Dr. Morse’s Q&A – Spinal Cord Injury, Colon Cancer, Insulin Resistance and More #660


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00:00:00 - Intro - An appearance from our wonderful counselor, Jessica!
00:13:40 - Incomplete paraplegic spinal cord injury
00:38:40 - Colon cancer / Nodules in lungs
00:52:16 - Insulin resistance


00:13:40 - Incomplete paraplegic spinal cord injury
I really would love some support & encouragement to keep me on track as I used to walk with crutches but now I'm in a wheelchair.

00:38:40 - Colon cancer / Nodules in lungs
He's been diagnosed with colon cancer, has a 6 cm tumor in the rectum and the doctors says that he needs radiation to make the tumor smaller and then a surgery to remove it.

00:52:16 - Insulin resistance
I'd like to do the grape cleanse and wonder if this is safe for people who are insulin resistant.

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  1. Would antipsychotics mask or suppress adrenal dysfunction as I am numb emotionally due to flat affect from the side effects? I feel my life is destroyed by allopathic pharmaceuticals. I wish I was on a low dose antipsychotic again. I am still eating raw but have walked away from my natural health career due to my last relapse from medication non compliance. I tried to heal with raw foods but ended up in psychosis. It seems I will always need to remain on medication for Schizophrenia.

    • Read the Book:
      Niacin:The real story. He treated people with Schizophrenia and had great results.. Niacin is good for a lot of different things. I had arthritis in my foot and it completely helped me. You can order the book on Amazon. I order my niacin from Dr. Clark online.

      • Thankyou for your replies. I no longer know whether or how to approach orthomolecular supplements for Schizophrenia but interestingly my hair tissue mineral analysis points towards a biochemistry of Schizophrenia when hair samples have been taken while I am medicated. I get no symptoms I am aware of while on a low dose tablet of Invega/Paliperidone and that includes my weight. It has ballooned by 10kgs while on a higher dose depot injection against my will. Even on raw foods.

      • Just niacin alone is a synthetic isolate. It will throw the body out of balance as all isolated vitamins and minerals will.

    • I tried Niacin and it didn’t work for me. If you live in the United State, there is a new medication on the horizon called Ulotaront. I’ve read that its the first medication to improve negative symptoms. It should come too the states in fiscal year 24, so pretty much within a year. The study name is SEP-363856.

    • did you tried antimycoplasma therapy mulungu and bacopa monnieri and mucuna?

      • I have been on partial Dr Morse protocols and have been eating raw foods since May 2011.

    • well i would do antimycoplasma therapy as i do in the people i cure from auto immmune blocked lymph system would be present as well but if you got low bloodpressure systolic like 100 110 and iridology reading dont show that you got any serious adrenal weakness then mycoplasma is the cause of your problem also raw diet dont detox you but prepare you for detox fasting do and in order to be able to fast your parasympathetic and liver must be clean and in order for the liver to be clean the gallblader and colon must be cleaned first

  2. my chiropractor offers foot detoxes. I’ve seen people getting them. they have their feet in water with a small machine next to them. can you give me your opinion on this? thank you for your videos.

  3. This doesn’t have much to do with the video. But is the new Apeel brand (funded by bill gates) safe to eat? It seems to be coming out on a lot of produce. Bill gates is getting his hands on everything 😡

  4. My brother had stomach cancer 2 yrs ago, he had surgery and he was ok until now, however, his cancer came back more aggressive and it’s spreading to his intestines. The doctors already told him they can’t do nothing for him. He can’t eat or drink, throws up acid 4 times a day, when his stomach is full of acid he has severe pain until he throws up. . He’s now home in hospice. Is there any hope fir my brother? I do believe in miracles. Please advise.

  5. If you are looking for niacin (B3), eggs have all the niacin and B vitamins you need.

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