Dr. Morse’s Q&A – Colonoscopies, Neurological Case, Eckankar, and More #598


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00:00:00 - Intro
00:01:03 - Colonoscopies
00:23:38 - Spiritual question - Surat Shabd Yoga/Eckankar
00:35:30 - 74-year old - Detoxification and Health history
01:31:52 - Neurological case, similar to MS


00:01:03 - Colonoscopies
Does Dr.Morse personally get colonoscopies?
- Kenny

00:23:38 Spiritual question - Surat Shabd Yoga/Eckankar
I am currently practicing meditation and just started a orange juice fast after reading Prof Hilton Hotema ls book (thanks Dr M for that suggestion).
- Brian

00:35:30 74-year old - Detoxification and Health history
I want to detox my brain and get the lymphatic system moving properly.
- Linda

01:31:52 Neurological case, similar to MS
When we started, she was able to walk, but now she can't walk anymore and is very scared, not trusting the process.

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  1. 🕊
    @robertmorsend does your clinic ever refer to Traditional Naturopathy’s:

    * Stage 1 – Enervation #hyper
    * Stage 2 – Toxaemia #lymphaticstagnation
    * Stage 3 – Irritation #acidosis
    * Stage 4 – Inflammation (Body’s attempt of homeostasis against all odds if the diet and lifestyle sucks)
    * Stage 5 – Ulceration (A port to leak out the filth a body is suffocating in for survival purposes)
    * Stage 6 – Induration (Hardening & coagulation)
    * Stage 7 – Fungation or Cancer (Better write your will unless you start eating a #speciesspecific and #organic #fruitarian diet with #herbalmedicine and applying old school #naturalhygiene practices into your life after getting rid of ALL toxic people, places and things in your environment in order to SURVIVE, ASAP!)


    • My son has SMAD4 Recessive gene. He has had colonoscopies to remove his polyps three times but we now understand it’s this gene causing the growth. He eats well. No gluten, no diary. We juice often. Can you recommend anything to help us get this under control? He is 8.

  2. Hi Dr. Morse
    I just want to say thank you for changing my life. Since I found you (by accident researching for the true science) I took level one and iridology and all of Pats naturopathic classes and graduated all. I’m currently in level two and healing my 73-year-old mother who has been in Ekankar for over 30 years and just received her big promotion to another level. Shes so proud and I am as well. I showed her your videos and she’s so glad that you are Eck as well and she understands you so well. She has scoliosis, varicose veins high cholesterol, one weaker kidney over the other, lots of forgetfulness, Shes been on herbs and all raw for a year now and all the healing crisis’s have come and gone. it’s been a tough journey. I looked into her eyes and She has some issues. All is coming out backwards as you said it will. Including all her certain Trama emotions. She would always call me for every healing crisis. Her body even shut down near the beginning. I believe I handled it very well for I have been really confident for what i learned from you. I always watch all your videos and going backwards through your years of videoing. I want to add that my mother had her breast removed 10 years ago from cancer included was one lymph node. Since her diet change and herbal usage, her nipple on left side started to grow back and her scar that was there for ten years is now faded away. so crazy! i am so happy and always watch you every day, i hope you add more classes cuz i cant get enough learning! it keeps me sane. Thank you again Dr. Morse with love Kathy

  3. Some thoughts on the corruption of the courts:
    “Don’t walk in with an argument (or issue as the court would call it) but instead with equity; where you have title to the point that you are talking about and you have an irreparable harm happening that nobody has the right, against you, to do.
    You don’t talk in questions.”

    Hope this helps. It is from BTWRLM464.

    • Would you mind explaining in more detail. I did not quite get what you were getting at, and I think it is important to know, thank you.

  4. Hi dr,five years ago (2017)I had ovarian cyst removed and was sent to the lab,and they came back to tell me I av immature ovarian terratoma, and the need for chemotherapy right away,but I didnt take chemo,instead I was told to go for monitoring, I usually do abdominal scan and ca 125 tumor marker test,which the gynae said the result have been good,fastforward to 2022,I just did abdominal scan and they saw complex ovarian cyst, I did tumor marker which is 16,pls I want to ask with the history of immature ovarian terratoma that I had before ,I dont know if it will come back.pls i will like to know how i can treat the cyst without surgery and how to prevent the cancer from coming back.

  5. Dr.Morse why do you drink ice water?Don’t you know that is bad for the digestion?I guess not.

    • Devananda, I get your point. When I am doing an extended dry fast my body heats up from the biochemical interactions of de-tox, and by the end of the long dry fast of no digestion going on for a length of time, I really need to break the dry fast with cold icy drinks, or a dive into icy waters, or an ice pack on the back of the neck, or all of the above.

      That is usually after the ninth day when the body goes into “High Autophagy” – things get really heated up, but the body protects itself always so no worries, except mentally I can’t take the heat anymore, but the body could go further, and is purring like a kitten.

  6. Hi,
    As Dr Morse mentioned about the research on the infrared sauna in this video, I would like to know if you can provide me to the research papers that he has used to understand that this sauna is not good for you. Also, does he have any research documents on which saunas are beneficial.
    Much appreciated as I am looking into it after visiting Hippocrates Health Institute.

  7. Dear Dr. Morse, this video is awesome and, you sir are my hero. My body is healing after 20 years of chronic unrelenting pain. Waiting with much anticipation for your new book. Thank you Dr. Morse for dedicating your life to healing others and, opening us all to conscious awareness.

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