But the people who make these claims about bone loss and brain “protection” (whatever that means) are known liars, right?

      • I’m not sure how to answer you as bone loss is talked about in both allopathic medicine ( I assume you mean they are liars) and functional/alternative medicine. They can test the BMD (bone mass density) and measure the loss. I finally realized why I shrunk 2 inches ! As for brain health, I meant preventing dementia. Since my post, I have read that the kind of estrogen that is made in adrenals is Estrone which is not the best. Estrodiol is the better one and only made from ovaries. Sooo, risk vs benefit is the issue. How else can we get Estrodiol (glandulars??) if so, which one?

  11. Dear Dr. Morse,

    Thanks so much big guy for making all our days happier & merrier!
    A quote of yours – ‘everything gets better’ is so very true as my family & l have delightfully discovered.
    The last 6 years of sincerely following by daily application your sage wisdom has benefited us so very much in countless ways! After 6 years of such an incredible journey into now, currently, mostly a raw fruitarian dietary practice about 70 – 80% raw fruit & 20 – 30% raw veg + herbs, l’ve been led to conclude that there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind l have whatsoever that man is a frugivore species.
    We’re living the dream of now knowing our actual true species specifically suited sustenance – that is fruit & some herbs spared from the fire. In other words raw.
    A super great & precious thing it is to experience the joy of healing things up & feeling better!

    Yes indeed, Everything does get better!

    I hope only for the absolute very best for you Robert Morse and everyone who finds these words!

    May all be well,
    All ways in love,

    Todd B

    P E A C E ✌️ L O V E 💛 H U G S

    F R U I T 🍇 🍃 H E R B S

    F O R E V E R & E V E R


    In regards to speech ‘correctness’,
    my 2 cents thoughts.
    A person really oughta say what they feel they need to say & it is up to the discretion of the hearer(s) to respond accordingly.
    Freedom of speech should always remain free & open irregardless of there being full, some or any agreement at all as to what was said. Expecting political, religious, health or whatever the subject of speech being spoken to have quote, unquote ‘correctness’ is an attempt of censorship of a person having the need & the perfect right to express their unique opinions of a subject imo.
    Censorship is a real problem and it really needs to cease, after all this beautiful healing forum that Robert has provided is based in the USA that was formed upon many ideals of freedom, such as for example the freedom of speech.

    Speak Freely! 🇺🇸

    For an example:

    🇸🇩 Support the Palestinian people! Cease ALL Israeli military occupation of Gaza & the West Bank! NOW!!!
    And so an example of free speech spoken for freedom! Yes it is true that not ALL Americans stand with Israel in support of their military aggression against Palestinians!

    Cease all imperial wars!
    Make love instead!

    P E A C E – A L W A Y S

  12. A watermelon sweater on the little guy. Now I see. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Dr. Morse and your immediate family and to your entire Dr. Morse Crew! Blessings 💯🍉💯

  13. I am impressed by what Dr. Morse teaches about healing, spirituality and what I see of his character. These are most relevant to me and why I will continue to look forward to his videos. But since politics is mentioned, I will say this much. There are still conservative politicians who refuse to sell out their country and the Constitution for personal gain and power, at great cost to their careers. They have a line they will not cross, a rare thing these days, and for that they have my utmost respect, even if I don’t agree with all of their policies. But suppose I said some very nasty and very true things about Trump. I believe there will be no cries of freedom of speech and tolerance in my defense. It seems there is “freedom and tolerance for me but not for thee.” Integrity is common to both conservative and liberal persuasions but in politics, so is corruption.


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