Dr. Morse’s Q&A – Breast Cancer, Endometriosis, Chronic Constipation and More #686


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00:00:00 - Intro - The school
00:06:23 - Breast cancer
00:26:59 - Endometriosis
00:35:59 - Fruit fasting question
00:46:02 - Lungs - Valley fever
00:53:40 - Chronic constipation
01:07:10 - Early labor
01:19:55 - Skin issues


00:06:23 - Breast cancer
I'd also like to know what dr. Morse says about the Wild Yam in the Adrenal Support. Is it safe to take it when you're diagnosed with hormone sensitive breast cancer?

00:26:59 - Endometriosis
The doctors said she will have to undergo operation and remove it, however it will again occur after couple of years and she will have to get operated and remove.

00:35:59 - Fruit fasting question
Do you recommend long periods of 100% fruit fasting (like a year or more) during detox?

00:46:02 - Lungs - Valley fever
What do you have available for me to try as an alternative natural way to clear my lungs, I'm still short of breath.

00:53:40 - Chronic constipation
I'm very frightened on colon cancer and the tests they are going to tell me I have to go through.

01:07:10 - Early labor
So there is an issue with people who had the vaccine and going into early labor at about 7 months.

01:19:55 - Skin issues
Can people heal skin issues by focusing on elimination from the skin alone?

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  1. Many Thanks to You Dr. Morse and staff .. God Bless and thank you for giving of your time to answer my questions..
    love Gina `

    • Hey Gina,

      We greatly appreciate your kind words and gratitude. Helping you and answering your questions is a part of our mission and what Dr. Morse and the rest of us love doing!

      • That endometriosis story was mine also. No longer! I began to transition off from man-made things going in and on my body. My body was able to heal in 4 months time and endometriosis stage two and three reversed! I had five surgeries prior to remove the lesions, fibroids and cysts before I knew what the body could do under the conditions that you give it to heal. I was due for another surgery and living in so much pain from surgery to surgery that I said enough was enough. I begged God to send me wisdom on how to heal and I was thankful that I came across some natural eating group that helped me change. I am so thankful to take it a step further and find the raw food family to help me heall other major issues🙌. You can heal endometriosis naturally!

  2. my husband is healing from parkinson’s symptoms; it’s truly amazing; thank you so much for sharing your life’s work with us.

  3. Is the 4 1/2 video on the iris that he spoke about available for all to see? If so, where can I find that video?

  4. Fantastic advice, thank you through your videos for helping my diet. You are a life saver.

  5. The chemical and anatomical information in your videos is AMAZING! Thanks for the truth about our bodies and the food intended for us. I’m also thankful I can skip passed the hinduism. Doc, it’s not DUALITY, it’s DESIGN!! Hinduism has no plan and therefore no good and evil!

  6. I’m still thinking about that carob ice-cream you mentioned in this video. Is there a recipe you recommend for it? <3

  7. I hope more people follow you from YT Doc. I’m so happy I know where to find you 😊. Thank you for everything 🙏🏾❤️

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