Dr. Morse’s Q&A – B12, Tachycardia, Liver Metastasis and More #689


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00:00:00 - Intro
00:07:03 - B12 levels non-existent in my bloodwork
00:13:14 - Protocol question
00:26:13 - Adrenal glandular
00:43:41 - Recent diagnosis of liver metastasis
01:16:16 - High anxiety, Possible tachycardia, Heart palpitations


00:07:03 - B12 levels non-existent in my bloodwork
They gave me a B12 shot but I worry about the safety I know cyanide is in some B13.

00:13:14 - Protocol question
Can we build lean functional muscle if we only eat fruit and eliminate protein?

00:26:13 - Adrenal glandular
I started having extreme anxiety all day and night for a couple of weeks and I stopped the glandular.

00:43:41 - Recent diagnosis of liver metastasis
Dr. Morse, do you have any idea what can be done for liver disease?

01:16:16 - High anxiety, Possible tachycardia, Heart palpitations
I had 6 blood panels done and she said my blood work was perfect and she didn't know what was causing this.

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  1. Yay! Love the upcoming transition from ‘detox’ to a HEALTH focus❣️Focus on the positive!

    There’s a documentary on Netflix about chimpanzees. They’re eating fruit when they can (they’re war-like guarding their territories’ sources) but they’re also eating monkeys, seemingly to get enough food…and their bowels are distended!!! Too much meat! 😁

    • maybe a person who took adrenal glandular had product imade from whole tissue not only cortex so he ate a lot of adrenaline thats why his anxiety increased?

      • The glandulars do contain the neurotransmitters in their tissue. I used to get anxiety on the Adrenal Glandular and over time had to taper off of it.

  2. sending my love for You and all your team🥰 maybe a person who took adrenal glandular had product imade from whole tissue not only cortex so he ate a lot of adrenaline thats why his anxiety increased?

  3. maybe a person who took adrenal glandular had product imade from whole tissue not only cortex so he ate a lot of adrenaline thats why his anxiety increased?

    • My Dad has Stage 4 Cirrhosis and they found a tumor on his liver a few days ago.
      He has lost weight and has a fungal issue, that is masked with a cream that bicyclist use called Buttonhole.
      He recently cured Hep C about a year 1/2 ago by taking Ecluspa.
      He is 79 yrs old and is able to ride his bicycle 25 miles. His weight is Hovering around 130lbs, he used to weigh around 160lbs, he has lost fat and some muscle, since taking the Hep. C cure.
      He has no tonsils or appendix, he had a severe reaction and almost died to pencillin in his mid twenties.
      The liver drs have been telling him to eat fresh fruits, veggies, protein. (Mediterranean Diet)
      He has a salad every night. They want to give him a CT.scan and draw more labs next week. I have read that a C.T. scan is a lot of radiation. its the equivalent of getting 130 chest xrays!
      Please Help my Dad and I.
      God bless you and your team.
      Praying for a miracle!
      Phil 4:13

  4. I would like to know if anyone during detox has trouble with fainting or pass out thanks let me know thanks cliff

  5. I made huge mistake doing biology on my thyroid, doc took sample with needle, after it my body exploded with parasites . I don’t wont to go ahead and remove my thyroid even my goiter was 6.5/5.2 on one side & other side what they call 4 th stage of Calcification 5 years ago

  6. I had real low b12 levels until I started eating eggs. Now I am doing much better. I also eat fruit for just about every breakfast and eat a lot of vegetables through out the day. I really do not eat any meat. I do eat whole unadulterated grains (pasta and bread) and it really helps me eliminate and I have sediment in my urine. I do eat nuts from time to time and do eat cream cheese which I am cutting down on and trying to eliminate. I stopped eating cheese all together. I do eat a lot of raisins with whole organic rye bread and cream cheese. I also eat a lot of frozen peas (heated up). My eye site is improving (near sited),I do not even need glasses for distance anymore. I do not consume isolates of any kind or fried foods what so ever (only whole foods in their natural state). No smoking, drugs or alcohol ever. I am trying to eliminate stress in my life (especially financial and emotional). I try to walk /jog everyday. I do quite a bit of push ups and also do pull ups and chin ups. I am getting and feeling better and stronger just about every day thanks to God and Jesus Christ. I also want to thank Dr. Morse for helping me to eat fruit as a meal instead of after a meal and proper food combining too. I at times feel like I have so much energy that I can do anything physical forever. I pray for God to show me the way to true health because I believe if one is truly healthy physically, then one is also truly healthy mentally and spiritually. Sorry for the very long comment(s).

  7. Has any of your protocols healed prostate cancer that has spread to spine & bones?

    Also, during the detox process, has anyone experienced not being able to walk? Having BM issues and pain flare ups beyond measure?

    Thanks for any info!🙏🏻

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