Dr. Morse’s Q&A – Nervous System, Breast Cancer and More #632


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00:00:00 - Intro - Update after Hurricane Ian
00:29:15 - Adrenals and Nervous System
01:09:50 - Grandmother
01:27:20 - Possible Breast Cancer


00:29:15 - Adrenals and Nervous System
What is the connection between the adrenals and the nervous system?

My beloved grandmother has a birthday today, and she is 83. I want to give her the gift of health knowledge and wisdom.

01:27:20 - Possible Breast Cancer
I found lumps in my breast, small ones on the sides of my armpits.

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  1. Has any person who is not vaccinated and who received blood transfusion from a vaccinated donor during a operation, would that person who received this blood be contaminated(blood) after the transfusion. I do not want any form of the vaccine in my body. This is a big worry as I need gallbladder removed as i have 3 polyps 9mm.

  2. Great to see and have you back Dr Morse Much Love…im needing your Kidney and Adrenal Gland forumula..Brain and Nerve too….

    • Hi Annetta,

      Could I ask you to send your question to questions[at]drmdc.health? That’ll give you the best chance of this being received by Dr. Morse. 🙂

  3. As a Veteran recovering from being a geinie pig for the corporations, Dr. Fruit Doctor and his nature health philosophy is a god send to me!!I am hoping i notice power from his herbs!I want to be healed by your program and then be hired by you guys and help you guys open an international healing center in mexico somewhere and take gerson’s clients!!!I Got an A in physiology is still was left with a lot of questions!!I am a polymath and was never satified with any answer on the relationship between diet and physiology!!I have been studying Health and nutrition for 25 years!!I got my PHD when I heard about fasting and YOU about 3 years ago!!THANK YOU!!!LONG live HIGH quallity FRUITS!!!I love pineapple and coconuts!!!and sauans!!!Your skin is your third kidneys!!!!Dr. morse deserve a nobel!!cells and 2 fluids and nerves that intervate it all!!!Dr.Morse-The ONLY REAL “DIET HEALTH Scientist” LEFT!!!Your spiritual insists are briillitant as well!!!THIS is how you thank a veteran!!I would love to come help you guys expand and open a healing center in mexico!!!Call me if you want to talk about!!!5614036103!!You guys heal my body!!I will work from free and and fruit for a while!!!That is how desperate I am to heal my body or at least to KNOW what is wrong with my physical body!!Thanks!!!

    • Welcome back Dr Morse. So good to see you. You are the true one. Spent many years with so many theories from other practitioners in conferences/conventions. You are the “real deal.” “If it’s not simple it has no truth!”Einstein. Much love/appreciation for all you do🙏❤️🍇

  4. Dear Dr. Morse,
    I admire you so much!!!
    My adult son has a bacteria called klebsiella. What herbs should he take to correct this? he is gluten/dairy free mostly. He eats some coconut kefir occasionally. He is afraid to have another stool test that the gastroenterologist suggested. Please Help!!!
    God Bless you!!!

  5. Dear Dr. Morse,
    My 91 year old mom has Congestive heart failure, HBP, edema at times.
    she just got out of the hospital again, 3rd time since last July. Her BP was so high her lungs filled up with fluid, she was having shortness of breath her ankles were swollen also. they gave her Lasix in the hospital and other drugs.
    she’s currently on 5 meds and has been dizzy all day everyday since last July. the Dr’s have no answers. She is miserable. Can you please suggest what herbs to take or other recommendations.
    God Bless you!!!

      • Hey Mel,

        We do read all comments and questions, but have to priotize the proper contact channels (the “Ask Dr. Morse TV” form, regular contact form, direct email, etc.). 🙂

    • Hi Olga,

      For the best chance of getting a response from Dr. Morse in a future video, please fill out the Ask Dr. Morse TV form here: https://morses.tv/ask/

      Alternatively, you can email your question to: [email protected]


      If you need more personalized help, you may also schedule a consultation with or find a counsellor via:

      1) Dr. Morse’s Detox Centers website: https://drmorsesdetoxcenters.com/

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      You can also give our clinic a call (Mon.-Fri. 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM US Eastern time):
      📞 +1 (941) 255-1970

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  6. We love you Soooo much, Dr.Morse! 🥰Thank you for your BEAUTIFUL LOVING HEART!! So glad to hear the latest report on your new building too!!😍🙏🙏🙏🎯🎊🎶 Can’t wait to get your new book, once you can release it! Praying the best over you!!! Oxox-Amy &John Meyer

  7. “Grab a hold of your consciousness” ..what a load of nonsense.
    There is no “your consciousness” …thou are that. Humans do not have consciousness, the unreal cannot possess or grab hold of the real.

  8. Hallo Doctor Morse,
    Nature is powerful and a Immune System is meant to be a Immune System.
    I definitely enjoy your videos. Thank you.
    Do you have success in detoxing from this deadly, experimental injections?
    Thank you.

  9. Iv worked in the uk NHS urgent care service for 10 years and now work for a cancer charity & i get to speak with oncologists who are considered the best in the country and it’s crazy, they can explain complex treatments in detail but not one can explain why their patient gets cancer & all of them dismiss my contribution to the discussion immediately because i don’t have letters after my name. 🤯

    • How can you not go crazy in that environment? I would get out of that toxic world as soon as possible, especially now that you KNOW what bogus is going on there.
      How can you whitness all their wrongdoings?

  10. Hello Dr Morse,
    I’m so sorry the clinic was damaged but I’m sure glad you and yours are all safe and sound, Now you’re onto a fresh start.
    I always look forward to your teachings, welcome back Robert. 🙋‍♂️

  11. Sending lots of love from New Zealand to Dr Morse and his team. We were praying and thinking of you during this challenging time.

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