Dr. Morse’s Q&A – Type 1 Diabetes, HIV and More #636


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00:00:00 - Intro
00:01:31 - Raw cow's milk
00:12:07 - Type 1 Diabetes
00:24:28 - HIV
00:54:30 - Dates
00:59.26 - Huntington's disease
01:17:30 - Dry skin


00:01:31- Raw cow's milk
Symptoms that occurred: Blocked ears, Constipation, Hair loss and Loss of menstruation cycle.

00:12:07 -Type 1 Diabetes
I'd like to know what's the best way to solve or mitigate Type 1 Diabetes?

00:24:28 - HIV
I have been HIV positive for 26 years, I was infected when I was 18 years old.

00:54:30 - Dates
I wanted to let you know that I recently read a book in which the author stated that dates activate the adrenal glands.

00:59.26 - Huntington's disease
Do you have any experience treating Huntington's disease?

01:17:30 - Dry skin
I'm wondering hoe to stop my left elbow from getting dry and get a healthy gut?

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  1. Thank You dr Morse I would love to watch an open debate with You, Gundry and Eric berg. I’m cleaning a house of a lady that month ago found out that shes got pancreatic cancer. They cut out some and now she started chemo. Hiring me she saw in my profile that i m into naturopathy, natural cleaning etc. I told her about ph, lymphatic system and gave many exampels but it didnot worked because usually she cut my answer and say ” I need tests” and when I said that tommorow I will send her materials, she irritates and dont want to talk about it. I dont wanna mess with her karma or step into someones life but my heart hurts when Im hearing bullsh that they sell her. Dietician told her she can eat whatevar she want. She lost weight and think that cancer is eating her so she started smoking medical mariuana for better appetite and eat a lot of baguettes with cheese and ham, protein nutridrinks, cakes etc. I told her when animal has injury it rests and all the power in body is concentrated in regeneration so is her body, dont have appetite why waste energy for digeston if she needs it ALOT in other funcions to recycle and expell this waste. I no longer talk about health with her just cleaning the house.After first chemo she get depressed, had a biig cyst on her jaw and when she stand up she felt dizzy.. Her friend is a wet,she measured blood pressure. Low as hell, her adrenals was smashed by this toxic sh.. Now Im just watching her journey, trying to compensate her acid protocol because 90% that she eat, do ,thinks is wrong. I had at the end of my tongue ” every onkologist that is doing chemo should be in court becouse of attemp to murder”. I dont wanna lose this job but its not the end of the world if I did but I dont know how I can help her and I dont wanna feel that Im aloud this to happen.

  2. A lot of these so called supplement companies are actually owned by pharmaceutical companies, they are pharmaceutical engineered supplements. Why i always laugh when people say supplements are an alternative to pharmaceutical. Then you have bulking agents and other nasty chemicals added. Not to forget nano-particles …a common bulking agent is cellulose, methylcellulose is a nano-particle small enough to penetrate a cell wall. Its also true with a lot of these food companies that work hand in hand with the pharmaceutical industry …these groups are not making foods or supplements to make you fit and healthy, they want you sick and when you get sick they want to keep you sick and dependent on pharmaceutical medicines to keep you in a chronic state so they can get more $$$ from you.

  3. Hi I wanted Dr Morse’s opinion on this. I know he doesn’t recommend high protein, low carb diet but there is people curing “incurable” illness with the Lion diet. I was wondering what his thoughts on that is? Thank you!

    • Sadly, YouTube are periofically striking and restricting us from uploading. We’re glad you found us here, Andrew! 🙂

      • I cant even comment about dr morse on youtube. I try an try an try to help everyone i can to gravate towards you guys. I wont ever stop promoting dr. Morse an the truth

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