Dr. Morse’s Q&A – De-Worming, Brain Tumour, High Blood Pressure and More #624


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00:00:00 - Intro - De-worming - Beautiful handmade card!
00:10:07 - 10-day grape diet results with pictures
00:14:18 - Brain Tumour
00:38:10 - High Blood Pressure
00:49:27 - Detoxification Symptoms


00:14:18 - Brain Tumour
I have recently been diagnosed with an Acoustic Neuroma which is a Benign brain tumour.

00:38:10 - High Blood Pressure
I've had high blood pressure ever since I've become a diabetic.

00:49:27 - Detoxification Symptoms
I am also starting to experience suicidal thoughts on and off and last night I woke up with a panic attack.

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  1. I definitely need to come. How would one get to come to tour detox center? I really need it.

    • Hi Stephanie,

      For the best chance of getting a response from Dr. Morse in a future video, please fill out the Ask Dr. Morse TV form here: https://morses.tv/ask/

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      • I am a U.S. Infantry Veteran who served (25) months Ft. Davis, Ft. Sherman, and was exposed to TCDD Agent Orange & Agent Purple which was used in High Quantities. Skin , Cysts attacking kidneys. Degenerative Disc Back Disease. Am presently taking ulyour herbs & tinctures. What besides deworming should I be incorporating im my lifestyle.

  2. Where u at Morse! Been missing your updates in questions and answers, I know you’re crazy busy just wanted to let you know that you are missed. Greetings from Sweden 🫶🏼

  3. Praise the lord for you, Dr Morse, a voice of reason in this seemingly stunted , unrealistic world, long time admirer and listener and former patient. Anywho,I’m up in Minnesota, summer-time, I had noticed a tick on my leg no big deal, but 5 days ago I was on deaths doorstep, ,sharp head pain , couldn’t get outta bed, balance off , aches , chills , no appetite, constipation, then appeared a massive swollen rash on my leg. I still have headaches , stiff neck , no appetite, What s a girl to do???? Thank you 🙏

  4. Thank you Dr Morse, I have been following you for 12 years now and applying your teaching for myself and those around. I cured myself of several “diseases”, ashmes, thyroid tumors, phlebitis just by fasting and changing my lifestyle habits. (I am vegan, eat fruits and raw vegetables 90%). Thank you for this truth that you transmit! We need more leaders like you in our New World!


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